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11 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Argentina

visiting the Buenos Aires, Iguazu, El Calafate, El Chalten and Ushuaia
November 15 to 22 and November 30 to December 02, 2019

My 84th solo backpacking trip2nd country to visit in South America continent105th country visited on my journey beyond #lakbay100 (Argentina) and of course and usual budget do-it-yourself itinerary from arrival to departure. I did not research that much for this country due also on limited time and laziness.

Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world by area. The highest and the lowest points of South America are also located in Argentina: At 6,960m, Cerro Aconcagua is the tallest mountain in the Americas while Laguna del Carbón, at 105m below sea level, is the lowest point in the Americas. The name Argentina derives from argentinos, the Ancient Greek diminutive (tinos) form for silver (argentos), which is what early Spanish explorers sought when they first reached the region in the sixteenth century.

11 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Argentina (Patagonia's Laguna delos Tres)

11 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Argentina (Patagonia area map)

11 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Argentina (Patagonia area map)

timezone - UTC -0300H    capital - Buenos Aires    language - Spanish    currency - Peso (ARS)
visa - Argentina Electronic Travel Authorization (E-Visa) - multiple entry for 3 months
Requirements: (1) above link is for E-visa application only, means you are required to have valid United States or Schengen visa to be qualified (2) Full scan copy of all passport pages (3) $50 visa fee (4) Processing time is 3-5 days (my case). Important! - I had feedback per the following; (1) Upload complete scanned copy of passport pages with around less than 5MB only (my 1st application was rejected due to passport pages submitted was incomplete). (2) Some application process took longer than expected. It is recommended to apply more than a month before the intended travel date. I'm just lucky that within 5 days I have my E-Visa approved on the 2nd application despite the rejected status on 1st application.

1. Around 97% of Argentina’s population is home to people of European descent
2. Argentina was the first country to utilize fingerprinting in order to determine if a person was guilty of a crime. 
3. Argentina is said to possess the highest infidelity rate in all of South America.
4. Mt. Aconcagua is not only the highest point in Argentina but it is also the tallest mountain in the Americas, measuring at 6,962 m high. 
5. Argentina is the third biggest producer of beef in the world.
6. Argentina has been home to multiple discoveries of gigantic dinosaurs

11 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Argentina (E-Visa)

11 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Argentina (Patagonia's Laguna delos Tres)

11 Days Solo Backpacking in Summer Argentina (Patagonia's Laguna delos Tres)


E-Visa Application 2x applied (ETA) $100 (368 AED) - re-applied due to documents issue
Flight Tickets 2,668 AED ($727) / Booked Hostels (reserved, payment upon arrival)
Subtotal: $827

0440H ETD Abu Dhabi Bus Terminal
0630H ETA Dubai; taxi to Terminal 3
0805H ETD Dubai UTC +0400H; flight EK247
2040H ETA Buenos Aires UTC -0300H; money exchange $1=57.5, $200=11,500 ARS
Buenos Aires City 1st Night / Uber to Hostel 630
Ideal Social Hostel 3N 1,675; Kentucky meal 190
Subtotal: 2,495 ARS

0700H Breakast 240; Recoleta Cemetery, Floralis Generica
Plaza De Mayo / Casa Rosada, La Boca & Camino Street Museum, Metropolitan Cathedral
Buenos Aires City 2nd Night, lunch and snacks 815
Subtotal: 1,055 ARS

0600H ETD Hostel; taxi to airport 1,025; breakfast 180
0800H ETD Buenos Aires; flight AR 2724
0955H ETA Iguazu; Van to Downtown 250
1100H ETA Iguazu Downtown; bus to Iguazu Park 360 return
1120H ETD Iguazu Downtown
1150H ETA Iguazu Falls National Park; Entrance fee 800; Buffet Restaurant 830
1300H ETD Central Station (get departure stub, every 30min interval)
1500H ETD Devil's Throat Station; refreshments 140
1610H ETD Iguazu Falls National Park
1645H ETA Hito Tres Fronteras (Three Borders Landmark)
1715H ETD Hito Tres Fronteras; bus to Terminal 35; Photo-ops; refreshments 60
1745H ETD Iguazu Downtown; shared taxi to Airport 350
1815H ETA Iguazu Airport
2005H ETD Iguazu; flight AR 2727
2200H ETA Buenos Aires; Uber to Hostel 200; Kentucky pizza meal 215
Buenos Aires City Last Night (3rd)
Subtotal: 4,425 ARS

