Monday, May 02, 2011

Visiting Southwestern Mindanao (Zamboanga City)

my 6th solo backpacking
november 28-30, 2011 friday to sunday

objective: to visit the best tourist spots that fits my taste and budget accordingly.
additional tasks: to explore basilan's nature wonder though reluctant due to its peace and order situation.

important note (zamboanga city);
The City of Zamboanga is a highly urbanized, independent and a chartered city located in Mindanao, Philippines. It is currently ranked as the 6th most populous city (947,020 estimated population as of 2010) and the 3rd largest by land area in the Philippines (1,483.3849/km2 (572.738/sq mi)). It is located at the southernmost tip of the Zamboanga Peninsula and is bounded in the north by the provinces of Zamboanga Sibugay and Zamboanga del Norte, in the west by the Sulu Sea, in the east by Sibuguey Bay, and in the south by the Basilan Strait.

zamboanga city hall at night

again, for the nth time, availed tickets from cebupac's piso promo fare, for only php158 round trip tickets. my departure flight was 230pm so i filed a half-day vacation leave in work, went home in boarding house for few minutes to get my packand zoom to airport terminal 3. 10 minues delayed on the departure time.


I arrived almostly exactly as what my printed electronic itinerary stated. Then went-off zamboanga city terminal and rode a multicab bound to pasonanca, my plan was to go for that famous boys scout camp and the tree house. along the way, i found a signboard that identifies the place as pasonanca park, i dropped myself there without asking the driver. instead, this was 'jardin the lobregat', pasonanca parks was subdivided among the cities, and this is the other part. so frustratedly, since that time was already 500pm, i decided to continue my search tomorrow. I went to the downtown to look for any cheapest hostel there for an overnight stay. Around 730pm, i check-in, bath, and have dinner outside. then, downtown stroll for some nightlife.

pasonanca tree house

pasonanca boy scout camp

pasonanca boy scout camp

pasonanca boy scout camp

as i stroll down the city, i entered a fast food and look closely to the landscape photo of the boys scout camp. i want to have this photo too, its uniqueness and like an american-indian style of camp makes me eager to have a snapshot of it. this will be my intial quest tomorrow. then, after dinner, i moved my wandering consciousness to the area of fort pillar and paseo del mar. of course, fort pillar is another spaniard-made structure like fort santiago in manila. paseo del mar is a plaza along the bay, and at night, it has full-pack of zamboangueno's due to its cheap food stalls to hang-out with. i jammed in an acoustic bar there and went home around 11pm.

going to abong-abong hills

abong-abong hills

zamboanga city port

around 6am i woke up, and rode a multicab again bound to the other part of pasonanca park. finally, i dit it the right way. I first saw the another signature landmark of this park, which is the tree house. on nearby area, is what i am longing to shoot, the boy scout campsite. 11 on each side, dark-green inverted-cone shape. there was also pace set for bonfire area. afterwards, i walked outside the park and look for the abong-abong hills. i rode a habal-habal to the foot of the mountain, have my walked to the cross on the top of the hill. it was really perspiring to go up there and not eating enough breakfast. but as i saw the cross especially it viewing deck, it pays the sweat i produced. as usual, the panoramic view of zamboanga city. after a series of photo-ops i decided to went back.

zamboanga's vinta

fort pillar at night

fort pillar at night


  1. Thank you for visiting. I'm from there (now in the Metro) and I've not written anything about our place as descriptive as you did. One day, I will --- mainly 'cause I'm jealous. Otherwise, I'd write 'cause I'd not want to miss the feel of home as things change while I'm gone. Kudos.


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