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2008-2010 Budget Self-guided Solo Backpacking (Summarized)

stories behind the traveling alone adventures, andoyzki reveals...
2010 budget diy solo backpacking (on personal experience)

1st: cavinti twin falls (dec. 2008)
I first search the net for the nearest but unexplored area within the metro provinces of ncr. trailing the nowhere is one of the most adventure i was really excited. to make it short, i finally made the decision to go in japanese garden in cavinti, laguna. as per my research, the trail starts here. i attempted to do it alone but since the trail is really a nowhere to go, i seek the help of a local guide for php200. as anticipated, the trails were very muddy and no one was around during my tour there. i expected to take a bath but waters flowing on the falls was not clear and the are a lot of insects around the area. i did this trip from 8am to 5pm on day tour. i went home safely and somewhat satisfied.

japanese garden in cavinti, laguna

japanese garden in cavinti, laguna

twin falls in cavinti, laguna

twin falls in cavinti, laguna

2nd: tuguegarao, cagayan (feb. 2010)
my pre-valentine travel, i did this only for the interest of seeing upclose the famous callao cave.. after that, church hopping because for me, according to my research has nothing much to offer in terms of nature wonders. so i last only 2D/2N including the 13-hour bus travel on victory liner with 5 stop-overs and where i first visites the upnorth provinces of nueva vizcaya, nueva ecija, and isabela.

3rd: thailand (jun. 2010)
my first international, i don't know why my curiosity extends to going abroad though i have this very tight budget. once again, self-fulfillment reached its anticipated value due my itinerary and budget exceeds what i expected. (there is a separate blog for this).

4th: ozamiz-iligan (oct. 2010)

my 1st journey on northern part of mindanao archipelago. one of the best journeys i ever had because this didn't made my head turn upside down. transpo's and tourist spots were easy to handle. thus, my itinerary and budget worked well.

5th: tacloban-sogod-calbiga-ormoc (nov. 2010)
probably my last solo trip on this region. exact opposite of my 4th journey, the worst solo backpack i have ever commenced. there was this a whole day on the road because of very poor transpo handling and unfriendly traveling way. though i wake up as early as 4am, still if the vehicle was not yet packed of passengers, your day will be ruined. i do not recommend this location if you are on adrenalin rush and tight budget basis.

6th: zamboanga-basilan (nov. 2010)
on average typical backpack, the most guarded provinces i have ever visited. there were scattered military gunmen everywhere. 

7th: puerto galera (dec. 2010)
1st beach bumming / solo backpacking.

ayutthaya ancient palace


  1. nice sir, buti na migrate nyo na ang blog nyo from multiply to blogspot! i'll be looking forward to your future trips and posts!

  2. hehe sir, as i've said before, your blog is very useful and informative for newbie solo travelers like me. marami namang ibang pnoy travel blogs pero ung sa inyo po talaga ang pinaka detalyado at sulit ang itinerary. easy to follow pa ang instructions nyo.:)


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