Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Dingalan, Aurora View Deck Day Trip (Batanes of the East)

November 25, 2023 Saturday in Dingalan, Aurora Province, Philippines

₱1,500 only all-in per/pax with free boodle fight & no hidden charges 
Just 3-4 hours away from Manila. Masasarap ang Seafoods. Unexplored Beauty, kaya dinarayo ng nakararami.

INCLUSIONS: Roundtrip van transfer,  Driver's Gas, Park, Toll fee,  Boat Transfer,  Ecological / Entrance fee. All permits, Cottage, Dingalan Local Guide fee, Insurance Fee. Food (BODDLE FIGHT)

NATURE SITES TO VISIT: Dingalan Feeder port, White Beach, Mountain view deck (Batanes of the East), Dingalan Lighthouse, Tanawan Falls, Cliff Diving Spot, I Love Dingalan Marker. Lamao/Rock formation (wave dependent)

Things to bring: Extra Clothes, Extra Money, Toiletries, Cap, Shades/Sunglasses, Sunblock or any sunscreen protection, Camera or any device to take photos or vids, Powerbank, Water, Gears for water activities

Dingalan, Aurora View Deck Day Trip (Batanes of the East) Itinerary
11:00pm Centris McDonald's ₱213
1:00am Meet-up, ETD Centris 
6:00am ETA Dingalan
6:30am Dingalan (Breakfast) own account ₱100
7:00am Feeder Port Registration
7:15am Event Briefing/ Boat ride to white beach
7:30am White Beach
7:40am Start trek to Viewdeck
8:00am Viewdeck (Picture taking)
8:10am Start Trek to Lighthouse
9:00am Start to Descend
9:30am Boat Ride to Lamao Cave 
10:00am Lamao Cave Picture Taking/ Swimming/ Cliff Diving
11:00am Suah Rock Formations/ Snorkeling/ Swimming
12:00nn Feeder Port/ Lunch (boodle fight) 
12:40pm Go to Tanawan Falls
1:00pm Trek to Tanawan Falls
1:20pm Tanawan Falls/ Cliff Diving/ Swimming
4:00pm Descend/ Cleanup
4:30pm I Love Dingalan Marker; (souvenirs, tip, transportation going home) ₱500
5:00pm ETD Dingalan
10:00pm ETA Mnl

Total Expenses: ₱1,500 + ₱813 = ₱2,313

Dingalan, Aurora View Deck Day Trip (Batanes of the East)

Thursday, September 14, 2023

My Job Transition: From Traditional Office Set-up to Work from Home

not just as a Solo Backpacker but as a Corporate Slave like most of the Filipino travelers (2006-Present)

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Manufacturing Engineering. I have been in the Aviation Industry for over fourteen years focusing my experience on Aircraft Maintenance and Production Planning. Throughout my career, I have been fully exposed to Airline (Part-M) and MRO (Part-145) engineering planning processes. Furthermore, I have handled complex maintenance checks and completed work packaging from light to heavy maintenance to achieve the targeted TAT and Return to Service milestone. 

After my Bachelor's degree graduation, I ventured into the BPO IT industry where I took the PRC board exam review simultaneously. I took the PRC Licensure Examination (1st take) on a self-review basis while having my IT work on the graveyard shift. I review if I have a chance, i.e., in a jeepney while stuck in traffic and around 2 hours before going to sleep. Luckily I passed then resigned and jumped to leap of faith. 

My very first international flight and experience as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) lasted for 7 days due to homesickness. I went home despite the debts my family had made just to complete this Taiwan journey. My work has 12 hours of duty a day with 1 day off only a week. Jobless for how many months with zero savings. I saw a Manila Bulletin ad for Engineering graduates to become trainees in the Aviation Industry. The training with a small allowance lasted around 7 months (graded modules). 

My 1st Job in Aviation: Avionics Mechanic to Planning Engineer (Philippines Corporate Set-up)

From 2006 to 2009 I was an Avionics Mechanic which is part of hangar production, directly working inside commercial aircraft. Just weeks after my local vacation, I bid for a Planning Engineer inside the company which is a typical office of engineering setup (assigned PC and desk). Handled PAL fleet base maintenance planning as an initial project for newcomers then Virgin Atlantic, Vladivostok Air, Strategic Air, etc. I took my Master's degree course while working as a Planning Engineer. My classes were on weekends and weeknights for three years as a resident university scholar.

My 3rd Job in Aviation: Aircraft Parts Inventory Specialist (Work from Home Set-up)

Friday, August 25, 2023

How to Apply for Schengen Visa (Greece) as Philippine Passport Holder

Quest to visit all Schengen Member States in 2024 as Pinoy Solo Backpacker

Highlight: I applied as Filipino Solo Traveller with Philippine passport onlywith NO WORK (ex-OFW, retired Engineer) and with NO BUSINESS (Dec. 2022). I provided proofs of enough savings, investments and previous 4 Schengen visas per below link.

Schengen visa is a special document that allows a Schengen visa holder to travel freely within the 26 Schengen zone (European Countries) member states. Apply for the Schengen visa at the Embassy or Consulate of the Schengen country where you spend the most timeThis visa is valid in all Schengen states for a stay of up to 90 days within a six-month period for a visit or tourism, but not for employment or family reunification purposes.

