Saturday, November 01, 2014

Maldives last part; Male City Tour and Airport Departure

4-days quick solo trip in the island countries of Indian Ocean
February 25 to March 01, 2014 

Sri Lankan Airlines has a very bad service for Colombo flights despite I purchased my roundtrip ticket as a fully paid confirmed regular fare 3 weeks before the flight date. They made flight UL104 (Feb28) overbooked and I belonged to the unfortunate ones intentionally and forcefully. I arrived more than 3 hours before departure time and yet they put me on-hold despite complaining in-front of other passengers. I rushed to other airport officers to file a complain but no one helped-out so I decided to go back to the check-in counter. Good thing I mentioned I have connecting flight to other airline which they accepted as a valid reason to include me on the scheduled flight, they issued my boarding pass right away. Since this was my 1st time, I smell fishy and made observation as I went to boarding gate. I found-out that 95% ABOARD ARE ALL WHITE (Westerners and Northeast Asians), an obvious reason of RACIAL DISCRIMINATION. On ALL (100%) promo fare flights I purchased in ALL low-cost carriers (Cebu Pacific, Fly Dubai, Air Asia, Air Arabia and Easy Jet) had absolutely no hassle during boarding pass issuance, much more on the very respectful treatment of big time airlines (Turkish Air, Cathay Pacific, Egypt Air, PAL, Emirates and Etihad). Who would think and anticipate that a flag carrier airline is practicing this kind of irresponsible arrangement. To think that this was my 1st booking on this airline, I swear I will ignore this airline from now on. Connecting flight from Air Arabia saved my night or else bumped-off and transferred to a new unknown departure timing.

Malé is the capital of Maldives. The city occupies the entire islet of Malé and is located at the southern rim of North Male Atoll. The island is 1.7 km long and 1.0 km wide, but with over 100,000 people crammed onto it, Male is by some measures the world's densest city.

Male city tour (public beach near Hulhumale port)

Hulhumale last morning photo-ops before going to Male

Male city tour (Hulhumale port)

Male city tour (public beach near Hulhumale port)

Male city tour (National Museum)

Male city tour (Muslim cemetery)

After arriving in Colombo Airport as my 1st transit going back home, another not so unfortunate event has been unfold. Air Arabia passengers are not catered in transit desk, thus, I need to get-out the passport control and arrival area then re-enter in departure area. This process requires tourist visa which fortunately I still have, tourist visa issued by Sri Lanka is up to double entry. The Officer re-stamped my passport with 2nd visit notation.

Maldives departure going to airport

Maldives departure going to airport

Maldives airport

going back to Colombo Airport for transit

going back to Colombo Airport for transit


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