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NBI Clearance Certificate for Travel Abroad / Immigration Purposes

hands-on do-it-yourself adventure on immigration and POEA requirements
november 24 to december 15, 2011

direct-hire travel document process to kuwait


main concern:
this process will took a minimum of 2 hours if you just arrive early on the clearance office, whether its a satellite or main.

NBI clearance bldg. UN avenue, ermita, manila
how to get there: just ride lrt line 1 bound to monumento then alight to UN avenue station. clearance center is adjacent to WHO bldg and infront of manila doctors hospital (pls see map).
branch address:
please see the updated lists on their website (mostly on robinsons malls)

NBI clearance certificate (must be green paper)

same for local and travel abroad (including immigration requirements) = php115

applicant accommodation:
due to the massive filipino applicants arriving daily, a quota of 500 persons on satellite offices and 2,000 on main branch. thus, around 1000H is average time closed quota for branch and 1200H in main.

for NBI clearance authentication:
click here...

monstrous lane of applicants in NBI main branch taft avenue

what to do:
1. bring 1 valid ID (government-issued) or any 2 ID's
2. wear long pants and close shoes (shorts and sandals not allowed)
3. bring pack snacks for long qeueing
4. black ballpen is a must
5. procedure is the same for 1st-timers and renewals
6. arrive early as possible you can
7. on personal visit only, authorized personnel if you cannot come is not practice
8. patience is a must also

NBI clearance center main office (nov. 2011)

other concerns:
1. you can claim on the day itself provided you don't have similar name.
2. if you have same name, you have to wait at least 2 days to claim it.
3. chaperon is not allowed inside the building, only the applicants.
4. clearance certificate paper is yellow for local and green for abroad.
5. validity is one year after the issuance
6. fixers are not allowed inside


Effective Jan. 24, 2014 online application of NBI clearance will be available at

Department of Justice announced that beginning on 24 January 2014, applicants for the NBI clearance can now apply and fill-out complete form online at or www/ The NBI system is now run by the DOJ, a first in the agency's history and substantially upgrades the old systems. The NBI Clearance system is a component of the flagship National Justice Information System (NJIS) to link and share information among justice sector institutions.

After the online registration, applicants may proceed directly to any of the fifty-five (55) sites nationwide for payment and biometric enrollment for the release of the clearance. A list of these areas is available at

Philippines DOJ-NBI Advisory (22 Jan 2014)


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