Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Random Walk Short Visit in Ajman and Umm Al Quwain

Quest to Complete the 7 Emirates as a Returning Ex-UAE Resident, September 2022

Ajman is the capital of the emirate of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates. It is the fifth-largest city in UAE after Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Al Ain. Located along the Persian Gulf, it is engulfed by the larger emirate of Sharjah in territory.

Visiting Ajman served as my 5th Emirate on my quest to complete the Seven Emirates of UAE.

I used the Bus #14 coming from Rolla (purchased the monthly unlimited bus ride), instead of the Ajman bus coming from Al Jubail (fare is 7 AED), going to Al Sharq Terminal. From Al Sharq, there's around 2km walk going to Central and Filipino Bakery. So there it is, just spending some time to stroll around.

Umm Al Quwain is the capital and largest city of the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain in the United Arab Emirates. The city is located on the peninsula of Khor Al Bidiyah, with the nearest major cities being Sharjah to the southwest and Ras Al Khaimah to the northeast. There are mangroves outside the city along the coast, with the local economy being largely fishing.

Visiting Umm Al Quwain served as my 6th Emirate on my quest to complete the Seven Emirates of UAE.

There's a bus # 115 from Sharjah Al Jubail Station that goes to Ras Al Khaimah passes by Umm Al Quwain (20 AED fare), and will drop-off only in main road (no bus stop sign or anything). In this regard, I got lost how to go back. I went back to the main road where I was dropped-off but it's too hot and dusty. Most locals I've asked they told that the bus going back is in the Nesto Supermarket. The bus that goes here are from Umm Al Quwain to Ajman only for 15 AED. Then, from Ajman to Sharjah for 9 AED. I did not have much time to stroll around as I'm worried how to get back.

Random Walk and Street Photography in Ajman (Ajman Museum)

Monday, September 05, 2022

Sightseeing the Awesome Picturesque Spots of Sharjah

New Beginning of my Professional Worth as a Returning Ex-UAE Resident, August 2022

Who would have thought I will be back in United Arab Emirates !!! After spending Seven Months in Latin America from Nov. 2020 to Jun. 2021 and completing the 81 Provinces of the Philippines from Nov. 2021 to Jul. 2022. I never expected that I will be entering the Lulu Supermarket again, eating my favorite Shawarma, Biryani and random walks in Corniche almost every night. Working as Planning Engineer in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates served as my Episode 5 on my OFW journey following the Episode 4: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates as Planning Engineer (2016-2020)

I availed the monthly subscription of unlimited bus ride as part of my tight savings practice here as my salary was way less than 50% when I was in Abu Dhabi. Those trips and photographs are random only, mostly on weekend. Since I live in Rolla area, Al Jubail and Rolla bus station is just around walking distance only which is relaxing and highly economical. Even the Clock Tower, Central Souq, Rulers Court, Flag Island and Corniche side, these are all walking stroll which are my target places every time and I wanted to a have a random walk anywhere. The not so far places, like City Center Sharjah and Sahara Center are on bus # 3, 8 and 9 using my unlimited bus ride for some Jollibee snacks craving.   

Sightseeing the Awesome Picturesque Spots of Sharjah (Clock Tower)

Monday, August 22, 2022

​Halong Bay Cruise Day Trip; In Hang Sung Sot and Ti Top Island

Transit day tour side trip for my new journey August 17, 2022 Wednesday

My 105th solo backpacking trip and of course, usual budget do-it-yourself (DIY) itinerary from arrival to departure. Also, this trip served as side trip on my quest to new beginning / reborn of my professional worth.

Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh province has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site twice due to its aesthetic values, geology and caves. 

Vietnam 2022 revisited: in the northern part. ​Bucket list checked; cruising in the Halong Bay.
Larger version of Coron (Palawan) and Hundred Islands (Pangasinan).


