Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Solo Backpacker's Confession with Accomplished Bucket List Tasks

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” - Muhammad Ali

Solo backpacking is one of the most life-changing experience with definitely have an inspiring outcome. The journey you have will be your own and will depend very much on your motivations.

At first, traveling alone is indeed scary especially if you have tight budget to allot for. Since life without adventure is very boring, I gamble myself for that matter. In fact, I was too hesitant to do it but choice will not become a better decision (good or bad) unless trying it. Furthermore, maturity molds fast as you travel alone due you only depend on instincts and assessments made. On my case, I started this escapade last 2010 and a local online travel forum was my gateway to build that enough confidence. Since then, there was a huge difference who I was and I am very proud of those changes. Most of these are life-changing moment, it's like a light-version of "Into the Wild" movie thing. So my advise, start locally, then observe, contemplate and enjoy however you want it to be. All successful travelers are mostly on solo. Anyone interested in solo backpacking today has to challenge the leap of faith! Life without an adventure is very boring. In order to achieve something really great, you have to work hard for it ...
Furthermore, another trait of being a successful solo backpacker is because I am self-confessed introvert. Basically, an introvert is a person who is energized by being alone and whose energy is drained by being around other people. Among the best characteristics I enjoyed about being a lone traveler are; I enjoy solitude, I dislike conflict, free choice of words and I don’t normally like to take the lead, but will step up when no one else will. 

1. it is easy to follow itinerary
2. you will just only mind of yourself on any kind of situation
3. dealing others especially on tight budget is difficult for me to negotiate
4. my type of adventure may not be good for others to handle
5. I love the solitude of being in nature
6. decision-making makes maturity go faster on usual phase
7. you will see on wide perspective that the world has lot of wonders
8. life is very boring without something adventure did in your past
9. it makes you give a lot of enlightenment in dealing personal problems

The feeling of doing it alone has also undesirable effects. Some point on the road, you will need someone to talk about something without an effort to explain further, share the laugh and excitement, showcase how you really feel, someone to take your photo and in case of emergency. In my honest viewpoint, I just want to do Solo Backpacking for the fact that I am just a loner and I am someone who does not dare to ask anything for a travelmate beyond my control. I travel alone because I want to escape the reality for the moment, feel the world as I know it, assess my limits as a person and a soul-searching act.