How to Apply for Schengen Visa (Greece) as Philippine Passport Holder (Schengen Visa 2024)

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Budget Travel Tips in Solo Backpacking Winter New Zealand

18 Days Budget Solo Backpacking in Winter New Zealand Jul. 15 to Aug. 03, 2023

New Zealand is my 138th country visited on my personal journey beyond #lakbay100 Countries.
From South Island (Lake Tekapo, Queenstown, Dunedin, Christchurch) to North Island (Wellington, National Park, Hamilton, Auckland) with FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 as the highlight.
Thank you very much Winter New Zealand.  
#livealifeyouwillremember #newzealand #fifa #worldcup #pilipinas #filipino #filipinas #philippines #football #soccer #solobackpacker #winter #oceania #pinoytraveller 

Travel Dates: July 15 to August 03, 2023 (18 Days) 
My Objective: FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 PHI games and Hunt the Southern Lights
Status: PHI passport only Solo Backpacker with flights from/to MNL
Places Visited: From South Island (Lake Tekapo, Queenstown, Dunedin, Christchurch) to North Island (Wellington, Tongariro, Hamilton, Auckland) - pattern based on the FIFA World Cup PHI games

Day 00: Jul. 15 – Manila Departure
Day 01: Jul. 16 – Queenstown 
Day 02: Jul. 17 - Lake Tekapo 
Day 03: Jul. 18 – Lake Tekapo 
Day 04: Jul. 19 – Queenstown 
Day 05: Jul. 20 – Queenstown 
Day 07: Jul. 22 – Dunedin 
Day 08: Jul. 23 – Bus to Christchurch 
Day 08: Jul. 24 – Bus to Wellington 
Day 11: Jul. 26 – Wellington 
Day 12: Jul. 27 – Bus to National Park 
Day 13: Jul. 28 – Bus Auckland 
Day 14: Jul. 29 – Auckland 
Day 16: Jul. 31 – Auckland 
Day 17: Aug. 01 – Auckland 
Day 18: Aug. 02 – Auckland to Manila 
Day 00: Aug. 03 - Manila Arrival 

Budget Travel Tips in Solo Backpacking Winter New Zealand

Monday, August 14, 2023

Team Filipinas in FIFA Women's World Cup 2023

18 Days Budget Solo Backpacking in Winter New Zealand Jul. 15 to Aug. 03, 2023

It was last year 2022 during my Southern Caribbean Cruise when my attention was grabbed by FIFA Men's World Cup, how does it feel to watch in world stage stadium cheering out for my homeland. Here it goes for FIFA Women's World Cup 2023, just months after, a dream come true. I brought my huge national flag to provide strong moral support. Beyond greatness, Laban Filipinas !!! 
#newzealand #solobackpacker #winter #oceania #fifa #worldcup #pilipinas #filipino #filipinas #philippines #football #soccer 

Philippines 1st appearance in FIFA World Cup. "Lupang Hinirang" debut in FIFA World Cup 2023 

Winter New Zealand Day 10 (Wellington): Noypi vs Kiwi July 25, 2023 Tue. Team Filipinas will now face the host country. New Zealand suffered the heartbreak of becoming the first Women's World Cup host to be eliminated at the group stage, and it's all because of a single goal from the Philippines.

1st Goal. 1st Victory. Defeated the Host Country. Beyond Greatness.

Team Filipinas in FIFA Women's World Cup 2023

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Short Visits to National Park and Hamilton

18 Days Budget Solo Backpacking in Winter New Zealand Jul. 15 to Aug. 03, 2023

National Park (Tongariro) - irregular one-time only bus departures. Good thing I stayed only 1 night because on my afternoon arrival it was raining and the next morning there's heavy snow. Also, no free wifi in my hostel.

Hamilton - just to maximize only the remaining 5 hours in my 45 hour intercity flexi-pass, not much to do also. 

Day 12: July 27, 2023 Thursday NATIONAL PARK 
0630H Hostel Check-out; breakfast
0730H ETD Wellington; intercity bus #6
1334H ETA National Park (6hr/$31); Rainy afternoon; Supermarket snacks 11
National Park Backpackers 1 night (₱1,119)
TOTAL: $11 (₱362)

Day 13: July 28, 2023 Friday AUCKLAND
Snowy morning; breakfast
1000H Hostel Check-out; random walks
1335H ETD National Park; intercity bus #7
1930H ETA Auckland (6hr/$53); Surf 'n' Snow Backpackers 5 nights (₱3,433)

Day 17: August 01, 2023 Tuesday HAMILTON
E-travel Registration arrival flight 
0915H ETD Auckland; intercity bus #8
1110H ETA Hamilton (2hr/$40); Hamilton short day trip (3 hrs); snacks 8; Hamilton Lake, Hamilton Gardens
1430H ETD Hamilton; intercity bus #9
1635H ETA Auckland (2hr/$41); Souvenir 10; McDonald's meal 10
TOTAL: $28 (₱979)

Short Visits to National Park and Hamilton

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