Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness during Winter China Trip

6-days winter solo backpacking in Mainland China
january 26 -  february 01, 2013 saturday to friday

As a solo backpacker in a country with a very little population of non-English speaking locals exist, it was very hard to maintain composure knowing that I am into a very budgeted itinerary. In addition, we all know the territorial dispute and misunderstanding in international relation between China and Philippines. Despite of this scenario, I am very very fortunate to inform everyone that I am really thankful and blessed to all the local Chinese who helped me during these birthday getaway of solo winter budget tour.

In a recent travel article published in CNN regarding the top rudest countries where China ranks on 8th place, I am very, very proud to say I have never been experience rudeness in this country. I never felt any form of it in the entire duration of my trip. I am Filipino backpacker and proud to say Chinese locals are not rude. They are so kind I even make a blog post for them just to appreciate how my travel went when I was there. MY TRIP WOULD NEVER BE IN SUCCESS IF CHINESE LOCALS DID NOT ASSIST ME.

In honor of this people, I made this blog to state that kindness to strangers limits nobody as long as the approach is acceptable enough to deal with. The following were the occurrences why I am very proud to say that this trip was more than just a successful plan.

Beijing City

Shanghai City

Shanghai City

1. During train cruising on my way to Huangshan from Shanghai, a Chinese-Mongolian engineering student (his name is Raizen Lee) advised that it is better to take a domestic plane rather than train. He immediately checked a local website and booked me the latest departure flight from Huangshan to Beijing using his mobile phone only. He paid it via his credit card at 730cny. I told him I don't have much Chinese yuan and let him pay a $100. Imagine I gamble to pay someone without any proof that he actually booked me.

2. A Mt. Huangshan employee assisted me to the shortest possible trail going down before dark. We even actually trailed over the fence with closed gate just to make it in time. He even knows I'm a Filipino and despite of that, he just told stories while we were walking about the territorial disputes between our countries, its nothing political for helping someone in need.

Mt. Huangshan

tunxi old street restaurant with the ladies

mt. huangshan with the ladies

3. I have asked a group of ladies for a mobile phone shot while on trail going back to the base. After having some stories with them we found out that one of them have exactly the same flight on this night going to Beijing. Since they are happy to heard it, they even invited me yo join them on their next tour before having to separate our tracks. and not just that, we dined together in a 1st class restaurant and they paid all the bills. Amazing birthday celebration indeed with someone I don't know. Thank you very much to Miss Alisha / Judy / Kath for a very warm accommodation, assistance and kindful treatment.

4. in bus #980 going to miyun district for Mutianyu Great wall trip, I asked again another local to please write in chinese words the destination since he can managed somehow to speak english. Since he thinks that the local taxi driver may not understand me fully, he negotiated for my travel fare and agreed at what a price I gave.

Beijing City

Beijing City

5. Taxi driver from Huairou to Mutianyu negotiated to wait for 2 hours as his passenger again when I finished my late afternoon tour in Great Wall without additional charges. He even helped me on what bus will I gonna take going back to Downtown Beijing. Our way of communication on how this all happened is through only a drawing in a scratch paper.

6. Upon my arrival in wudoakou subway station around 0845H and looking for the nanshan ski shuttle bus, I asked a police for this matter why there was no bus on the designated terminal. He just asked if I have a telephone number of nanshan and he just called it without hesitation. After calling, he just said that the departure time is strictly 0830H.

Beijing City

Beijing City


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