How to Apply for Kazakhstan B12 Tourist Visa as Philippine Passport Holder

an adventure of Pinoy backpacker in processing travel documents

general info:
* as of January 2019, Philippine passport holders are eligible to apply for Kazakhstan e-visa
* Kazakhstan e-visa sill requires Letter of Invitation (LOI)
* 90 days maximum to use after application, single entry with 30 days maximum duration.
* Tourist Registration is needed if will stay 5 days or longer.


1. To acquire electronic visa you must have Letter of Invitation (LOI) with invitation code from Kazakhstan side. I took mine on this website that costs $110, the cheapest I can searched online and the only agency that offers LOI for self-guided DIY tour.
2. After some e-mail discussions and payment per item #2, I received my LOI after 7 working days.
3. Sign up for the e-visa site, select and fill in the e-petition.
4. Enter the Letter of Invitation Registration Number, and other details. Wait for the server as it will take time searching your LOI Registration Number.
5. Once the website found your LOI, it will show the details you have and will ask you to pay $60.
6. After some minutes, your e-visa status is approved. You can now readily download your e-visa.

Kazakhstan Approved E-Visa 2019 

Budget Solo Week-end Trip in Winter Mozambique

97th on my continuing saga to accomplish the #lakbay100 journey
June 07 to 08, 2019

My 75th solo backpacking trip15th country to visit in African continent96th country visited on my journey #lakbay100, 5th continent on my list and of course and usual budget do-it-yourself itinerary from arrival to departure. I did not research that much for this country due also on limited time and laziness.

Mozambique's eastern coastline along the Indian Ocean is more than 1,000 km long, a fantastic draw for scuba divers, fishermen, sailors and beach lovers.

Budget Solo Week-end Trip in Winter Mozambique (Independence Square)

Inside the Tashkent's Stunning Metro Subway Stations

Budget Solo Week-end Trip in Rainy Uzbekistan
May 31 to June 01, 2019

Uzbekistan High-Speed Train Ride from Tashkent to Samarkand

The Tashkent Metro is one of only two subway systems currently operating in Central Asia (the other one being the Almaty Metro) and among the most ornate in the world. It was illegal to take pictures inside the metro system or any of the stations until 1 June 2018 because they were considered military installations due to the system's secondary role as a nuclear bomb shelter. From 1 June 2018, taking photos is allowed inside the metro.

Sightseeing the Beautiful Metro Stations of Moscow, Russia (Aug. 2018)

Day 2: June 01, 2019 Saturday
0900H wake-up, breakfast and check-out; metro hopping 3,900 
Ming Urik, Bodomzor, Minor, Abdulla Qodiriy, Yunus Rajabiy, Chorsu, Gafur Gulom, Alisher Navoi, Pakhator, Mustakillik Maydoni, Amir Timur Hiyoboni
Tashkent Tower, Tashkentland (Bodomzor Station)
Uzbek Osh meal 22,500; Ice Cream 4,000; Amir Timur Museum, Amira Temura Square (walk)
Chorsu Bazaar, Kukeldash Madrasah (walk); Vietnam restaurant (Pho) 34,800; Snacks 23,000
2300H ETD Hostel; walk to airport
SubTotal: 88,200 UZS

Moscow-inspired (Soviet Union feel) design subway metro station of Uzbekistan's capital #tashkent #uzbekistan
Inside the the Uzbekistan's metro subway ride (one way ride for only $0.15), #tashkent #uzbekistan #metro
Tashkent tower, Uzbekistan's TV Tower #tashkent #uzbekistan

Inside the Tashkent's Metro Subway Stations (Mustakillik Maydoni)

Uzbekistan High-Speed Train Ride from Tashkent to Samarkand

Budget Solo Week-end Trip in Rainy Uzbekistan
May 31 to June 01, 2019

Introduction, Planning and Full Itinerary for Uzbekistan Solo Trip 2019

Who would know that Uzbekistan has a bullet train that can reach 230 km/hr speed :)

Day 1: May 31, 2019 Friday
0230H ETA Tashkent UTC +0500H; immigration check-in
money exchange; $1 = 8,460 UZS $90=761,500; Cappucino Choco / water 7,000
walk to Tashkent Pass Centre (Central Train Station)
VIP Seat bullet train ticket to Samarkand 204,000
Ordinary Seat regular train ticket back to Tashkent 126,000
0728H ETD Tashkent; train 762
0942H ETA Samarkand; bus #3 to Registan 1,300
Registan (Madrasah)  40,000; Uzbek dumpling meal 32,000
Fridge magnet / shirt souvenirs 70,000; Bibi-Khanym Mosque 25,000
Shah-i-Zinda, Bazaar (strong rain occured); taxi to Train Station 20,000; Noodles 20,000
1846H ETD Samarkand
2213H ETA Tashkent South Railway; Hotdog meal 19,000
walk to Hostel; Sunrise Caravan Stay 85,000; midnight snacks 23,000
SubTotal: 672,000  UZS

Uzbekistan has bullet train :) the usual travel time of 4 hours will become 2.15 hours for only $24 from Tashkent to Samarkand #tashkent #samarkand #uzbekistan #bullettrain
With max speed of 230km/hr and ON TIME departure / arrival #tashkent #samarkand #uzbekistan #bullettrain

Uzbekistan Bullet Train Ride from Tashkent to Samarkand (Registan)

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