90th winter 2020 31-Jan 4-Jan 5 United States 2 $711
89th summer 2020 24-Jan 30-Jan 7 Uruguay - Chile $1,302
88th rainy 2020 10-Jan 11-Jan 2 Comoros $460
87th summer 2019 11-Oct 12-Oct 2 Afghanistan $615
86th summer 2019 6-Sep 7-Sep 2 Azerbaijan $288
85th summer 2019 22-Nov 30-Nov 9 Antarctica $4,613
84th winter 2019 15-Nov 2-Dec 9 Argentina $1,397
83rd summer 2019 1-Nov 2-Nov 2 Bhutan $1,365
82nd summer 2019 25-Oct 26-Oct 2 Bangladesh $440
81st summer 2019 30-Aug 31-Aug 2 Cape Verde $508
80th summer 2019 23-Aug 24-Aug 2 Djibouti $315
79th summer 2019 26-Jul 27-Jul 2 Pakistan $353
78th summer 2019 11-Jul 16-Jul 6 United States 1 $1,589
77th summer 2019 5-Jul 10-Jul 6 Turkmenistan - Kazakhstan $946
76th summer 2019 25-Jun 29-Jun 5 Western Africa 1 $927
75th summer 2019 7-Jun 8-Jun 2 Mozambique $420
74th summer 2019 31-May 1-Jun 2 Uzbekistan $314
73rd summer 2019 25-Jan 30-Jan 6 Samoa - Cairns - Papua New Guinea $1,751
72nd rainy 2019 11-Jan 12-Jan 2 Madagascar $515
71st winter 2019 4-Jan 5-Jan 2 Tunisia $309
70th summer 2018 26-Dec 28-Dec 3 Zimbabwe - Zambia $786
69th winter 2018 14-Dec 14-Dec 1 Qatar $262
68th summer 2018 4-Dec 8-Dec 5 Fiji - Vanuatu $845
67th winter 2018 16-Nov 18-Nov 3 Ethiopia $371
66th rainy 2018 9-Nov 10-Nov 2 Mauritius $290
65th rainy 2018 2-Nov 3-Nov 2 Seychelles $683
64th rainy 2018 8-Oct 13-Oct 5 Brazil $1,105
63rd summer 2018 21-Sep 22-Sep 2 Cyprus - Bahrain $464
62nd summer 2018 13-Sep 16-Sep 3 Monaco - Albania - Macedonia - Kosovo $616
61st summer 2018 7-Sep 8-Sep 2 Malta - San Marino $428
60th summer 2018 31-Aug 1-Sep 2 Bosnia & Herzergovina - Montenegro $452
59th summer 2018 12-Jun 16-Jun 5 North Korea $1,952
58th winter 2018 8-Jun 11-Jun 4 Australia (1st) $1,016
57th spring 2018 20-Apr 25-Apr 5 Kyrgyzstan - Tajikistan $675
56th summer 2018 6-Feb 10-Feb 4 South Africa (Cape Town) $823
55th rainy 2017 3-Dec 7-Dec 4 Timor Leste (East Timor) $535
54th rainy 2017 21-Sep 23-Sep 2 Phuket, Thailand $432
53rd summer 2017 25-Aug 5-Sep 11 Russia $1,581
52nd summer 2017 23-Jun 27-Jun 4 Uganda - Rwanda $2,265
51st winter 2017 17-Mar 18-Mar 2 Jebel Shams, Oman  625 AED 
50th winter 2017 8-Feb 8-Feb 1 Jebel Jais, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE  255 AED 
49th rainy 2016 06-Jun 13-Jun 7 Panay Island ₱8,490
48th summer 2016 7-May 7-May 1 Mt. Balagbag, Rizal ₱190
47th winter 2016 17-Feb 20-Feb 3 Brunei $283
46th winter 2016 23-Nov 16-Feb 86 Nepal $2,529
45th winter 2015 19-Nov 23-Nov 5 Malaysia (3rd) $174
44th winter 2015 8-Nov 14-Nov 7 Iran $416
43rd summer 2015 10-Jun 2-Jul 23 Germany - Liechtenstein - Slovenia - Croatia - Serbia - Bulgaria - Romania - Hungary - Slovakia - Poland - Lithuania - Estonia - Latvia - Denmark $2,503
42nd summer 2015 11-Mar 11-Mar 1 Minalungao National Park ₱1,007
41st winter 2015 20-Feb 26-Feb 7 Mainland China (2nd) $1,231
40th winter 2015 15-Feb 19-Feb 4 Mongolia $766
39th winter 2014 10-Dec 13-Dec 3 Gibraltar $1,107
38th winter 2014 5-Dec 10-Dec 5 United Kingdom (3rd)
37th autumn 2014 3-Oct 6-Oct 3 United Kingdom (2nd) $775
36th rainy 2014 7-Aug 13-Aug 6 Mt. Fuji (3,776masl), Japan (2nd) $1,015
35th rainy 2014 2-Aug 5-Aug 3 Bali, Indonesia $524
34th winter 2014 14-Jul 21-Jul 8 Mt. Kilimanjaro (5,895masl), Tanzania $2,885
33rd winter 2014 11-Jul 13-Jul 3 Masai Mara Safari, Kenya
32nd summer 2014 7-Jul 10-Jul 4 Turkey $673
31st summer 2014 3-Jul 6-Jul 4 Morocco $426
30th summer 2014 27-Jun 3-Jul 6 United Kingdom (1st) $1,545
29th summer 2014 25-Feb 1-Mar 4 Sri Lanka - Maldives $1,186
28th summer 2014 2-Feb 7-Feb 4 Myanmar $558
27th winter 2014 27-Jan 1-Feb 4 Republic of Georgia $706
26th winter 2013 2-Nov 10-Nov 7 Israel $1,317
25th autumn 2013 10-Oct 2-Nov 23 France - Switzerland - Luxembourg - Belgium - Netherlands - Germany - Czech Republic - Austria - Italy - Vatican $5,070
24th summer 2013 28-May 4-Jun 7 Japan (1st) $1,318
23rd summer 2013 24-May 28-May 3 Mt. Kinabalu (4,092masl), Malaysia $538
22nd winter 2013 21-Feb 24-Feb 3 Armenia $903
21st winter 2013 24-Jan 1-Feb 7 Mainland China(1st) $1,174
20th winter 2012 25-Oct 30-Oct 5 Egypt $974
19th rainy 2012 4-Aug 9-Aug 5 Eastern Mindanao ₱8,145
18th summer 2012 15-Jun 17-Jun 3 Lebanon $607
17th summer 2012 17-May 19-May 2 India $1,135
16th summer 2012 12-Apr 14-Apr 2 United Arab Emirates $474
15th rainy 2011 23-Dec 26-Dec 2 Boracay Island ₱5,770
14th rainy 2011 19-Dec 19-Dec 1 Quirino - Isabela ₱1,519
13th winter 2011 4-Dec 7-Dec 3 Hongkong - Macau (1st) $348
12th rainy 2011 24-Sep 25-Sep 2 Iloilo - Dumaguete - Cebu ₱5,600
11th rainy 2011 24-Aug 1-Sep 7 Vietnam - Cambodia - Laos $441
10th rainy 2011 13-Aug 15-Aug 3 Dipolog - Dapitan - Pagadian ₱3,463
9th summer 2011 4-Feb 7-Feb 3 Camiguin - Cagayan deo Oro - Bukidnon ₱6,493
8th rainy 2011 19-Jan 22-Jan 2 Singapore - Malaysia $422
7th rainy 2011 31-Dec 1-Jan 2 Puerto Galera, Misamis Occidental ₱1,943
6th rainy 2010 26-Nov 28-Nov 3 Zamboanga City - Basilan ₱2,719
5th rainy 2010 11-Nov 14-Nov 3 Tacloban-Sogod-Calbiga-Ormoc ₱3,004
4th rainy 2010 2-Oct 4-Oct 3 Ozamiz - Iligan City ₱2,655
3rd rainy 2010 4-Jun 8-Jun 3 Thailand $368
2nd rainy 2010 18-Feb 20-Feb 2 Cagayan Province  I forgot 
1st rainy 2009 31-Dec 31-Dec 1 Cavinti, Laguna  I forgot 