0130H ETD Hostel; Uber to Airport 250
0200H ETA Airport
0405H ETD Buenos Aires; flight AR1684
0740H ETA Ushuaia; taxi to downtown 265; breakfast 360
Antarctica walk-in full payment in cash $4,400 (Freestyle Adventure Travels)
1010H ETD Ushuaia Downtown; taxi to Airport 275
1145H ETD Ushuaia; flight AR1821
1305H ETA El Calafate; $150 = 9,000 ARS ($1=60); Shuttle van to El Chalten return 2,900; snacks 315
1430H ETD El Calafate Airport
1730H ETA El Chalten; Hostel Los Viajeros 2,625; snacks and pack snacks 855
Subtotal: 7,845 ARS

0600H ETD Hostel; walk to Starting point (raining)
0930H ETA Laguna Torre (9km); photo-ops
1000H ETD Laguna Torre; trail back
1300H ETA El Chalten; wash-up and rest; Souvenirs 1,100; Snacks 240
Walk around town; wine trip & soup 500
Subtotal: 1,840 ARS

0600H ETD Hostel
1100H ETA Laguna delos Tres; photo-ops & snacks
1200H ETD Laguna delos Tres (with knee injury / exhausted)
1700H ETA Hostel; snacks 400; 2000H Sleep
Subtotal: 400 ARS

0400H ETD Hostel; Van to El Calafate
0630H ETA El Calafate Bus Terminal; Exchange $100 = 6,000 ARS; Perito Moreno Bus Tour 1,200
0745H ETD El Calafate Bus Terminal
0900H ETA Perito Moreno; admission fee 800; brunch 690; balcony walk and photo-ops
1400H ETD Perito Moreno
1545H ETA El Calafate Bus Bus Terminal; taxi to Airport 1,000
1700H ETA El Calafate Airport
1715H ETD El Calafate; flight AR 1824
1835H ETA Ushuaia; taxi to hostel 280; Ushuaia Town 1st Night; Torre Al Sur 3N 900 / day
1900H Antarctica briefing in pub 320
Subtotal: 5,190 ARS

0700H ETD Hostel; breakfast 120; EMUSH street murals, Plaza Malvinas
Exchange $100 = 6,300 ARS; lunch 600, souvenirs 800
1600H ETA Ushuaia Port; Ship familiarization; Safety Drill

0645H breakfast
0730H World Explorer check-out (claim passport / flash drive)
0830H Torre Al Sur Hostel check-in 1,200
1000H ETD Ushuaia; Van to Tierra del Fuego 850
1030H Information Office; Tierra del Fuego admission fee 560
1040H Ensenada Zaratiegui start hiking; Coasta Trail
1300H ETA Alakush (8km at 2.5hr); Alakush lunch 300
1510H ETD Alakush; Van to Ushuaia
1550H ETA Ushuaia; rest in hostel; buffet dinner 1,010; money exchange $40 = 2,520
Subtotal: 3,920 ARS

0700H taxi to Airport 270
0720H ETA Ushuaia Airport; breakfast 380
0910H ETD Ushuaia; flight 1879
1230H ETA Buenos Aires; Uber to hostel 250
1400H Art Factory on Tap Hostel 610 (key deposit 500); rest; snacks 80
walk to Caminito; Souvenir shirts & magnets 2,630
1900H ETA back to hostel; rest and snacks 80
nightlife and foodtrip 715
Subtotal: 4,155 ARS

Day 11: December 02, 2019 Monday / Flight back to Home
0900H ETD Hostel; breakfast 160
1800H Uber to EZE Airport 770
1900H ETA Buenos Aires Airport; snacks 425
2220H ETD Buenos Aires; flight EK 248
Subtotal: 1,355 ARS

Day 00: December 03, 2019 Tuesday / Flight back to Home (whole day in the sky)
2355H ETA Dubai UTC +0400H

TOTAL: 2,495 + 1,055 + 4,425 + 7,845 + 1,840 + 400 + 5,190 + 1,520 + 3,920 + 4,155 + 1,355 = 34,200 ARS ($570) + $827 = $1,397


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