8 Days Self-Guided Budget Summer Europe Trip with My Mother

Spain - Andorra - Portugal (Lisbon) - Vatican - Italy (Rome)
August 18 to 25, 2018

23 Days Solo Autumn Experience in Central Europe (Oct. 2013)

23 Days Solo Summer Adventures in Central, Southern and Northern Europe (Jun. 2015)

"Those who look for the laws of Nature as a support for their new works collaborate with the creator." - Antoni Gaudi

My 5th time to visit the European continent following the 12 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Russia (Trans-Siberia Train Ride) last August 2017 and 3rd time for Schengen Adventure following the Germany-applied visa for Summer Solo Trip last June 2015, 2nd trip with my mother abroad following the Winter Japan last Feb. 2015, total of 71 countries visited so far (total of 29 in Europe) and of course, usual budget do-it-yourself itinerary from arrival to departure.

Schengen Area guarantees free movement within territory of 26 countries. As of 19th of December 2011, Schengen Area consist of 26 countries (of which 22 are EU states): BelgiumCzech RepublicDenmarkGermanyEstonia, Greece, Spain, FranceItalyLatviaLithuaniaLuxembourgHungary, Malta, NetherlandsAustriaPoland, Portugal, SlovakiaSlovenia, Finland and Sweden along with Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Being part of the area without controls at internal borders means that these countries no longer carry-out border checks at their internal borders and have stepped-up controls at the external borders. 


timezone - UTC +0200H    capital - Madrid    language - Spanish    currency - Euro (EUR)
visa - Philippine passport holders need to apply first before travel

8 Days Self-Guided Budget Summer Europe Trip with My Mother

8 Days Self-Guided Budget Summer Europe Trip with My Mother (Madrid, Spain)

8 Days Self-Guided Budget Summer Europe Trip with My Mother (Bilbao, Spain)

8 Days Self-Guided Budget Summer Europe Trip with My Mother (Barcelona, Spain)

8 Days Self-Guided Budget Summer Europe Trip with My Mother (Valencia, Spain)

8 Days Self-Guided Budget Summer Europe Trip with My Mother (Seville, Spain)



9-Days Insurance Applied for me and my mother (both of us) - 128.9 AED
All Hostel accommodation booking confirmation (both of us) - 1,674.2 AED
Spain Visa application in Abu Dhabi (visa fee/BLS charge/biometrics/courier) - 362.8 AED
Spain Visa application in Philippines (visa fee/BLS charge/biometrics) - 319.3 AED
Flight tickets for Manila - Madrid - Rome - Manila (mother) - 2,150.0 AED
Flight tickets for Abu Dhabi - Madrid - Rome - Abu Dhabi (me) - 1,215 AED
Flight tickets for Lisbon - Rome (both of us) - 510 AED
All train ride tickets (both of us) - 2,325.6 AED
All Barcelona museum tickets / Vatican museum ticket (both of us) - 897.8 AED
Total: 9,583.6 AED

Day 1: August 18, 2018 Saturday (Madrid City tour)

0800H ETA Madrid; Vodafone sim 17GB + 800 minute call 40; Tourist Metro ticket 1-Day 17
0900H ETD Madrid Airport; metro to Ave Americas
Madrid to Bilbao night bus ticket 110.5; Bilbao to Barcelona afternoon bus ticket 96.5; 24-hr locker #94 3 
Rizal Monument (Islas Filipinas Stn, line 7); Palace of Madrid (Opera Stn, line 2) 20
Mcdo lunch 8; Madrid Cathedral 12; Souvenir shirt 4ea 24; Mcdo dinner + Refreshments 17
2300H ETA Ave America Bus Station
Total: 340 Euro

Day 2: August 19, 2018 Sunday (Bilbao Morning trip)

0200H ETD Madrid Avenue de America
0600H ETA Bilbao; Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao Center; Refreshments 5
1030H ETD Bilbao; Lunch stop-over 12
1815H ETS Barcelona Sants; claim metrocard; metro to Hostel; deposit + tax 3
Burger king meal 8; Barcelona Cathedral; Arc de Triomf; Refreshments 4
2200H ETA Hostel
Total: 32 Euro

