Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Best of Luzon Tourist Attraction (visited all 38 Provinces)

Mabuhay tayong mga Filipinong Manlalakbay para sa Turismo ng Pilipinas! ^_^

I have completely visited all 38 provinces in the Luzon region on my quest to sight-see and recognize entire 81 provinces of the Philippines' nature and man-made wondersLuzon is the largest and most economically and politically important island in the Philippines. It is also the name for one of the three island groups in the country and home to the capital city, Manila.

1. The island of Luzon is the 15th largest island in the whole world and the 7th in Asia with an area of 109,965 km².
2. Luzon is the 5th largest in the world with a population of over 46 million people and 3rd most densely populated island in the world with 538.9 people per km².
3. Some of the most popular and most active volcanoes in the country are located in Luzon such as Mount Mayon, Taal Volcano, Mount Bulusan, Didicas Volcano, Babuyan Claro, Deguey Volcano and the explosive Mount Pinatubo.
4. Central Luzon is the “rice granary of the Philippines” producing the largest quantity of rice in the archipelago. It ha a total land area of 11,000 km².
5. Sierra Madre, a mountain range in Luzon, is the longest in the Philippine archipelago. Its highest point is Mount Anacuao with an elevation of 1,849.83 meters.
6. The second largest province in the Philippines in terms of land area is Isabela in Cagayan Valley with an area of 12,556.8 km2.
7. The largest lake in the Philippines is located also in Luzon – Laguna de Bay. It has area of 949 km². This notable lake is drained by the Pasig River into Manila Bay.

Best of Luzon Tourist Attraction (visited all 38 Provinces)


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