​Things (print-out and soft copy) I brought to counter frightening Airport Immigration Officers of  the Philippines; Return Ticket print-out, Hotel Booking, BI Travel Declaration Form, Vaxcertph, credit card and insurance, Itinerary, Bank Statement of Account

Day 1: August 17, 2022 Wednesday
0045H ETA Hanoi UTC +0700H; baggage claim; 20 USD = 470,000 VND (23,500); Luggage storage 90k (1 piece) 
0645H ETD Hanoi Airport; Express Bus 86 45k 
0745H ETA Long Bien Station; walk to Old Quarter; Central Backpacker Hostel; breakfast 25k
50 USD = 1,160,000 VND (23,225); Halong Bay Day trip 1,100k 0900H to 2030H 
0900H ETD Old Quarter; aircon van; Buffet lunch on boat; refreshments 45k
Halong Bay Harbour, Hàng Sung Sot,  TiTop Island
2100H ETA Hanoi; Grab motorbike 150k
2200H ETA Hanoi Airport Terminal 2; snacks 176k

TOTAL: 1,631,000 VND (70 USD) 

​Halong Bay Cruise Day Trip; In Hang Sung Sot and Ti Top Island

Sunday, August 21, 2022

DFA Authentication / Apostille for TOR / Diploma CTC

All Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Requirements Processing, updated as of July 2022

For DFA Apostille online appointment, please check this link.
For DFA Authentication updated document requirements, please check this link.

Must have certified true copy's of all requested docs or comply the requirements indicated at the back page of the Authentication Application Form. PhP100 for single document processed after 3-days. PhP 200 for single document to expedite release on next day. Office open on daily basis (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday except Holidays). In addition, bring government-issued ID's (passport, SSS ID, GSIS E-Card, Driver's License, PRC ID, OWWA ID, BIR ID, Senior Citizen ID).

* DFA Aseana (Aseana Business Park, Beatico Ave. cor Macapagal Ave. Parañaque City
* DFA NCR West (5F, SM Manila)
* DFA NCR East (7F, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City)
* DFA NCR South (4F, Metro Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City)
* DFA NCR Northeast (Level 2, Ali Mall Cubao, Quezon City)
* DFA Regional Consular Office Pampanga (Robinson's Place San Fernando, Pampanga)

DFA Authentication / Apostille for TOR / Diploma CTC 2022

Saturday, August 20, 2022

OFW Pre-Employment Medical Exam (DOH Accredited)

Direct Hire OFW Document Processing to UAE, updated as of July 2022 

In the Philippines, the 15-year-old GAMCA monopoly in medical testing for overseas Filipino workers leaving for work in the Middle East has been abolished and OFWs can now choose freely which clinics they would undergo. For the latest DOH-accrediated medical clinics for OFWs (land or sea based), please check this DOH link.


Requirements (if direct hire) - Contract copy, Passport copy, 4 pcs 2x2 color photo and pocket money of PHP 5,000 (minimum) 

Phase 1 (standard for all, land-based, eight basic) costs around PHP 2,500
1. complete physical examination           5. urinalysis / stool examination
2. chest x-ray                                         6. vision test
3. complete blood count (CBC)               7. dental check-up
4. blood typing                                       8. psychometric examination
* Electrocardiogram is required if 40 years old and above.

Phase 2 (additional for sea-based)
1. visual acuity with ishihara test (color perception)    3. speech test    2. hearing and audiometry

Other Laboratory Test (depends on the destination / employer requirement)
1. HIV / AIDS test (cost less than PHP1,000), Hepatitis B, Sputum, blood sugar and malaria smear

List of Diseases that would UNFIT TO WORK in GCC countries includes the following;

Infectious category
• HIV/AIDS reactive, Hepatitis B surface antifgen, HCV reactive, VDRL/TPHA reactive
• Microfilaria positive and malaria blood film positive, known leprosy patients
• Tuberculosis – any type, X-ray showing active PTB, past evidence of PTB or healed • Pulmonary scar, including minimum fibrosis, calcification (granuloma) pleural thickening, pleural effusion, tuberculosis lymphadenitis

Non-infectious category
• Chronic renal failure, Chronic hepatitis failure
• Congestive heart failure, Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, Known case of cancer
• Psychiatric disease and neurological disorders
• Physical disabilities, i.e. color blindness, deafness

Pre-Employment Medical Exam Result (phase 1 only) Fit to work (July 2022) 

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