“The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been before.” - Albert Einstein

Bucket list is a list of things to do before you die and comes from the term "kicked the bucket". It is also a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. The best way to create a list is to research other awesome lists to generate better ideas.

* Hiked the 3 Himalayas famous trekking routes on self-guided basis; Everest Base Camp (5,550masl), Annapurna Circuit (5,416masl) and Lantang Valley (4,4473masl) of Nepal (2016).
* Revisited Europe for the 3rd time in  Summer Central, South to North for 14 countries (2015)
* Experienced hottest temperature of 51'C in Kuwait (2012) and coldest temperature of -23'C in Mongolia (2015)


  1. galeng-galeng!!!!!

    more pa, dude.

  2. wow, i totally love your travel escapades, kuya! i'm starting to get envious, jk.

    my friend spoke so much about your travel trips, sooo cool, indeed!i hope i can visit all the places u posted.u should have an fb fanpage too! u have a very interesting & helpful blogs.
    thumbs up!

  3. they're chen&ylen
    i don't know if u know them personally
    they just shared your iti. for batanes coz i'm planning to go there

    btw, pano mo nagagawang mag-travel at low-price airfare?may kakilala ka ba sa loob ng airlines? ipakilala mo naman ako ...hehehe or magaling ka lang mag-abang ng promo?

  4. Nicely done... Tagal ko na rin gustong gawin yung ganyan, to travel sana sa asia lang muna, pwede ba kita gawing tutor... Hehe, ask ko nga pala, diba locally di ka na nag checheck-in ng baggage para makatipid? Pano yung mga perfume or any liquid containing handcarried items, ina allow na ba nila ngayon ulit? Im planning to go to my province sa zamboanga particularly pagadian. Promo kasi and it's only for php308 roundtrip! sobrang mura, iniisip ko lang pede pa bang dalin ang isang bag na kasya sa overhead then isang bag na for laptop? Ayoko na magcheckin luggage kc hassle saka additional bayad pa... Hehehe

    Anyways, saludo ako sa iyo sir, binabasa ko mga articles mo rito and plan to do a singapore-malaysia trip to... hehehe Advice din po or tips ah. Concern ko rin lang kc sa international travel, kahit na walang visa needed yung country na pupuntahan eh baka kung anu ano tanong sa imigration then di ko masagot... balak ko kasi na nde na ipaalam sa family ko... Strict ang parents eh...

    More power to you, Ciao!


  5. Wow!!! what an amazing and extraordinary climbs you have and most of them are international. You are so rich, indeed, with so much funding for the climbs.

    1. @Benedict; I'm NOT rich with so much funding, I'm just an ordinary corporate slave. Its just that I dreamed to visit this places and saved a lot to fulfill this dreams.

  6. Wow, Nakaka inspire ka sir. I always wanted to do solo backpacking, but natatakot ako to take the risk na maubusan ng financial resources during the trip. :(

    1. Salamat po Rommel. Budget lang tayo dude, let's live our life that we want to remember before it's too late.


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