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7 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Uruguay - Chile

visiting the Montevideo, Santiago, Patagonia, Atacama and Easter Island
January 24 to 30, 2020

My 89th solo backpacking trip3rd and 4th country to visit in South America continent109th and 110th country visited on my journey beyond #lakbay100 and of course and usual budget do-it-yourself itinerary from arrival to departure. I did not research that much for this country due also on limited time and laziness.

Another Summer LatAm adventure awaits in 2020. Chile multiple entry tourist visa approved in less than a week processing online. LatAm adventure together with Chile; Uruguay multiple entry tourist visa valid for 6 months approved in less than 2 weeks. #chile #uruguay #southamerica #livealifeyouwillremember

The name Uruguay means river of the colorful birds. It is a word in Guarani that was spoken by the natives of the area. Often called the Switzerland of South America not for geographical features but for a stable democracy and social benefits such as free education, but mostly due to a developed financial sector based on bank secrecy.

Prior to arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century, northern Chile was under Inca rule while the indigenous Mapuche inhabited central and southern Chile. Other indigenous tribes existed in the southern part (Tehuelche, Yagan, etc.,) but many of them died due to diseases and warfare, or were mixed with the European immigrants. Although Chile declared independence in 1810, decisive victory over the Spanish was not achieved until 1818, thanks to a joint attack with Rioplatense forces.

7 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Uruguay - Chile

7 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Uruguay - Chile

7 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Uruguay - Chile

7 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Uruguay - Chile

timezone - UTC -0300H    capital - Montevideo    language - Spanish    currency - Peso (UYU)
visa - need to apply first before travel - multiple entry for 3 months (applied in Abu Dhabi, UAE)
Requirements: (1) completely filled-up application form (2) passport color copy (3) UAE Residence Visa color copy (4) 1pc passport size photo (5) Bank statement last 3 months (6) Employment certificate (7) Flight reservation (8) Hotel reservation (9) send items #1 to #8 to (10) Processing time is almost 2 weeks after the interview (my case). 

1. Uruguay Is South America’s Second Smallest Country
2. Uruguay Has The World’s Longest National Anthem
3. The World’s “Humblest Head Of State” Is From Uruguay
4. Uruguay Is The Least Corrupt Country In Latin America

timezone - UTC -0300H, Easter Island (UTC -500H) capital - Santiago language - Spanish currency - Peso (CLP)
visa - need to apply first before travel - multiple entry for 3 months (applied in Abu Dhabi, UAE)

1. Atacama desert in North Chile is the highest and driest desert in the world
2. Chile is a wine capital of the world
3. Chile has around 500 active volcanoes.
4. Chile is penguin country.

7 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Uruguay - Chile

7 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Uruguay - Chile


Uruguay Tourist Visa Multiple Entry 156 AED
Flights Chile - Uruguay 3,175 AED (2,540AED BDO)
Punta Arenas - Puerto Natales bus 14,800 CLP ($20)
Hostel bookings 177 AED ($48) payment on arrival
Subtotal: 3,552 AED ($970) + $20

Day 1: January 24, 2020 Friday / Flight to Montevideo
0430H ETD Abu Dhabi Bus Terminal; bus to Dubai
0600H ETA Dubai; taxi to Terminal 3
0905H ETD Dubai UTC +0400H; flight EK261
1720H ETA Sao Paolo UTC -0300H; 5.5hr transit
2300H ETD Sao Paolo; flight LA8030
Subtotal: 0

Day 2: January 25, 2020 Saturday / Uruguay day trip
0145H ETA Montevideo UTC -0300H; Exchange $1=27, $60=1,620 UYU
0510H ETD Montevideo Airport; bus (2hrs) 325
0710H ETA Punta del Este; breakfast 235; The Fingers, Great Britain Square
0845H ETD Punta del Este; bus (20mins) 86
0910H ETA Punta Ballena; walk to Museo Casapueblo
1100H ETD Punta Ballena; bus to Montevideo 291
1300H ETA Montevideo; walk to Plaza Independencia, Palacio Salvo, Solis Theater
1500H back to Montevideo bus station; Mcdo snacks 300; fridge magnet 150
1600H ETD Montevideo; bus ticket to airport 215
1630H ETA Montevideo Airport
1857H ETD Montevideo; flight LA409
2130H ETA Santiago; Centropuerto/Turbus; Exchange $1=770, $30=21,000 CLP (w/ commission)
Centropuerto bus to Los Heroes stn 1,900; walk to hostel
Hostal Yungay (Sta. Ana metro) $9; Bought local sim card 2GB (7days) 3,000
Subtotal: 1,620 UYU + 4,900 CLP + $9

