Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mindanao's Emerging Tourist Spot (Ozamiz City)

on northern Mindanao at 4th budget diy solo backpck
october 2-4, 2010 saturday to monday

objective: to visit the best tourist spot that fits to my budget at limited amount of time.
additional tasks: to explore what filipino's don't know about this place

important note (ozamiz city):
The city of ozamiz grew out of an old Spanish town called Misamis—a name believed to have been derived from the Subanen word "Kuyamis," a variety of coconut. The origin and the growth of the old Spanish town, Misamis, was due to the presence of the Spanish garrison stationed at the stone fort named Nuestra Senora dela Concepcion del Triunfo which was constructed sometimes the 18th century in order to control the piratical activities originating in the nearby Lanao area.
source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ozamiz

hoyohoy highlands

hoyohoy highlands


1st part of my northern mindanao road tripping due to cebu pacific's seat sale madness. i went first downsouth to hoyohoy highlands park. i took bus bound to molave and dropped to a crossing along tangub city. 13-km habal-habal joyride worth php100 for roundtrip awaits me there. overlooking the province and the stoned chamber are the attractions it offers. there is an on-going construction of a hotel for tourist who wants to stay for days. In 2011, this place becomes hoyohoy highland stone chapel adventure park. Located 850 meters above sea level, this Adventure Park has a breathtaking and probably the best view from the top of Ozamiz City, Tangub City and the Province of Misamis Occidental. Set on a rocky hillside, with its rocks preserved, the greens cultivated, and the pines nurtured.

From Ozamiz City Airport:
Take TricyCab (P60) to the IBJT (Integrated Bus & Jeepney Terminal)

From Tangub City Crossing
Take Habal2x (P50/person) to Hoyohoy

at present, this place is turned into hoyohoy highland stone chapel adventure park where in they offer 2 longest zipline in the country (what they called skyline zip) and maybe around asia at 1,500 and 1,200 meters. For details, visit hoyohoy facebook fan page.

hoyohoy highlands

hoyohoy highlands stone chapel

then, bound upnorth to misamis occidental aquamarine park (MOAP). This park is in an estuary area, full of mangrove brackish swamp, and it’s fish production is supplemented by an active fish breeding program. The MOAP hatchery breeds lobster, fresh water prawns, tilapia, hito, crabs, abalones and kapinan. the next and the top tourist attraction of this province, on-going renovation but still open for public. marine hatchery, zoo, dolphin watching, mangrove rehabilitation, etc.

misamis occidental aquamarine park (moap)

misamis occidental aquamarine park (moap)

misamis occidental aquamarine park (moap)

lastly, not so much to fort santiago, the plaza and the bay, very near to the M.O. port. Easily the first to attract passengers of incoming vessels to the Ozamiz City Port from a distance of about more than a mile away during daytime is the Misamis, Cotta, also called earlier as the Triunfo, a stone fort built along the shores of Panguil Bay more than two centuries ago.

around 4pm, i went to THE BARGE for another road trip outside this unexplored province.
fort santiago

fort santiago

fort santiago


  1. Sa Iligan pala ang Maria Cristian falls. Grabe ang ganda nung falls. Ang galing talaga ng cebu pacific promo fares, nalilibot natin ang Pinas. Thanks for sharing this :-)

  2. Where is this tinago falls located at? and if im gonna commute how much is the fare and what am i gonna ride at??HOping for your reply.

    1. @Akiko; it is located in iligan city.... basta what i remember is from main road sa harap ng timoga spring, pwede ka na sumakay dun ng habal-habal (yes, yun lang ang tanging transpo to get there) worth php100 (or less) ata roundtrip. ^_^


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