Day 3: August 20, 2018 Monday (Barcelona City tour)

0700H ETD Hostel; Costa Coffee breakfast 10
0900H Sagrada Familia
1100H Park Guell / Gaudi House; Mcdo lunch 10
1500H Casa Mila / Casa Batllo; Snacks / Refreshments 25; Sagrada Familia night shots
2200H ETA Hostel
Total: 45 Euro

Day 4: August 21, 2018 Tuesday (Side Trip to Andorra)

0500H ETD Hostel; claim deposit (20)
0530H ETA Barcelona Sants; Mcdo breakfast 8
0615H ETD Barcelona
0915H ETA Andorra; St. Steve Chapel, Casa de la Vall; City Center walk; Mcdo lunch 12; Refreshments 8
1315H ETD Andorra
1615H ETA Barcelona Sants; Mcdo Refreshments 7
1700H ETD Barcelona
2100H ETA Valencia; walk to hostel; Burger king refreshments 9; Arts and Science Park night shots
Total: 44 Euro

Day 5: August 22, 2018 Wednesday (Valencia morning trip)

0630H ETD Hostel; Plaza de la Virgen, Valencia Cathedral; Coffee refreshments 7
Arts and Science Park; Mcdo lunch 15
1300H ETD Valencia
2130H ETA Seville; walk to hostel; Japanese Resto / Gelato 38
Total: 60 Euro

Day 6: August 23, 2018 Thursday (Seville City tour)

0900H ETD Hostel; walk to Prado de Sebastian Bus Stn / Locker 2; Breakfast 8
Plaza de Espana; Souvenir 22; Real Alcazar de Sevilla 14
Holy Church Seville Gothic Cathedral 13; El Divino Salvador Baroque Church
Mcdo Lunch / gelato 14; Plaza de la Encarnacion 6; Refreshments 6; Japanese Resto / Gelato 23
2300H ETD Seville
Total: 108 Euro

Day 7: August 24, 2018 Friday (Side Trip to Lisbon)

0630H ETA Lisbon; metro card to Restauradores Stn 4; Mcdo breakfast 5
Praca de Comercio, Lisbon Cathedral, Castelo de Sao George 13
Souvenirs 21; Pastelaria Ferrary 13; snacks 7; metro to airport 3
1300H ETA Airport; KFC meal 12
2030H ETD Lisbon
Total: 78 Euro

Day 8: August 25, 2018 Saturday (Side Trip to Rome)

0045H ETA Rome; Bus return tickets 18
0130H ETD Rome Airport
0230H walk to Hotel
0800H Breakfast and check-out; tourism tax 6; metro to Basilica 3; St. Peter's Basilica
0930H Vatican Museum; Pasta lunch 9
1300H ETD Vatican Museum; Mcdo snacks 10; Souvenirs 32
Piazza del Popolo, Piazza de Spagna, Fontana of Trevi, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Colosseum
1830H ETD Rome Central Station, Refreshments 7
1915H ETA Rome Airport FCU
2300H ETD Rome
Total: 85 Euro

GRAND TOTAL: 340+32+45+44+60+108+78+85 = 792 Euro (3,380 AED) + 9,583.6 AED = 12,963 AED ($3,523)

8 Days Self-Guided Budget Summer Europe Trip with My Mother (Rome, Italy)

8 Days Self-Guided Budget Summer Europe Trip with My Mother (Vatican City)

8 Days Self-Guided Budget Summer Europe Trip with My Mother (Lisbon, Portugal)

8 Days Self-Guided Budget Summer Europe Trip with My Mother (Andorra La Vella, Andorra)

Interesting Facts about Spain
1. The name Spain diverged from the word Ispania, which means the land of rabbits.
2. Spain has the second highest number of bars per inhabitants.
3. The Spaniards have a completely different life rhythm from other Europeans. They typically have lunch between 1 and 3 pm, and dinner around 10 pm.
4. Spain has more than 8,000 beaches.
5. The Madrid-Barcelona route has the highest number of flights per week in the world.

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