Sightseeing Al Ain on Budget Day Tour

21 January 2017 Saturday in Abu Dhabi Emirate of UAE

Al Ain, also known as the Garden City due to its greenery, is the second largest city in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the fourth largest city in the United Arab Emirates. There's an every 30mins daily departure (Bus #X90) from Abu Dhabi Bus Terminal to Al Ain Souq Bus Terminal starting from 0430H until 2330H, fare at 25 AED for 2 hours travel time with 3 stops in between.

This was just a short day trip just to see the glimpse of Al Ain and without a concrete itinerary, just go where my gut feeling wanted that day. Visited first the Al Ain Museum, Oasis then the Palace Museum. Photography and video taking is allowed inside. To end the day I visited the Green Mubazzarah to see the Jebel Hafeet.


1000H ETD Abu Dhabi Bus Terminal Bus # X90 25AED
1215H ETA Al Ain Souq Bus Terminal; Lunch 30AED
Al Ain National Museum; Entrance 3AED
Al Ain Oasis and Al Ain Palace Museum (free entrance)
1530H ETD Al Ain City Center; Bus #970 2AED
1630H ETA Green Mubazzarah; picnic snacks 22 AED; short trek to hills
1800H ETD Green Mubazzarah; Bus #970 2AED
1900H ETA Al Ain City Center
1930H ETD Al Ain Bus Terminal; Bus #X90 25AED 
2100H ETA Abu Dhabi Bus Terminal


Sightseeing Al Ain on Budget Day Tour (Al Ain National Museum)

My 2016 Abu Dhabi City Start of New OFW Adventures

an OFW's new journey in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
November - December 2016

An almost one year of being jobless after embracing the challenge of leap of faith; 1st 4 months in Asia mostly in Nepal while the remaining months in my homeland. A new work in a new work place I couldn't imagine I have right now. Interviewed and confirmed last week of June, departed my homeland again in last week of October. Stayed in accommodation on my 1st month until I have my salary then transferred to city.

The following were the events I visited, attended and enjoyed for a relaxing after-work activity (FREE ADMISSION).

Beats on the Beach in Corniche, Abu Dhabi City (November 24-26, 2016)
45th National Day of United Arab Emirates (Dec. 01-02, 2016)
Amusing Christmas Decors in different Malls of Abu Dhabi (Dec. 2016)

45th National Day of United Arab Emirates (Dec. 01-02, 2016)

My Top Nine Best Travels in 2016

7th year of my travel addictiveness, adventures that made me want to go back there
2016 "the viewing deck" year-ender report

“Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous new year by believing. Believe in yourself. And believe that there is a loving Source - a Sower of Dreams - just waiting to be asked to help you make your dreams come true.” – Sarah Ban Breathnach

Recalling the moment when I've been asked what are my dream destinations, I told them only the places I think I can possibly achieve that time based on the resources and capabilities I had. Six years after that simple question, I still could not believe I already been visited the places which I only just watch in movies and "Amazing Race" routes. I consider 2016 as "the leap of faith" year of my travel addictiveness because of the following reasons;

1. visited a total of 3 countries, continuation of the Asia tour since I resigned from my work in November 2015.
2. hiked 6 mountains locally in which 4 of them are minor and the other 2 are major.
3. countless beachbumming and island hopping despite of very budgeted trip.
4. no work for almost a year until the "leap of faith" positive result came in October.

My Top Nine Best Travels in 2016

Countries not Requiring a Pre-arranged Visa for Filipino Travelers

Pinoy travel addict mode on global scale updated as of February 2016

As of December 2016, Philippine Passport holders have a free visa / visa-on-arrival privilege in 61 countries. Additional 8 countries (total of 69) if working as a professional in Middle East (GCC) states and another on-condition visa privilege on some countries if holder of visa on Schengen, US or other OECD members.

