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Bangkok Temples Solo Trip

my 1st solo international backpacking (bangkok-kanchanaburi-ayutthaya)
June 4-8, 2010 friday to tuesday

objective: to visit the best tourist spots that fits my taste and budget accordingly.
additional tasks: to witness the wonders of there architectural ruins and experience the thrill of 1st lone traveling abroad 

Thailand, beginning of my travel addictiveness


arriving at the suvarnabhumi airport:
the location of this airport is the same also with ours, its not in the capital city. upon aircraft touchdown, fall in line to immigration officer, get a map nearby for free, then straight ahead to ground floor exit 3 left side. since 0500H is the 1st trip of shuttle bus, idle mode for the meantime in airport. studied the city map then took a nap on bench nearby the exit. yes, napping is allowed in their airport.

loha prasat

loha prasat

wat mongkut, tallest buddha erected in thailand

golden mount of bangkok

golden mount of bangkok


around 0500H exited airport, fall in line in the waiting shed outside for shuttle bus then alight in a public bus terminal. these was my 1st time to see bus that caters only the numbers as destination indicator. i saw a bulletin board there with a map, analyzed, then decided to rode bus#534 which was near khao san road, backpackers haven. after almost an hour, end of bus was in victory monument (jut like our caloocan monument). i saw this mall that was burnt by the red shirt protesters. i have asked locals for the direction and I found out that bus#109 is for the khao san road. after 30 minutes, i alight near that area.

since i arrived early in the morning, establishments are closed. walked back to the main road to see other temples i saw when i was in bus. i visited demoracy monument located in the center of a crossing and loha prasat, an elegant palace. then rode a tuk-tuk (thai's local tricycle) and did my diy tour to wat mongkut (tallest buddha erected), wat saket (the golden mount,and was once highest point in bangkok city).

Bangkok grand palace

inside the royal grand palace

inside the royal grand palace

bangkok city's erawan lapidary gem scam successful refund

afterwards, i went to chatuchak weekend market, tagged as the worlds largest weekend market but i thought i could buy anything but it was zero. it's because the products and prices their are almost the same in our very own tutuban mall in divisoria. then went to the thailand's most visited tourist spot, the royal grand palace. with an entrace fee of thb350, where thai's are free of charge to enter this. inside of it was temple of emerald buddha but was closed due ongoing rennovation. there is also a miniature model of angkor wat. after this, walked myself to wat po, also called as the temple of reclining buddha. this is also another bangkok's tourist spot and mostly spotted in every travel-related shows in television. then to wat arun, but it was closed according to locals due to the holiday of that day. i decided to went to my last option wat trimitr via tuktuk, along hua lampong area.

the reclining buddha inside the wat po

devotees put coins to bring luck, at the foot of the reclining buddha

around 1800H, i went to hua lampong train station to inquire the train skeds of kanchanaburi and ayyuthaya. i asked the helpdesk and they gave me a tourist booklet for different destinations this train can brign you. i found out that i have to book kanchanaburi due excursion trip is exclusively only on weekends.

i decided to buy ticket for kanchanburi, ayutthaya can be on the day of departure due it is only an ordinary destination. exited then searched for cheapest hostel nearby. and there it was, i saw after crossing the road from the station, hualampong guesthouse.  there rate that time is thb370 for 24hours, since i only spent my time there for less than 12 hours, i asked the landlord to can i have a room by only thb200. the landlord say yes. and for the payback of their kindness, i recommend them if your into budget backpacking only. common 3 restrooms for every floor, clean fan rooms and very peaceful surroundings outside. took a bath then some night market in siam paragon and sukhumvit night bazaar. around 2330H i went home, mrt is closed so i took tuktuk and paid thb80 to my guesthouse.


  1. Mala-Resume format ito chong, Congrats!

    Looking forward to that free map.. at free shuttle service? cool naman!
    I hope I can avail of that. Target ko rin kasi i-try ang new Airport Rail Link nila. So it seems it's going to public bus terminal pala. Sorry, kasi I'm taking notes while reading kaya real-time ang reaction.

    Nakakatuwa naman ang Hualampong Guest house. Mura na, they have a website, pwede pa tawaran.
    Tawaran, that's one thing na mahirap gawin but worth a try. Sige subukan ko sa Thailand (so help me..).
    aaahhhmm, 12 hours is long ah, considerate sila :)

    Nice seeing Hualampong Train Staion prior to going there straight. I now have an idea.

    1. wala pa airport link that time...yup, sobrang considerate, mag-ama yung may-ari.. kaya pino-promote ko kasi sobrang mabait pa .... naalala ko di ko maicharge yung cp ko sa room iniwan ko lang sa desk nila while nightlife.. ayun pagbalik ko binantayan pala nila :)

  2. Hi there!, here again.. suki, hehhehhe..

    I would like to know if you have tried using credit card on your trips abroad. If yes, how was it? the charges.. isn't it too big?

    Just curious.. I have thb, buo pa nga eh but in case kulangin.

    TY as always ;P

    1. nope, i don't have cc since the start of my travel addiction.... all i have was my budget usd converted into local currency.. :) balitaan mo ko pre ha, kahit pm sa pex, esp mga nightlife, hehehe !! :P

  3. shoot! mamya na Thailand ko (12.05am as of this writing). I checked your post ulit for guidance, hehhehhe..

    Yup, I'l update you :)


  4. hi there,

    haizzt thank god i saw this blog regarding bkk tour .. uuhmm ask ko sana if ung khaosan rd is also near dun sa Hualampong or dun na yun?sorry first time ko kasi sa bkk.. etong mga mkksama ko kamote din ..hehe

    1. @monxin;

      nope, ang khao san rd ay sobrang layo sa hua lampong at off -way ng mga mrt's ...

      here's my advise ...
      1. upon arrival in thailand airport, immediately grab free map there and locate the place of interest mo including your hostel then STRATEGIZE the sequence of visits
      2. magpapalit ng konting thb sa airport, yung iba sa city center na
      3. bago sumakay ng tuktuk, i-final negotiate mo muna bago sumakay. TAKE NOTE: WAG MAKINIG SA IBANG SINASABI NG TUKTUK DRIVER HA, stick to your itinerary pls!
      4. chill and relax :)

  5. ahh tnx sa advice..hehe ,,my flight will be this tuesday night na .. kamote tlga^^ hehe!


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