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Mt. Makiling (1,090masl) Traverse Day-Hike (Sto. Tomas to Los Baños)

12-June-2016 Sunday in Sto. Tomas, Batangas to Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

Entry point: Sitio Jordan, Brgy. San Miguel, Sto. Tomas         Exit point: UP College of Forestry, Los Banos, Laguna
Elevations: Peak 1 (900masl), Peak 2 (1,090masl) and Peak 3 (1,020masl)
Hours / Days required: 5 to 8 hours (local guide is required)
Classification: major trek with difficulty level of 5/9 (roped segments)

Mt. Makiling Traverse Day-hike on wet season is my 2016's 2nd local major day-hike and my 2016's 6th local hike. This adventure is preceded by  Mt. Mariveles Range Traverse Extended Day-Hike just 2 weeks ago.


(1) There are 60 stations marked through-out the course. 30 stations from DENR Station (Sto. Tomas) ascending to Mt. Makiling summit (1,090masl) then another 30 stations from this summit descending to Makiling Gate (Los Baños).
(2) Lunch time can be done in Station 15, Peak 3 (1,020masl) is in Station 18, Summit is in Station 30 and Agila Base is in Station 11.
(3) Roped segments became more challenging starting from Melka Ridge (Haring Bato) up to trail before the Station 18 (Peak 3). It's like rock rappeling and good thing it was still sunny during our ascent or else it will become more dangerous and slippery during rainy hours.
(4) Lots of "limatik" (leech-type) in rainforest area especially in Stations 15 and 30, and descend trail to Agila Base. I have encountered 5 "limatik" on my raincoat/hand which I finger-stroke immediately and 1 full blood-sucked on my right lower leg.
(5) I think there is an average of 8 hours to finish the entire traverse (60 stations) from Sto. Tomas to Los Baños. We did it by around 7.75hours with rain fell hard after we reached the summit; having a very muddy, very slippery, "limatik"-infested trail on descent to Station 1.
(6) Motorbike back ride (habal-habal) can be availed on descent from Station 11 (Agila Base) to Station 1 (Makiling Gate) at Php100 one-way, around 5km semi off-road. This will save you to trek 1.5hr with 10 stations to skip. Jeep is available too for group.
(7) There are only 2 bathroom (1 each for male/female, PhP20 fee) at the Station 1 Makiling Gate so be there as early as possible to avoid the very long queue.

Mt. Makiling (1,090masl) Traverse Day-Hike (Station 30 Peak 2 Summit) 

Mt. Makiling (1,090masl) Traverse Day-Hike trail map via google earth

Mt. Makiling (1,090masl) Traverse Day-Hike trek starts in Sitio Jordan, Sto. Tomas, Batangas

Mt. Makiling (1,090masl) Traverse Day-Hike Sipit Trail trekking 

Mt. Makiling (1,090masl) Traverse Day-Hike water source 30mins from Station 1 in Sitio Jordan

Mt. Makiling (1,090masl) Traverse Day-Hike wildlife along the Sipit Trail

Mt. Makiling Day-Hike (Sto. Tomas to Los Baños Traverse)...
Budget 600 Inclusion (van service Cubao - Bataan - Cubao, all fees,  local guide fee). This  trip was an organized event posted in


June12 Sunday Independence Day
0200H ETD Home 42
0300H ETA Jollibee Farmers Cubao; breakfast & pack snacks 115
0500H ETD Cubao; payment for the event fee 600
0630H ETA Sitio Jordan, Nasugbu; DENR Registration
0700H Start Trek
1000H Station 15 lunch (lots of limatik around)
1030H Start Trek; Melkas Ridge (Haring Bato); trail on roped segments
1115H Station 18 Peak 3 (1,020masl)
1230H Station 30 Peak 2 Mt. Makiling summit (1,090masl); rain fell hard
1300H Start Trek (lots of limatik on the trail)
1415H Station 11 Agila Base; Rest and snacks 20
1500H ETD Agila Base
1545H Station 8 Ta​​yabak
1630H Station 1 Makiling Entrance; Wash-up and rest 20
1900H ETD Los Banos, Laguna; Mang Inasal dinner 131
2130H ETA Cubao 30

BUDGET COST: PhP600 (fixed rate) + PhP358 (snacks/miscellaneous) = PhP958

Mt. Makiling (1,090masl) Traverse Day-Hike Station 15 early lunch

Mt. Makiling (1,090masl) Traverse Day-Hike view from Melkas Ridge (Haring Bato)

Mt. Makiling (1,090masl) Traverse Day-Hike (roped segments to Peak 3)

Mt. Makiling (1,090masl) Traverse Day-Hike Station 18 (Peak 3)

Mt. Makiling (1,090masl) Traverse Day-Hike wildlife along the trail

Mt. Makiling (1,090masl) Traverse Day-Hike Station 11 Agile Base in Los Baños, Laguna


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