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4 Days Solo Trip in Uganda - Rwanda (East Africa)

sightseeing Uganda and Rwanda's best tourist attraction
June 23 to 27, 2017

I shall not be deterred by people who don’t see where the future of Africa lies. It is the short-sighted people who put their opinions in writing. They don’t understand that the future of all countries lies in processing,” - Museveni

My 52nd solo backpacking trip5th and 6th in African continent61 countries visited so far and somehow for the 1st time, I've spent a lot due to private and customize itinerary to fill-in my interest and maximize it on the holidays

Interesting Facts about Uganda: 
1. Uganda is the Tropical Fruit Basket of Africa
2. Uganda is home to over half of all Mountain Gorillas in the world 480 of them out of 880
3. Uganda is one of the safest, secure and most stable countries to visit in Africa

timezone - +0300H UTC;   capital - Kampala;   language - Swahili

currency - Shiling (UGX) 1 USD = 3,300 UGX
visa - Filipino's can apply for multiple-entry E-Visa for 90 days

Interesting Facts about Rwanda: 

1. Rwanda is also known as the Land of a Thousand Hills because mostly covered by rolling, grassy hills.
2. Rwanda is a leader of Gorilla tourism
3. Rwanda is the 4th smallest country on the African Continent

timezone - +0200H UTC;   capital - Kigali;   language - 

currency - Franc (RWF) 1 USD = 800 RWF
visa - Filipino's can apply for multiple-entry E-Visa for 90 days

4 Days Solo Trip in Uganda - Rwanda (Souvenir Fridge Magnet and Local Currency)

4 Days Solo Trip in Uganda - Rwanda (my tour guide and joyride on my entire trip)

4 Days Solo Trip in Uganda - Rwanda (East Africa) Route Map

4 Days Solo Trip in Uganda - Rwanda (local beers)

East Africa E-visa (Uganda) = $103
Abu Dhabi to Entebbe Return flight = $353
Total: $456

​Day 1 June 23, 2017 Friday

0850H ETD Abu Dhabi
1330H ETA Entebbe; Immigration (Passport, e-visa, yellow card)
1400H ETD Entebbe Airport; $1 = 3,300 UGX; $40 = 132,000 UGX
Tour package full payment = $1,700; KFC lunch take-out 20,000 UGX
Short Stop to the Equator line
2130H ETA White Horse Inn; Check-in and dinner
Total: 20,000 UGX + $1,700

Day 2 June 24, 2017 Saturday

0530H ETD White Horse Inn; tip 10,000 UGX
0715H ETA Bwindi Park Rushada Camp; Registration and Briefing
0830H ETD Ranger Office 1,850masl
1100H ETA Silverback Gorilla 2,250masl
1230H ETD Silverback Gorilla nest
1245H pack lunch break; trek back
1430H ETA Ranger Office; Gorilla Tracking Certificate; tip 25,000 UGX
1700H ETA Cyanika Border (Uganda - Rwanda); $1 = 800 RWF; $20 = 16,000 RWF
Immigration Office (Uganda Exit Stamp and Rwanda Entry Stamp)
1730H ETD Cyanika
1830H ETA Hotel Muhabura; Primus beer 1,200 RWF
Total: 35,000 UGX + 1,200 RWF

Day 3 June 25, 2017 Sunday

0630H ETD Hotel Muhabura; breakfast and packed snacks
0700H ETA Volcanoes National Park; Registration, permit and waiting for others
0930H Start hiking 2,700masl
1030H Junction 2,967masl
1230H Bisoke Crater Lake Summit 3,711masl; Lunch break / photo-ops
1300H ETD Crater Lake
1600H ETA Carpark; tip 6,000 RWF; Fridge magnet 2,000 RWF
1715H ETA Cyanika Border; Exchange 4,800 RWF = 19,000 UGX
Immigration Office (Rwanda Exit Stamp and Uganda Entry Stamp)
1800H ETD Cyanika Border
2100H ETA Bunyonyi Overland Resort; Nile beer 6,000 UGX
Total: 8,000 RWF + 6,000 UGX

Day 4 June 26, 2017 Monday

0700H breakfast
0800H Lake Bunyonyi boat cruising
0900H ETD Lake Bunyonyi; tip 20,000 UGX
1400H ETA Equator; lunch (matooke); Uganda Equator line stop; Fridge magnet 12,000 UGX
1445H ETD Equator
1600H ETA Victoria Guesthouse; Personal Guide Entire Tip 4days x $15 = $60 
Ice cream 14,400 UGX; Beer 15,000 UGX
Total: 61,400 UGX + $60

Day 0 June 27, 2017 Tuesday

0700H Breakfast; tip 13,600 UGX
0730H Airport drop-off; Children Orphanage Donation 10,000 UGX
1030H ETD Entebbe
Total: 13,600 UGX

TOTAL BUDGET : $456 + $1,700 + $60 + 122,400 UGX ($37) + 9,200 RWF ($11.5) = $2,264.5

4 Days Solo Trip in Uganda - Rwanda (my room in Hotel Muhabura)

4 Days Solo Trip in Uganda - Rwanda (my room in White Horse Inn)

4 Days Solo Trip in Uganda - Rwanda (my room in Buyonyi Overland Resort)

4 Days Solo Trip in Uganda - Rwanda (my room in Victoria Guesthouse)

I availed the service of 
Gecko Safaris and quoted the cheapest and compressed itinerary I requested. Planned and Actual Itinerary was exactly as above for $1,700 (one person). Package includes my Gorilla Tracking Permit, Mt. Bisoke Hike Permit, accommodation, all Meals as in, exclusive 4x4 drive transportation, English speaking Guide and Drinking Water. The package excludes all expenses of personal nature, air fare, Rwanda Visa, Luxury Drinks & laundry and Tips to local guides.


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