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Capones Island (Unwavering Fondness to the Lighthouse)

san antonio, zambales
may 29-30, 2010 saturday to sunday

important note (capones lightouse):
Capones Island Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse located in Capones Grande Island off the coast of San Antonio, Pundaquit in the province of Zambales, in the Philippines. The light assists ships leaving and entering Subic Bay and Manila Bay. It has first-order lenses when it was first lit on August 1, 1890.

Part of the Coleman beach camp after nagsasa cove activities, Capones island was the next destination for the event (participants have this option to go there or just go directly to other side of the cove).

Our group split into two boats, Kiko, Alvin, and myself decided to take the 2nd. Since Alvin has this strong will to conquer the lighthouse above, this matter drives us to push it though organizers told that there were strong waves coming within the island.

view going to nagsasa cove

coleman beach camp 2010 in nagsasa cove

coleman beach camp 2010 in nagsasa cove

coleman beach camp 2010 in nagsasa cove (5th placer)

Following the not-so roller coaster ride with the waves, we finally arrive safely to the shores of Capones Island. We have been warned by the locals that the trail to lighthouse is not that manageable to take and we have only short amount of time to journey and stay there. For the three of us, these warnings were just add-ups to the excitement. Then we started to trek on the shore with strong waves coming to us every at least 5-sec count. We grabbed this opportunity ‘to stop and hop’ (just like in Mario bros. computer game). The trail was undoubtedly complicated that tourists who wished to see that architecture have to hire a local guide. Imagine the trekking that have no local assistance, limited time and no drinking water in a death-threatening cliffs and sea ravage. There were some co-participants along with us but unfortunately most of them backslide.

After exhausting couple of minutes, we almost forgot the near-death experience as we were fascinated by the rustic charms built decades ago. We were only 6 who made it among the beach camp participants who took the challenge. The difficulties felt before have gone instantly because of the cool ambiance, breath-taking view from the top, captivating scenery and over viewing the calmness of South China Sea. We explored, wandered and photo shoot on Faro (Lighthouse) de Punta Capones for almost 30 minutes. The name is derived from "alcatraces" the Spanish word for pelican. A centuries old lighthouse updated with and powered by solar panels stands steadily atop. Afterwards, we were revitalized to trek down, very much faster than before.

capones lighthouse

capones lighthouse

capones lighthouse scene at the viewing deck

We aboard the boat timely and brought fulfilling moments as we bid farewell to the adventure island. The hardships indeed paid-off, time will come this structure may only see in glossy pages of a history book. Matsalams Coleman beach camp organizers, Matsalams Alvin and Kiko!


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