Thursday, April 05, 2012

Quirino - Isabela Morning Tour 1st part; Aglipay Caves

another flashpack trip for my province visited collection
december 19, 2011 monday

this trip was supposedly a 4 province tour; from quirino, to isabela, to nueva vizcaya and end up to nueva ecija. due to continuous rains occurred as early as 0300H and up to the lunch time, i have to postponed the other 2 remaining provinces.

I just researched the province's main tourist spot, itinery will just based on asking the locals. the knowledge i only have is the bus terminal heading to maddela, town in quirino province, is found in sampaloc, manila.

approx. 150m walking from highway to aglipay caves guide station

guide station before the cave

going to aglipay cave no.1

aglipay cave no.1

aglipay cave no.1

Quirino is a province located in the Cagayan Valley region in Luzon. Its capital is Cabarroguis and was named after Elpidio Quirino, the sixth President of the Philippines. Quirino used to be part of the province of Nueva Vizcaya, until it was separated in 1966.

aglipay cave no. 8 duck walk (literally)

entrance to aglipay cave no. 2 coming from no.8

tour guide entering aglipay cave no. 2 coming from no.8

Aglipay caves are consist of over 37 interlinked underground chambers, of which only 8 chambers have been explored and 4 of them is only accessible for tourist visit, plus camping facilities and modern accommodations. with entrance fee of very cheap php25, one can enter the 4 caves with resident guide. there is no standard service fee for the guide. however, you have to be very kind to them due they will provide lights necessary to navigate caves 1, 8, 2 and 3. as for me, i gave php300 for my entire visit (php25 for entrance fee and php275 for the guide fee). visit to the 4 caves can last up to 2 hours.

aglipay cave no. 3

aglipay cave no. 3 to exit, ladder of muddy and very slippery 26 steps

aglipay cave no. 3 exit

how to get there:
upon arrival of your bus to maddela terminal, you may visit 1st the maddela falls or the governor rapids which is just nearby. i didn't have the chance doing this due to freezing temperature and continuous rain. then, ride any van bound to isabela or opposite of the road going to maddela. fare is only php20 for an average of 20 minutes travel time.

Quirino-Isabela morning tour last part (calvary hills)


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