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Budget and Safety Tips in Winter Backpacking China

snowy escapade birthday celebration in shanghai - huangshan - beijing
january 26 -  february 01, 2013 saturday to friday

1. Mainland China blocked more than 2,600 websites according to their policy of internet censorship. This website includes Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, Wordpress, Youtube, and a lot more. The apparatus of the China's Internet repression is considered more extensive and more advanced than in any other country in the world. The governmental authorities not only block website content but also monitor the Internet access of individuals.

Good thing I have my instagram account linked to my facebook and twitter so I still managed to update myself to cyber world by means of taking photos.

Winter Beijing City

food trip in Shanghai

food trip in Shanghai

food trip in Shanghai

2. If arriving in Shanghai, you must remember that there will be a commission charge of a whooping 60 cny (10 usd) for every single transaction on all banks. Most money changers I saw charged only 45 cny. Of course, there are underground money changers that exchanged with no commission, just ask the local touts where are this. To make it simple, bring at least 300 cny on pocket or exchange all foreign currency to Beijing before landing on this place.

3. winter in China is not as cold as what you think in western areas like Europe so don't be so dress to kill or overkill yourself in what to wear. It is much better to blend-in rather stand-out while your looks don't look like a local.

4. winter season is an off-season which is, most of the time, 50% to all admission and service fees. I experienced the discount in my hostel.

Shanghai Subway station

Shanghai Raiway Station Ticket Office

Shanghai Railway Station

5. stupidity it may seems and to be honest, I have countless times in losing some of my important winter belongings while walking.

6. Most of the Chinese locals can only understand simple English language, less to speak but not how to write especially in rural areas. So whenever you saw someone, grab the opportunity to ask or have his/her assistance. 

LEO HOSTEL (Beijing City)
room: dormitory 12-bed roo
rate: 40cny (PhP260) / night
how did i know: web search
address: around 200 meters away from Qianmen subway station
services: aircon, free wifi, with bar downstairs
remarks: 4/5 stars

Huangshan Railway Station

Mt. Huangshan Trail

Beijing subway station


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