Day 3: January 26, 2020 Sunday / Santiago & Valparaiso day trip
0700H Plaze de Armas, Metropolitan Cathedral; breakfast 5,000 / Exchange $200 = 154,000 CLP
1100H ETD La Moneda stn
1135H ETD Pajaritos stn; Pullman bus 5,000
1300H ETA Valparaiso; short walk tour; late lunch 3,900
1500H ETD Valparaiso; Turbus 5,400
1630H ETA Pajaritos; metro to Hostel
1745H ETD Santiago (Los Heroes); bus 1,900
1830H ETA Santiago airport; snacks 4,000
2037H ETD Santiago; flight LA081
2359H ETA Punta Arenas
Subtotal: 25,200 CLP

Day 4: January 27, 2020 Monday / Patagonia day hike
Sleep in airport; Refreshments 4,700
Round-trip bus ticket to Puerto Natales (online purchase is cheaper, busfernandez) 14,800
0730H ETD Punta Arenas airport; bus (20mins late)
1010H ETA Puerto Natales Rodoviario bus station; snacks 6,500
Puerto Natales walk tour (La Mano, Central)
1430H ETA Puerto Natales Rodoviario bus station
1700H ETA Punta Arenas; Plaza Armas
1815H ETD Punta Arenas; shuttle 5,000
1840H ETA Punta Arenas airport
2010H ETD Punta Arenas; flight LA284
2300H ETA Santiago; 7hr transit (sleep in airport)
Subtotal: 16,200 CLP

Day 5: January 28, 2020 Tuesday / Atacama day trip (Birthday tour)
0702H ETD Santiago; flight LA114
0830H ETA Atacama (CPO); incorrect airport
1020H ETD Atacama; flight H2221 (snacks 4,500)
1145H ETA Santiago; book for correct flights
1245H ETD Santiago; flight 154
1448H ETA Calama CJC; shuttle to San Pedro 20,000 roundtrip
1630H ETA San Pedro (1.5hr); bike rental + water 3,000; Death Valley / Moon Valley short visit
1745H ETD San Pedro; shuttle to airport
1900H ETA Calama airport; flight delayed with email
birthday dinner treat 11,000
Subtotal: 38,500 CLP

Day 6: January 29, 2020 Wednesday / Easter Island afternoon hike
0045H ETD Calama CJC; flight LA351
0249H ETA Santiago; 6hr transit (sleep in airport)
0930H ETD Santiago; flight LA841
1245H ETA Easter Island UTC -0500H; walk to hostel (1km)
Hostal Vaihere 23,000; buy food/drinks + bike rental 6,000 + 12,000
1315H Easter island self-guided bike tour
Ahu Tongariki / Rano Ranaku (20km); Ahu Vinapu (18km)
1815H ETA Hostel; dinner/snacks 17,000; souvenir 11,000
Subtotal: 69,000 CLP

Day 7: January 30, 2020 Thursday / Easter Island morning trip
0730H Wake-up; start biking
0800H Hike start; Orongo Trail / 3.7km (250m)
0900H Rano Kau Volcano viewpoint (630masl)
0915H Orongo; souvenirs 15,000
1000H trail back to starting point; bike return
1200H ETA Hostel; refreshments 6,800
1300H ETA Easter Island airport
1445H ETD Easter Island UTC -0500H; flight LA842
2125H ETA Santiago UTC -0300H; 6hr transit
Subtotal: 21,800 CLP

TOTAL: 4,900 + 25,200 + 16,200 + 38,500 + 69,000 + 21,800 = 175,600 CLP ($240) + 1,620 UYU ($63) + 3,552 AED ($970) + $29 = $1,302

7 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Uruguay - Chile


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