Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Getting a Certified True Copy of PRC Board Certificate

hands-on do-it-yourself adventure on immigration and POEA requirements
november 24 to december 15, 2011

direct-hire travel document process to kuwait
NBI clearance for travel abroad / immigration purposes
very strict GAMCA medical exam


main concern:
you must have an updated PRC license before processing this document.

P. Paredes St. cor. Morayta St. Sampaloc, Manila
how to get there: just ride lrt line 1 bound to monumento then alight to doroteo jose station. afterwards, ride a jeep in c.m.recto ave bound to morayta prc (pls see map).

PRC location map

PRC action sheets

PRC action sheet backpage

php75 for single document request of certified true copy needed for DFA authentication

applicant accommodation:
daily basis (9-5pm and M-F).

what to do:
1. wear long pants and close shoes (shorts and sandals not allowed).
2. bring your updated PRC license card.
3. accomplish action sheet from the customer service window then photocopy your PRC board certificate.
4. pay to the cashier then go to customer service window again for documentary stamp.
5. go the the window as prescribed at the backpage of your action sheet.
6. have your clalim stub (issuance is on the next day).

PRC windows processing

other concerns:
1. no line to queue, somehow fast service.
2. you can have your documents delivered to you via wwwexpress/dhl located inside the building.
3. this document is a requirement for DFA red ribbon authentication.

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  1. Ngek, kailangan ko pa i-renew ang license ko bago mapa-authenticate ang certificate of registration ko.


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