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"Own only what you can carry with you; Let your memory be your travel bag." ~ Alexander Solzhenitsyn



United Arab Emirates Visa

Japan Temporary Visitor Visa

France Schengen Visa

Turkey Visa

China L Visa

Germany Schengen Visa

Egypt Visa

South Korea C-32 Visa

Spain Schengen Visa

Iran Tourist Visa

Russia Tourist Visa

United Kingdom Gen. Visitor Visa

United States B-2 Visa

South Africa Tourist Visa

Australia Visitor's Visa

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New Zealand Visitor Visa

Norway Schengen Visa


Mt. Fuji, Japan (3,776masl)

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (5,895masl)

Everest BC, Nepal (5,364masl)

Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia (4,092masl)

Lantang Valley, Nepal (4,350masl)

Annapurna Circuit, Nepal (5,416masl)

Mt. Bisoke, Rwanda (3,711masl)

Jebel Shams, Oman (2,997masl)

Jebel Jais, UAE (1,934masl)

Mt. Ramelau, Timor Leste (2,963masl)

Table Mountain, South Africa (1,085masl)

Devil's Peak, South Africa (1,001masl)

Ala Archa, Kyrgyzstan (2,665masl)

Mt. Concovardo, Brazil (710masl)

Pedra Telegrafo, Brazil (350masl)

Laguna Torre, Argentina (9km)

Laguna delos Tres, Argentina (22km)

Cerro del Ajusco, Mexico (3,951masl)

Monte Tlaloc. Mexico (4,053masl)

Paricutin Volc, Mexico (2,774masl)

Tajumulco Volc, Guatemala (4,230masl)

Acatenango Volc, Guatemala (3,976masl)

Santa Ana Volc, El Salvador (2,381masl)

Colca Canyon, Peru (3,287masl)

Sacred Valley Hike, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru (2,430masl)

Laguna Churup, Peru (4,425masl)

Chimborazo Refuge, Ecuador (5,200masl)

Tungurahua Refuge, Ecuador (3,830masl)

Quilotoa Traditional Loop, Ecuador

Laguna Cuicocha, Ecuador

Mt. Jade, Taiwan (3,952masl)

Apo (2021) Daguldol (2016) Mariveles (2016) Pokis (Smith) (2016) Tapulao (2009)
Batulao (2008) Gulugod-Baboy (2007) Pico de Loro (2011) Pulag (2010) Tarak Ridge (2007)
Cayabu (2016) Makiling (2016) Pinatubo (2010) Taal (2013) Ulap (2016)

Agusan del Sur Cagayan de Oro Dinagat Islands Ozamiz City Siargao Island
Basilan Camiguin Dipolog Pagadian Surigao del Norte
Bukidnon Dapitan Iligan City Samal Island Surigao del Sur
Butuan City Davao Lake Sebu Saranggani Zamboanga City
Davao Oriental

