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Dapitan City Rizaliana Tour (lakbay rizal 4th leg)

what's with this provinces (my 10th solo backpacking)
august 13-15, 2011 saturday to monday

objective: to visit the best tourist spots that fits my taste and budget accordingly
additional task: to continue the lakbay rizal quest and explore what this provinces can offer at limited time

weekend journey to zamboanga peninsula
dipolog city hopping (lakbay rizal 4th part)
dakak beach resort day tour

this city is tagged as the shrine city of the philippines. the habal-habal i rode from dakak agreed to tour me also for all the rizaliana spots i requested, same rate nagotiated. most of these can be found within the dapitan plaza. i went first to rizal shrine which is along the way to dakak. no entrance fee and the security guard is the stamp authority who assisted me also on my photo-ops.

disembarco at sta. cruz beach at night

dapitan church at night

RIZAL SHRINE AND WATERWORKS - Rizal's estate during his exile in Dapitan, it houses replicas of structures he built there for himself, his family, pupils and patients including the Casa Residencia, Family Kitchen, Casa Redonda, Casa Quadrada, Casitas de Salud and Casa Redonda Pequena among many others. Dr. Rizal purchased the property with his prize from the Manila Lottery and his earnings as a farmer and merchant during his exile in Dapitan from July 17, 1892 to July 31, 1896. He also built a waterworks system which can still be found in the city.

rizal's room inside rizal shrine

inside rizal shrine, dapitan city

inside dapitan church

once more, the scariest phenomenon in lakbay-rizal quest, dapitan tourism office (stamp site) is closed. i seek help to the nearby police detachment but nothing happened. i sit infront of this ancestral house (tourism office, 100 meters away from dapitan plaza) and think of ways of having this 5 stamps. luckily again, one passer-by informed me that the personnel in charge is just residing 3 blocks away. after knowing that, faster than speeding bullet, i was inside the house of this personnel having my 5 stamps which he also brings at home. at 1300H, 8 stamps completed, took bus in the highway just 50 meters and left dapitan city with fulfillment.

DAPITAN PLAZA - A National Historical Landmark, the Dapitan Plaza was planned and beautified by Rizal during his exile. Acacia trees which he personally planted can still be found in the plaza.

SITE OF THE CASA REAL - The official residence and administration building of the politico-military governor of the district, Rizal lived there from July 17, 1892 to March 1893 before he was transferred to Talisay, now the Rizal Dapitan Shrine.

dapitan plaza

disembarco at sta. cruz beach by day

dapitan church by day

ancestral house of tourism office (stamp site)

DAPITAN CHURCH - Built in 1883, a historical marker can be found in the St. James Church of Dapitan in the exact spot where Rizal stood every Sunday during his exile from 1892 to 1896.

RELIEF MAP OF MINDANAO - A National Cultural Treasure, Rizal created this map as an aid in teaching history and geography to the locals.

SANTA CRUZ BEACH - On July 17, 1892, Rizal landed on Santa Cruz Beach at 7 p.m. with Captain Delgras and three artillery men. They walked through Sta. Cruz Street with a farol de combate to the Casa Real where he was presented to Don Ricardo Carnicero, the Spanish military governor of the area. A tableau was constructed in the site to commemorate Rizal's arrival in Dapitan.

region 9 stamps under black color

lakbay rizal update:
22 of 26 done... ncr, regions 3, 4 and 9 finished.

pagadian city on the go

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  1. Very nice! I hope I'll be given a chance to go there too and witness Rizal's history unfold through meeting his relics and creative works.

    I also love the geometric figures positioned in the ceiling of Dapitan Church :)


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