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Trans-Siberia Train Ride; Moscow to Vladivostok in 6 Days (7 Time Zones)

12 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Russia (Trans-Siberia Train Ride)
August 25 to September 05, 2017

"Trans-Siberian is not just a railway, it’s an experience, a condensed version of life in somewhat extreme but comfortable and even amazing setting. That’s why TransSib is something people want to do at least once in their life: it’s comparable to climbing a mountain or going to a meditation retreat. Except that in the case of Trans-Siberian railway the adventure is aided by infrastructure, it also has several degrees of comfort (a brief hello from capitalism), and is not a solitary but a truly collective experience – a very 21-st century way of engaging into a spiritual quest. "

Important NoteIf you make the Trans-Siberian route by train and sleep on it, the train ticket would be equivalent to the visa registration (always keep your ticket in handy).

Trans-Siberia Train Ride Tips before and during the Once-in-a-Lifetime Journey;

Where to Book the Cheapest Ticket of your Trans-Siberia Once-in-a-Lifetime Journey;

In my case, evening upon confirmation of my Russia tourist visa, I booked my one-way non-stop ride ticket from Moscow to Vladivostok (6 straight days) which was around 2 weeks before the Moscow departure. The available open slot in 3rd class was only 11 (1 on lower which I availed), 5 open slot in 2nd class while 2 in 1st class (summer season is peak season).

Trans-Siberia Train Ride; Moscow to Vladivostok  in 6 Days (train stop)

Trans-Siberia train ticket one-way (Moscow - Vladivostok) booked online

Trans-Siberia Train Ride; Moscow to Vladivostok  in 6 Days (provodnitsa verifying the tickets)


Trans-Siberia Day 0: August 25, 2017 Friday (UTC +0300H)
2345H ETD Moscow UTC +0300H

Trans-Siberia Day 1: August 26, 2017 Saturday (UTC +0300H to +0500H)
1207H Kirov (​​15 mins stop); Snacks 530 Rubles
1637H Balezino (25 mins stop) UTC +0400H
2151H Perm (20 mins stop) UTC +0500H

Trans-Siberia Day 2: August 27, 2017 Sunday (UTC +0500H to +0600H)
0802H Tyumen (20 mins stop)
1211H Ishim (12 mins stop) UTC +0600H; Whole Roasted Chicken 350 Rubles
1635H Omsk (19 mins stop)
2105H Barabinsk (30 mins stop); Snacks 240 Rubles

Trans-Siberia Day 3: August 28, 2017 Monday (UTC +0700H)
0100H Novosibirsk (21 mins stop) UTC +0700H
1248H Krasnoyarsk (22 mins stop)
1719H Ilanskaya (22mins stop); Snacks 372 Rubles

Trans-Siberia Day 4: August 29, 2017 Tuesday (UTC +0800H to +0900H)
0156H Zima (30 mins stop) UTC +0800H
0718H Irkutsk (29mins stop) (Lake Baikal)
1425H Ulan Ude (22 mins stop) (Trans-Mongolia)
2013H Khilok (21 mins stop) UTC +0900H; Snacks 138 Rubles

Trans-Siberia Day 5: August 30, 2017 Wednesday (UTC +0900H)
0055H Chita (25 mins stop) (Trans-Manchuria); Snacks 292 Rubles
0821H Chernish Zab (30 mins stop)
1815H Er Pavlov (21 mins stop)

Trans-Siberia Day 6: August 31, 2017 Thursday (UTC +0900H to +1000H)
0706H Belogorsk (30 mins stop)
1339H Oblutch'e (15 mins stop); Snacks 346 Rubles
1904H Khabarovsk (30 mins stop) UTC +1000H
2122H Vyazemskaya (15 mins stop)

Trans-Siberia Day 0: September 01, 2017 Friday (UTC +1000H)
0655H ETA Vladivostok UTC +1000H

Trans-Siberia Train Ride; Moscow to Vladivostok  in 6 Days (my lower bed)

Trans-Siberia Train Ride; Moscow to Vladivostok  in 6 Days (3rd class coach)

Trans-Siberia Train Ride; Moscow to Vladivostok  in 6 Days (the toilet)

​IMPORTANT NOTES IN TRANS-SIBERIA JOURNEY (August 25 to September 01, 2017):

1. Train departs ON-TIME
2. Train departs in respect to Moscow time (UTC +0300H) regardless of local time and will passed through 7 time zones in 6 days. The journey is a body clock challenge.
3. I bought my food (noodles, fruit, drinks) during the train station stops. Prices are reasonable, sometimes even cheap. Be very cautious on the train stop duration, longest is 30mins and very seldom. Again, train departs on-time.
4. I booked my sleeper bed in 3rd class (platzkart) nonstop (6days) from Moscow to Vladivostok 2 weeks before my intended schedule at 16,636 Rub ($287). Only 1 lower bed remaining that time, Aug-Sep months are peak season.
5. Payment in platzkart includes 2 sets of bedsheets and pillowcase, 1 blanket, 1 face towel, 1 glass and unlimited hot water.
6. No english-speaking Russians during my journey (even the Provodnitsa); tourists I've met can't communicate that well also.
7. Best views can be seen after Lake Baikal (Day4 to Day6)
8. Bring powerbank with high storage. Electrical outlets are only available in toilet area.
9. Local sim card is a must if you want to keep updated online (bought mine in airport - MTC sim prepaid package 10GB 350sms 350calls for 700 Rub / $13). 4G signal is only available in train station stops. Almost no signal during the cruise.
10. No shower available in the train.
11. Boredom attacks all the time. Bring books or anything to read.  
12. Trans-Siberia train journey is very, very safe (I'm a Solo Backpacker).

Trans-Siberia Train Ride; Moscow to Vladivostok  in 6 Days (train stop souvenirs)

Trans-Siberia Train Ride; Moscow to Vladivostok  in 6 Days (train stop)

Trans-Siberia Train Ride; Moscow to Vladivostok  in 6 Days (Lake Baikal - World's Deepest Lake)

Trans-Siberia Train Ride; Moscow to Vladivostok  in 6 Days (sightseeing in the train window)

Trans-Siberia Train Ride; Moscow to Vladivostok  in 6 Days (longest bridge passed-by)

Vladivostok Short Morning Tour


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