NEPAL JAPAN 2013 SUMMER (1st Visit)
Maximizing the 90-Days Tourist Visa in Winter Nepal day 1: Hiroshima solo day-trip 
18-Days Self-Guided Solo in Winter Everest Base Camp day 2: Navigating Disney Resort
Visiting Lumbini, Birthplace of Lord Buddha day 3: Kinugawa for Tobu World Square
Christmas Day Strolling in Bhaktapur day 4: Hakone solo day-trip
Kathmandu City Walk tour day 5: Kyoto solo day-trip
Morning Visit to Patan day 6: Himeji and Nara solo day-trip
The North Face Kathmandu Ultra Trail Run 2016 (12km) day 7: Osaka solo day-trip and departure
16-Days Self-Guided Solo in Winter Annapurna Circuit Budget tips on solo backpacking Japan (JR pass)
6-Days Self-Guided Solo Hike in Winter Lantang Valley
JAPAN 2014 SUMMER (2nd Visit)
SRI LANKA - MALDIVES 6-days Revisiting Japan for Mt. Fuji (3,776masl) Solo Trek
4-days Tropical Solo Get-away in Sri Lanka - Maldives day 1: Nagoya solo day-trip
day 1: Dambulla & Sigiriya day 2: Mt. Fuji Yoshida Trail 6th Station arrival
day 2: Colombo city tour day 3: Mt. Fuji Yoshida Trail Solo Night Trek
day 3: Maldives full-day island tour day 4: Kamakura Temples & Daibutsu Forest Hike
day 4: Male city tour day 5:Tokyo City Tour (Shinjuku to Shibuya Walk)
INDIA JAPAN 2015 WINTER (3rd Visit)
incredible solo to new delhi-jaipur-agra in 1.5 days 4 Days Revisiting Japan in Winter with my Mother
train booking abroad without indian mobile number day 1: Kansai South (Wakayama)
india train experience and tips day 2: Kansai West (Hyogo)
new delhi IGI airport arrival day 3: Kansai East (Kyoto)
new delhi city tour (humayun's tomb & red fort)  day 4: Kansai Central (Osaka)
jaipur pink city by night tour
agra city morning tour (the fort & taj mahal) CHINA 2013 WINTER (1st Visit)
i missed my flight! what did i do next?  6-days winter solo backpacking in Mainland China
Shanghai City day tour 
KUWAIT Mt. Huangshan Trekking
visiting the kuwait science discovery center  Great Wall of China in Mutianyu, a great DIY trip
looking upward to kuwait liberation tower Beijing City tour 
kuwait tower, the signature landmark splendid nanshan outdoor ice skiing
kuwait desert picnic random acts of kindness during winter China trip
barbecue sessions at the kuwait aljeleaa beach budget and safety tips in winter backpacking China
old amiri hospital photoshoot
middle east santacruzan (flores de mayo) CHINA 2015 WINTER (2nd Visit)
private boat cruise to kubbar island 7 Days Solo Trip Revisiting Winter Mainland China
kuwait - iran persian gulf ferry trip day 1: Beijing Arrival from Ulaanbaatar Train
egaila beach pinoy expats get-away day 2: Harbin Tour 1st part (Ice and Snow Sculptures) 
touring kuwait national museum and planetarium day 3: Harbin Tour last part (Siberia Tiger Park)
green island photowalk for a cause day 4: Zhangjiajie Tour 1st part (National Park)
photowalk inside kuwait zoo day 5: Zhangjiajie Tour last part (Tianmen Mountain)
souq sharq and nearby area nightscape  day 6: Overnight train from Zhangjiejie to Beijing
day 7: Beijing City Day Tour (Ming Tombs & Great Wall)
earlier days in riyadh city  HONGKONG - MACAU 2011 WINTER (1st Visit)
 al faisaliah center, the globe at night touring hongkong and macau in 3.5 winter days
 kingdom center, at the skybridge by day  day 1: hongkong at night
riyadh to dammam train trip in the morningday trip only  day 2: macau day tour
 dammam to riyadh train travel in the afternoon day 3: macau to hongkong shift tripping
riyadh water tower park  day 4: hongkong solo day tour and departure
national museum of saudi arabia hongkong - macau 3.5 days tour summary
king abdul aziz historical center
