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Dubai Airport Arrival at Night and Bus Trip to Abu Dhabi

dubai - abu dhabi 2 days weekend solo backpacking
april 13-14, 2012 friday to saturday

abu dhabi city solo day tour


Airplane trip from kuwait international airport (UTC +300H) to dubai international airport (UTC +400H) took approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes travel time.

I arrived via kuwait airways flight number KU675 for an ID90 benefit. flight delayed by over 2 hours due to engine parameter problem. The management decided to transfer all passengers to another aircraft since troubleshooting cannot be done on time. And its my 1st time to experience this kind of scenario. Around 0230H we arrived in dubai international airport that has over kilometer walk to passport control. I went upstairs (infront of passport control) to pay my visa on arrival fee of 185 AED then proceed downstairs for iris scan. Then, I went back again upstairs for the final step which is the passport control by the Immigration Officer. Please do not underestimate this IO's beacuse they are strict more than I expected. during the interrogation, i replied confidently and disguise to know-it-all though most of my answers are not real, hehehe !! I did not book my accommodation, and 2nd, i just researched a hotel then used its name just to comply for the query that I expected to ask. There it goes, I had my visa stamp for my 11th country to visit.

kuwait airways check-in counter

where to pay the visa on arrival fee in dubai international airport

UAE visa on arrival fees

after visa payment, proceed to this lane

dubai metro card vendo machine infront
of terminal 1 gate


Bus trip from dubai international airport to al ghubaiba bus terminal (abu dhabi bound) will took a minimum of 20 minutes travel time.

Bus trip from Al ghubaiba bus terminal in dubai city to abu dhabu bus terminal will took an approximately 2 hours travel time.

arrival and departure is held in dubai international airport terminal 1. silver card red vendo machine for metro train and bus is available just infront of the gate. then the public bus waiting shed is located just right beside this vendo, around 50 meters away. Bus schedule is posted there and bus numers 42 and 33 are the ones that goes to al gubhaiba bus terminal. since its only past 0500H when I was there, local expats told me to just ride a bus # C1 which is arriving every 15 minutes. Just ask the driver to drop-off to bur dubai bus stop then walk to the al ghubaiba bus terminal by around 600 meters away. payment for the fare is not included in silver card so I went 1st to cashier booth and paid 25 AED. around 0555H, I made the earliest departure for the day going to abu dhabi city.
Bus schedule from dubai to abu dhabi starts to depart as early as 0555H and with last departure around 2300H. Fare costs 25 AED.

public bus waiting shed infront of dubai airport terminal 1 at 0500H

bus schedule from dubai airport going to
city proper

dubai (al ghubaiba) bus terminal going to abu dhabi

bus from dubai going to abu dhabi at 0600H

bus inside bound to abu dhabi


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