Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a 2-Days Trip in Singapore - Malaysia!

amazing quick journey of a budget DIY 1st-timer / solo backpacker
January 19 to 22, 2011

objective: to visit the best tourist spots that fits my taste and budget accordingly.
additional tasks: to conquer the G-MAX reverse bungee jump and witness thaipusam festival

1. You can find the national anthem in microtext on the back of the $1000 note.
2. Singapore has the biggest Yakult bottles in Southeast Asia
3. There were no lions in this Lion City
4. Singapore is one of three surviving city-states in the world
5. Singapore has changed our timezone 6 times since 1905
6. Apart from Monaco, Singapore is the most densely populated country in the world, with 6,430 people per square kilometre.

timezone -  +0800H UTC capital - Singapore
currency - Singapore Dollar (SGD), 1SGD = 35PHP, 1USD = 1.23SGD
basic phrases - Terima Kasih (thank you), Selamat Datang (welcome)
visa (for filipino) - tourist visa-free at 30-days

budget pocket money allocated

Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia. Founded as a British trading colony in 1819, since independence it has become one of the world's most prosperous countries and boasts the world's busiest port. Singapore is a small island country, with a population size of over 5.5 million people it is a fairly crowded city, second only to Monaco as the world's most densely populated country. Singapore is a microcosm of Asia, populated by Chinese, Malays, Indians, and a large group of workers and expatriates from all across the globe.

I booked via promo fare last September 2010 and finished itinerary researching last December compressing all tourist spots that I'd like to see in just 2 days. This is one of my major requirement so that upon arriving there i know where will i head next though I do not understand fully what I did especially MRT stations and bus destinations. Together with this firm itinerary, I printed Malaysia mrt map, because Singapore maps are free in the arrival area of Changi International Terminal 2.

planning in Mcdo Changi Terminal 2 branch

inside Changi terminal

first exit going to downtown

I bought Singaporean dollar 20sgd + 150usd that totals php13,600 (total estimated amount of alloted budget for the entire 2 days). I brought also extra pocket money just in case but its in php. i don't own any credit cards by the way. I have my favorite snacks and water inside my backpack so that while on travel I have something to eat. For sure, my appetite will drop due to hurrying for the next trips. This is like an amazing race, to fulfill every items I want at a limited time.

I verified all my needed documents like e-ticket, passport, and itinerary copy. I have printed extra copy of e-ticket and itinerary for emergency. This is a must especially if your destination is outside the country with only yourself as your comrade.

 Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Skypark at 6am

our beloved national hero in Singapore park infront of the river

early morning stroll down

In NAIA Inernational Terminal 3:
I paid php1,620 for travel tax + php750 terminal fee = php2,370 (addt'l on php13,600 above, total of php16,000). this is it, our super friendly pinoy immigration officer (IO). They asked when will I go back, I was suddenly at mental block that time, delayed but correctly replied. And since i have my tripod inside my handcarry backpack, I was nervous when it reaches the x-ray machine. Guess what, yippee, they did not noticed it, hehehe ! if you are in Singapore Airport it is really ok to hand-carry a tripod even if you put it on your shoulder. Terminal rules are very sensitive in our own beloved airport. I also bring with me my Canon Powershot A3100 digicam.

Records set for this event: this will be my 1st time...
1. to go abroad alone on 2 countries
2. to have a very jampack itinerary squeeze into 2 days only

Merlion, Singapore's signature icon

Marina Bay overlooking MBS Skypark, Merlion Park and Arts & Science Museum

Anyways, I divided this wonderful journey into different set of posts to be more specific on its content;


  1. sir bilib ako sa inyo, in 2 days nacover nyo sa itinerary ang mga must see places ng sg at kl. sa 4 days namin dun, medyo kinapos kami at marami kaming hindi napuntahan.

  2. thanks big time for sharing this blog..sg-kl kami by june 14-16..kaya pala ng 2days!..panalo

  3. wow! nice blog! been to singapore 2008. ang laki ng pagbabago super! tnk u for sharing :-D

  4. wow. thanks so much for this very detailed IT. we'll be there by June. God bless travel bloggers like you! Ü

  5. where did you stay in SG? ayoko ko na ma back read sa iba pages ng PEX hehe ill follow ur itinerary..

  6. wow, visiting major tourist attractions of 2 countries in just 2 days, am impressed! :)

  7. nakakatuwa basahin. very informative lalo na sa costs at expenses. unbelievable how you managed with only php13,600 for 2 days in SG. a well planed itinerary indeed! keep it up and we follow :)


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