quadbiking the red sands of riyadh HONGKONG - MACAU 2013 WINTER (2nd Visit)
hidden valley of riyadh province 4-days winter budget family tour in Hongkong-Macau 
riyadh tv tower of saudi morning at the avenue of the stars
visiting jeddah on weekends cable car experience in ngong ping 360
12 zodiac generals, a ngong ping specials 
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES until evening in the peak tram to sky terrace 428
dubai - abu dhabi 2 days weekend solo backpacking nanlian garden and chi lin nunnery photo-ops 
abu dhabi city solo day tour  family at last in Disneyland Hongkong
dubai airport arrival at night and bus trip to abu dhabi  into the monastery of 10,000 buddha
abu dhabi's grand mosque and the leaning tower Macau tour
ferrari world 1st part: super cars showcase
ferrari world last part: the fast rides MONGOLIA
dubai city solo day tour 4 Days Self-guided Solo Trip in Winter Mongolia
atlantis dubai nasimi beach clubbing day 1: Afternoon Arrival in Ulaanbaatar Airport
burj khalifa sightseeing at the top by day day 2: Genghis Khan Complex & Terelj National Park
jumeirah public beach with burj al arab day 3: Ulaanbaatar Whole Day City tour
day 4: Crossborder Train Ride from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing
7-days Pinoy solo backpacking in Winter Israel NORTH KOREA
Visa-on-Arrival Experience in Israel Ben Gurion airport 5 Days Group Tour in Summer North Korea (DPRK)
day 1: Tel-Aviv City tour 24 hour Transit Without Visa to Beijing and Side Trips
day 2: Northern Israel tour Mt. Myohyang Friendship Exhibition Center
day 3: Western Israel tour Panmunjom (38th Parallel DMZ) and Kaesong Tour
day 4: Southern Israel tour 1st part Pyongyang Tour 1st; National Library and Kim Il Sung Square
day 5: Bethlehem (Palestine Territory)  Pyongyang Tour 2nd; Grand Monument and Arc of Triumph
day 6: Southern Israel tour 2nd part Pyongyang Tour 3rd part; At Juche Tower and Metro Subways
day 7: Jerusalem City tour  Pyongyang Tour last part; War Museum and Children's Palace
Immigration Departure in Israel Ben Gurion airport
ARMENIA korea winter get-away
3-days Solo Budget tour in Winter Armenia  seoul city tour 1st part (deoksu palace) 
Garni temple - Geghard monastery afternoon tour seoul city tour 2nd part (seoul tower & bear museum) 
Echmiadzin monastery hopping  solo on dmz half-day tour
ruins of Zvartnots cathedral  seoul city tour 3rd part (palaces & world cup stadium)
on Khor Virap monastery overlooking Mt. Ararat amazing everland themepark
Yerevan city night strolling  romantic nami island
Yerevan morning city tour unstoppable outdoor skiing
seoul city tour last part (palaces & olympic park)
4-days Solo Trip in Winter Republic of Georgia TIMOR LESTE
day 1: Gori short-visit tour 3 Days Solo Trip in Rainy Season Timor Leste
day 2: Kutaisi afternoon tour
day 3: Gudauri day tour
day 4: Tbilisi day tour
KYRGYZSTAN AND TAJIKISTAN 4-days Self-guided Solo Tour in Myanmar (Burma)
5 Days Solo Trip in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Bangkok Transit; Suvarnabhumi to Don Mueang Airport
Bishkek City Walk Tour  day 1: Yangon City tour
Solo Trekking and Hitch-hike to Ala Archa Waterfalls day 2: Bagan Day tour
Hissar Fortress Morning Tour day 3: Mandalay City tour
Iskanderkul Hike to Waterfalls day 4: Mingun morning tour 
Dushanbe City Walk Tour
SINGAPORE - MALAYSIA 2011 (1st Visit)
JORDAN what a 2-days trip in singapore-malaysia!
Surprise Winter Christmas Week-end Get-away in Jordan singapore morning rush 1st part (merlion & the flyer)
A short visit to Petra Archeological Park  singapore morning rush last part (mbs skypark) 
