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My Top Nine Best Travels in 2010

1st year of my travel addictiveness, adventures that made me want to go back there
2010 "the viewing deck" year-ender report

"Traveling is almost like talking with men of other centuries." - René Descartes

the viewing deck top 9 remarkable travels of 2010

I ranked these posts based on the adventure i have encountered, budget and how happy and satisfied i am through the planning, journey and the outcome.

9th: Mt. Pinatubo (4x4 experience unleashed)
June 26, 2010
- this trip is remarkable because we challenged the real adventure of riding a 4x4 vehicle with the strong rains and crossing the strong current flow of the river.

8th: Mt. Pulag (1st-time organizing for strangers)
August 28-29, 2010
- this trip is remarkable because I single-handedly brought 16 unknown 1st-time fun-hikers to trek on budget d.i.y where I was a 1st-timer too and on the rainiest month of the year. Though we felt the most gruesome experience in trekking due to the continous rainfall, heavy fogs and chilling atmosphere, we still have the passion to dream going back.
November 26-28, 2010
- this trip is remarkable because I conquered alone the fear of most ordinary Filipino's think about this provinces. I did even feel proud I was in Basilan and explored the underrated but serene and very awesome Calagusan beach and Bulingan falls. This serves also my 6th solo backpacking.

4x4 rainy experience in mt. pinatubo trail

pasonanca boy scout camp

6th: Pagudpud - Laoag - Vigan (Ilocandia tour)
August 20-23, 2010
- this trip is remarkable because this is my 1st time to organize a dedicated backpacking escapade for my office friends wherein we planned for a big crowd but most of the joiners back-out and still the drive exist on those 3 remaining officemates. Totally self-guided and taking the adventure of most of public transpo types like lrt, aircon bus, tricycle, mini-bus, kalesa and jeep.

5th: Bohol Island (countryside and outdoor adventure)
September 10-13, 2010
- this trip is remarkable because of the night life along the beach, tarsiers, chocolate hills, floating resto and conquering my fear in the adventures of 60 meter rapelling, zipline and spelunking.

4th: Ozamiz - Iligan (Mindanao's emerging tourist destination)
October 2-4, 2010
- this trip is remarkable because I am totally clueless what's with this 2 provinces. After the journey, I found out that Mindanao is more than meets the eye. I like waterfalls hopping and exploring the underrated places, my 4th solo backpacking.

Danao, Bohol

Hoyohoy Highlands, Osamis City

3rd: Pahiyas Festival - Cagbalete Island (union of the lost souls)
May 15-16, 2010
- this trip is remarkable because I met fellow travel addicts as if we were old acquaintances. We still have a regular communication, we even shared stories more than just a travelmates.  Up to this date, though some set there distance as if nothing happen, why bother as long as the majority keeps the tact.

2nd: Sagada (what made this town fascinating)
May 20-24, 2010
- this trip is remarkable because the town itself is an appropiate ground for a traveler like me who likes adventure, food trip and ambiance all in one.

1st: Thailand (my 1st solo backpack abroad)
June 5-7, 2010
- this trip is very remarkable because I indeed confirmed I am travelholic. Since 2010 was the year where I was fully exposed on act of backpacking, this journey opened the gate for a new challenge in my life.


  1. ey man, you have a facebook chat or ym... may tanong sana ako about travelling indochina.. nasa doha ako ngayon pero uwi ako ng pinas by december and plano ko mgbackpack ng 2 weeks thai-laos-cambodia-vietnam.. pero di ko p alam kung kkayanin ng oras at budget. read you blog already pero dami pa ako gusto tanong..hehe any advice or suggestion would be a big help =)
    enjoy and safe travels

    parang naligaw ng post 'tong comment mo ah, hehe!! anyways, email ko and will answer everything as detailed as i can... my 8-days was very short, 2 weeks is maybe enough depending on your interest... :)


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