Comparing to others, Philippines ranks 76th for having 61 countries with visa-free travel privileges (tied with Cape Verde) at the Henley and Partners Visa Restriction Index of 2016, a global ranking of countries according to travel freedom their citizens enjoy. The passports evaluated is 199 out of 218 destination countries or territories. Garnering the highest visa-free privileges are Germany (177), Sweden (176) and followed by Finland, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom (175). The lowest countries are Afghanistan(25), Pakistan (29), Iraq (30) and  Somalia (31). Highest in our Southeast Asia (ASEAN) region neighbors are Singapore at 5th (173), Malaysia at 12th (164) and Brunei at 23rd (151) while the lowest are Myanmar at 92nd (42), Laos at 90th (47) and Cambodia at 87th (50). Timor-Leste ranks 57th (82), tied with Kuwait. On the other hand, Republic of the Philippines granted visa-free privilege to Nationals from 157 countries for a period of stay of thirty (30) days or less (April 2014).

To know more about the latest visa policies of different countries for Filipino travelers or Philippine Passport Holders, use the following keywords into web search engines;
* search "visa policy of (country you like to visit)" or "(country you like to visit) mfa"

the new Philippine e-passport

Pinoy Backpacker's shared Experience with Immigration Officers

NOTE: Tips on how to react properly in dealing with Airport and Crossborder Immigration Officers abroad (based on my more than 50 airports and crossborders combined visit). This pointers are essential especially if its your first time doing leisure travel outside Philippines. Please read also query comments of our Kababayan's case experience (very important!).

The following are my personal rate of experience (solo travels mostly) on Immigration Officer encounters in airports and crossborder checkpoints abroad. I rate it on scale of 1 to 5, [1 - VERY RELAX (typical inspection & zero interrogation) to 5 - STRICTEST (rigid inspection & extensive interrogation)]: All Southeast Asian Nations are very relax so far [Singapore(2011), Malaysia border(2011), Ho Chi Minh(2011), Cambodia border(2011), Laos border(2011), Kota Kinabalu(2013)Yangon(2014)-1Bangkok(2014), Bali(2014)Kuala Lumpur(2015)Bandar Seri Begawan(2016)];-1 Incheon(2011)-1New Delhi(2012)-1; Beirut(2012)-1; Cairo(2012)-1; Yerevan(2013)-1, Shanghai,Hongkong(2013)-1; Osaka(2013)-1; Czech Republic border(2013)-1; Rome(2013)-1; Tbilisi(2014)-1; Colombo(2014)-1Marrakesh(2014)-1; Istanbul(2014)-1; Nairobi(2014)-1; Tanzania border(2014)-1; Nagoya(2014)-1Beijing(2015)-1; Ulaanbaatar(2015)-1; Croatia border(2015)-1; Bulgaria border(2015)-1; Copenhagen(2015)-1Kathmandu(2015)-1; London(2014)-2; Dubai(2013)-2; Slovenia border(2015)-2; Paris(2013)-3; Palestine border(2013)-3; Gibraltar(2014)-3Male(2014)-4; Manila(2014)-4; Frankfurt(2015)-4;  Hungary border(2015)-4Iran border(2015)-4Switzerland border(2013)-4.5; Tel-Aviv(2013)-5.

Immigration Officers, IO's (known also as Passport Control Officers) play an extremely important role in the security and safety of any countries. At all times, he/she may arrest any person that he has a reasonable suspicion of committing an indictable offense using the "any person powers" (also known as citizen's arrest). In Philippines, many Filipino's today are open-minded in terms of leisure travel. All are dreaming of going abroad just to tour and experience of being there. Therefore, planning how to go is vital especially if travelling on tight budget basis. One of the process along the way is having interviewed by an Immigration Officer. The role of Immigration Officers are to ensure that immigration legislation is enforced. This can cover the rules of entry for Visa applicants, foreign nationals, those seeking asylum or pursuing those in breach of immigration and criminal laws. 

South East Asia visa-on-arrival (VOA) stamps (2010-2011)

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