Mount Nebo and Dead Sea Morning visit singapore afternoon adventure 1st part (uss)
Jerash Archeological Park Afternoon visit  singapore afternoon adventure last part (g-max) 
malaysia day tour 1st part (petronas twin towers)
LEBANON  malaysia day tour last part (kl tower & batu cave)
3 days solo travel in lebanon from malaysia in haste (going back to sg)
tripoli quick downtown stroll
byblos (jbeil) archaeological site MALAYSIA 2013 (2nd Visit)
baalbek temple of jupiter ruins Kota Kinabalu Trekking and Solo Tours
jeita upper and lower grotto Mt. Kinabalu 1st part (from airport to laban rata)
sidon (saida) fast tripping Mt. Kinabalu solo hike 2nd part (trail to summit)
beirut morning city tour Mt. Kinabalu solo hike last part (descend to downtown)
budget travel tips in lebanon kilometer markers, a Mt. Kinabalu specials 
Kota Kinabalu morning city tour
4-days Turkey Summer Solo Escapade MALAYSIA 2015 (3rd Visit)
day 1: Selcuk morning tour 5 Days Impromptu Itinerary in Rainy Malaysia
day 2: Pamukkale Day tour Revisiting Kuala Lumpur City 
day 3: Capaddocia Day tour Short Visit to Genting Highlands
day 4: Istanbul morning tour  Searching the Penang Street Arts
Malacca Morning visit
7 Days Solo Backpacking Winter Iran via Persian Gulf THAILAND
Ferry from Iran (Khorramshahr) to Kuwait (Shuwaikh) thailand, beginning of my travel addictiveness
Cheap and Efficient Bus Travels in Iran bangkok temple trip
Hostels where I Stayed in Iran kanchanaburi rail trip
Shiraz (Persepolis, Necropolis, Nearby Mosques) ayutthaya ruins trip
Isfahan (Naqsh-e Jahan Square) siam ocean world
Tehran City Tour
RUSSIA vietnam-cambodia-laos 7-days solo journey
12 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Russia indochina backpacking preparations
day 0: ho chi minh city arrival
day 1: ho chi minh to siem reap bus trip
day 2: angkor archaeological park solo day-tour
day 3: siem reap to 4,000 islands bus trip
day 4: champasak province (southern laos) solo day-tour
Budget and Safety Tips in Solo Travelling Russia day 5: pakse to phnom penh bus trip
day 6: phnom penh city solo day tour
UNITED KINGDOM 2014 SUMMER (1st Visit) phnom penh to ho chi minh bus trip
6-days England Summer Solo Travel (United Kingdom) day 7: ho chi minh city solo day tour
day 1: London City arrival at night indochina 7-days solo backpacking summary
day 2: London City tour 1st day
day 3: London City tour 2nd day INDONESIA
day 4: London City tour 3rd day 3-days White-Water River Solo Trip in Bali, Indonesia
day 5: Salisbury (Stonehenge) & Bath City day 1: Bali Temples' hopping tour
day 6: Warwick & Oxford  day 2: Telaga Waja River Rafting & Kota Beach
day 3: Ayung River Rafting & Pakerisan River tubing
3 Days Revisiting England for Autumn Fellwandering BRUNEI
day 1: London City Stroll at Night 3 Days Solo Tour in Summer Sultanate of Brunei
day 2: Lake District Highland Fell Solo Hike Bandar Seri Begawan Walk Tour and Trekking
day 3: Cambridge City & University Strolling Brunei River Speed Boat Cruising to Temburong
Kampong Ayer (Water Village) Afternoon Visit
5 Days Winter Solo Travel in Scotland SOUTH AFRICA
day 1: London Night Bus Trip to Edinburgh 4 Days Solo Trip in Summer South Africa (Cape Town City)
day 2: Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle
day 3: Cairngorm Hill Hiking & Glasgow at Night
day 4: Edinburgh City Tour 1st part Table Mountain Afternoon Solo Hike (1,085masl)
day 5: Edinburgh City tour last part Lion's Head Evening Solo Hike (669masl)
Road Trip from Muizenberg to Cape of Good Hope
AUTUMN CENTRAL & WESTERN EUROPE Road Trip from Cape Point to Kirstenbosch
