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12 Divine Zodiac Generals, Ngong Ping Specials

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Out of curiosity, that's all! This is the reason why I have special post for this 12 new statues along the hallway  in the main entrance before Po lim Monastery, Lotus pond temple and the Big Buddha. I was just amazed how the Chinese zodiacs affect the basic lives of a typical people in dealing with astrology as guidance in future action. And for that, I was surprised there were army leaders based on this cultural principle.

The 12 Heavenly Generals protect and serve the Yakushi Nyorai (the Medicine Buddha). The twelve are Hindu Yasha who were later incorporated into Buddhism as protective warriors. Many say they represent the twelve vows of Yakushi; others say the 12 were present when the Historical Buddha introduced the "Healing Sutra;" yet others that they offer protection during the 12 daylight hours, or that they represent the 12 months and 12 cosmic directions, or the 12 animals of the 12-year Chinese zodiac. 

General Catura (Ox)

General Kimnara (tiger)

 General Makura (rabbit) at left and General Pajra (dragon) at right

General Catura (Ox) - represents 1am-3am armed with a sword.
General Kimnara (tiger) - represents 3am-5am armed with a rope.
General Makura (rabbit) - represents 5am-7am armed with an axe.
General Pajra (dragon) - represents 7am-9am armed with bow & arrow.

General Indra (snake) at left and General Sandira (horse) at right

General Anila (sheep)

General Andira (monkey)

General Indra (snake) - represents 9am-11am armed with a staff.
General Sandira (horse) - represents 11am-1pm armed with conch shell.
General Anila (sheep) - represents 1pm-3pm armed with an arrow.
General Andira (monkey) - represents 3pm-5pm of the day armed with a mallet.

General Mihira (rooster)at left and General Vajra (dog) at right

General Kumbhira (boar)

General Vikarala (rat)

General Mihira (rooster) - represents 5pm-7pm of the day armed with a vajra. 
General Vajra (dog) - represents 7pm-9pm armed with a sword.
General Kumbhira (boar) - represents 9pm-11pm armed with boarsword.
General Vikarala (rat) - 11pm-1am armed with a vajra

until evening in the peak tram to sky terrace 428


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