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5 Days Solo Trip in Rainy Brazil (1st time in South America)

sightseeing Sao Paolo, Iguazu and Rio de Janeiro's best tourist attraction
October 08 to 13, 2018

"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. - Paulo Coelho"

My 64th solo backpacking trip82nd countries visited so far, 5th continent on my list and of course, usual budget do-it-yourself itinerary from arrival to departure. I did not research much for this country as I planned to concentrate on sightseeing the cities by foot only.

Brazil is the largest country in South America and fifth largest in the world. Famous for its football (soccer) tradition and its annual Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Recife and Olinda. It is a country of great diversity, from the bustling urban mosaic of São Paulo to the infinite cultural energy of Alagoas, Pernambuco and Bahia, the wilderness of the Amazon rainforest and world-class landmarks such as the Iguaçu Falls.

timezone - UTC -0300H                              capital - Brasilia      

language - Portuguese                                currency - Real (BRL) 1 USD = 3.7 BRL
visa - Filipino citizens traveling to Brazil as tourist or for business for up to 90 days do not require visa, provided that he/she will not seek any employment in Brazil.

5 Days Solo Trip in Rainy Brazil (1st time in South America)

5 Days Solo Trip in Rainy Brazil (1st time in South America)

5 Days Solo Trip in Rainy Brazil (1st time in South America)

Interesting Facts about Brazil; 
1. Brazil shares a border with nine countries – every South American country except Chile and Ecuador.
2. Brazil has won the World Cup five times and perhaps its most famous player is Pele.
3. Brazil is the fifth largest country and population in the world, named after a tree; brazilwood.
4. The Amazon River is the second longest river in the world and the world’s largest river by volume
5. The Amazon Jungle has the greatest biodiversity on the planet
6. Brazil and West Africa were once attached but were broken apart by plate tectonics.



Flight from Abu Dhabi to Sau Paulo 2,340 AED
Flight from Sau Paulo to Iguacu IGU 150 AED
Flight from Iguacu IGU to Rio de Janeiro GIG 103 AED
Flight from Rio de Janeiro to Dubai 605 AED
Aquarela SP Hostel Oct8 1N 28 AED (31 BRL)
Villa Budget Hostel Oct9 3N 81 AED (84 BRL)
TOTAL: 3,307 AED

​Day 01: October 08, 2018 Monday

1030H ETD Istanbul UTC +0300H, 10,871km
1715H ETA Sao Paolo UTC -0300H; Immigration; ATM Withdrawal 143 AED = 100 BRL
1800H ETD Sao Paolo Airport; bus #257 6.15
1900H ETA Tatuape Stn; metro 4
1930H ETA Paraiso Stn; walk to Hostel; Aquarela SP Hostel 30.70
Paulista Avenue walk; dinner 16; magnet 15
Total: 71.85 BRL

Day 02: October 09, 2018 Tuesday

0630H ETD Hostel; metro to Se Stn 4; Sao Paolo Cathedral; refreshments 2.15
0730H ETD Se Stn; metro to Tatuape Stn 4
0805H ETD Tatuape; bus #257 6
0845H ETA GRU Sao Paolo Airport T2
1030H ETD Sao Paolo
1215H ETA IGU Iguazu; $50 = 150 BRL; Bus PQ120 National Park 3.55
Iguazu Falls 63; Poncho 15; Footbridge to the "Devil's Throat"; Fridge Magnet 24
1700H ETD Iguazu Falls; bus PQ120 3.55
1710H ETA IGU Iguazu Airport
1900H ETD Iguazu
2100H ETA Rio de Janeiro; shared taxi 20
2200H ETA Hostel; dinner 30
Total: 175.25 BRL

Day 03: October 10, 2018 Wednesday

0730H ETD Hostel; mcdo breakfast 8
0800H Cambio Money Exchanger $200=740BRL; bus #584 to Parque Lage 4
0915H ETA Parque Lage; Mt. Corcovado trek
1115H ETA Christ the Redeemer 13; Refreshments 10
1230H ETD Christ the Redeemer
1345H ETA Parque Lage; bus #583 4; subway meal 30
1500H ETA Two Brothers Cliff
1700H ETD Two Brothers Cliff; bus to Copacabana 4
1745H ETA Hostel; wash-out; bus to Central 4; dinner 40; metro to Siqueira Campos 4.3
Total: 121.3 BRL

Day 04: October 11, 2018 Thursday

0630H ETD Hostel; breakfast 23.5; metro to Jardin Oceanico 4.3; bus #805 to Alvorada Terminal 4
buy Rio Card 20; express BRT A13 Malto Alto; bus #867 Guaratiba Beach 4
1030H ETA Guaratiba Beach; start trekking
1145H ETA Telegrafo rock 350masl; photoshots + acai 20
1215H ETD Telegrafo rock
1245H ETA Guaratiba Beach; bus #867
1330H ETA Ilha de Guaratiba; BRT
1420H ETD Jardim Oceanico metro
1445H ETA Botafogo Stn; snacks 30; walk to Morro da Urca; Praia Vermelha
1600H Morro da Urca start hike
1645H ETA Sugarloaf Cable car; photo-ops; free wifi; rest
1745H ETD Sugarloaf Cable car; 1800H ETA Praia Vermelha; walk to Botafogo stn; recharge Rio card 20
1900H Copacabana Beach walk; Souvenirs (shirts/fridge magnets) 200; Caipirinha + snacks 30
Total: 355.8 BRL

Day 05: October 12, 2018 Friday

0730H ETD Hostel; breakfast 19; €70=304BRL; Copacabana Beach walk
1100H Hostel check-out; metro to Estacio Stn; lunch 34; Walk Rio tour
Sambodromo, Arcos de Lapa, Escadaria Selaron, Metropolitan Cathedral; Metropolitan Theatre
metro to Maracana Stn; Stadium and Favela
1530H ETD Maracana; metro to Cantagalo; snacks 70; nightlife 230; souvenirs 110
2345H Uber ride to airport 82
0015H ETA Airport; check-in
0200H ETD Rio de Janeiro, 
2230H ETA Dubai, United Arab Emirates (13-Oct)
Total: 545 BRL

Grand Total: 72+175+121+356+  = 724 BRL (760 AED) + 3,307 AED = 4,067 AED ($1,105)

5 Days Solo Trip in Rainy Brazil (1st time in South America)

5 Days Solo Trip in Rainy Brazil (1st time in South America)

5 Days Solo Trip in Rainy Brazil (1st time in South America)

5 Days Solo Trip in Rainy Brazil (1st time in South America)


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