23-days solo Autumn Experience in Central Europe Cape Town City Walk Tour
1st part; 4-days in France Waterfront, Robben Island Tour and Ultra SA 2018
2nd part; 2-days in Switzerland Heartfelt Tour inside District Six Museum
3rd part; 1-day in Luxembourg
4th part; 1-day in Belgium MOROCCO
5th part; 1-day in Netherlands 4-days Morocco Self-guided Solo Tour
6th part: 5-days in Germany day 1: Marrakesh day tour
7th part: 1-day in Czech Republic day 2: Ouarzazate 1st part
8th part: 2-days in Austria day 3: Ouarzazate last part
Last part: 6-days in Italy  day 4: Casablanca short tour 
Central Europe Hostels and Dormitories I checked-in
Train travel tips in roaming Central Europe EGYPT
fearless 4.5 days DIY eid season solo trip to Egypt
FRANCE strolling the modern egyptian museum
day 1: Versailles Morning tour sightseeing above the cairo tower at night
day 2: Paris day-tour  a dream come true on pyramids of giza
day 3: Marseilles day-tour train travel from cairo to aswan
day 4: Lyon day-tour collosal abu simbel temples (ramesses & nefertari)
valley of the kings & queens (luxor's west bank)
GERMANY hatshepsut and ramessium temple (luxor's west bank)
day 1: Cologne City tour magnificent karnak temple (luxor's east bank)
day 2: Hamburg City tour luxor temple & museum (luxor's east bank)
day 3: Berlin City tour biking the luxor's west bank
day 4: Fussen City tour budget and safety travel tips on diy Egypt
day 5: Munich City tour 
ITALY 6-days Mt. Kilimanjaro (5,895masl) Machame in Tanzania
day 1: Venice City tour Mt. Kilimanjaro Hike Planning and Preparation
day 2: Milan City tour Crossborder between Kenya and Tanzania (Namanga) 
day 3: Florence City tour  day 1: Machame Gate to Machame Camp
day 4: Pisa City tour day 2: Machame Camp to Shira Camp
day 5: Rome City tour day 3: Shira Camp to Lava Tower to Barranco Camp
day 6: Vatican City tour day 4: Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp
day 5: Barafu Camp to Uruhu Peak to Millenia Camp
GIBRALTAR day 6: Millenia Camp to Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate
2 Days Solo Side Trip to Winter Gibraltar 
Gibraltar 1st part; the Upper Rock Reserve KENYA
Gibraltar last part; Europa Point and other Spots 3-days Masai Mara Safari Solo Adventure in Kenya
 Yellow Card Vaccine as Immigration Requirement 
23 Days Solo in Central, Southern and Northern Europe UGANDA -RWANDA
1st part; 1-day in Germany 4 Days Solo Trip in Uganda - Rwanda (East Africa)
2nd part; 1-day in Liechtenstein
3rd part; 1-day in Slovenia
4th part; 2-days in Croatia
5th part; 1-day in Serbia
6th part; 1-day in Bulgaria
7th part: 3-days in Romania
8th part: 3-days in Hungary AUSTRALIA
9th part: 2-days in Slovakia 4 Days Solo Trip in Winter Australia (Melbourne & Sydney)
10th part; 2-days in Poland
11th part; 1-day in Lithuania
12th part; 1-day in Estonia Melbourne City Tour last part; Inside the Old Gaol
13th part; 1-day in Latvia Sydney City Tour 1st; Sydney Tower and Madame Tussaud's
Last part: 2-days in Denmark Sydney City Tour 2nd; Inside the Wild Life Zoo and Sea Life
Sydney City Tour last part; the Harbor and others
8 Days Self-Guided Budget Europe Trip with My Mother BRAZIL
5 Days Solo Trip in Rainy Brazil (1st time in South America)
Madrid 1-Day City tour Sao Paolo Short sightseeing City Tour
Iguazu Falls Self-guided Rainy Tour
Rio de Janeiro 1st; Hiking the Cristo Redentor & Dois Irmaos
Rio de Janeiro 2nd; Hiking Pedra Telegrafo & Morro da Urca
Rio de Janeiro Last; City tour by Metro and Bus Hopping
Side Trip to Andorra

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