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Hakone Solo Day Trip 1st part; Starting from the Lake

7-days wandering solo in summer Japan
may 28 - june 04, 2013 tuesday to tuesday

Kinugawa for Tobu World Square 

Fourth day of my Japan trip and the last day coming from Tokyo City. I visited this place for the purpose of having a photoshot background of Mt. Fuji, the famous signature landmark of Japan. According to my research, there are other places that Mt. Fuji can be visited but Hakone is the most picturesque of them all.

Odawara Castle is founded in the mid-15th century and became the residence of Hojo Family early 16th century until it was dismantled in 1870 and reconstructed in 1960. 

How to go to Odawara Castle: 

From Odawara station, just walk around 500m going on right side of exit. Operating hours is from 0900H-1700H with entrance fee of 400yen. Since I availed the Hakone 2-day free pass, there was discount of 40yen, making it 360yen entrance fee only.

Hakone sightseeing Mt. Fuji

Odawara Castle

Odawara Castle

Odawara Castle

Lake Ashi

ancient cedar avenue

ancient cedar avenue


0645H ETD Hostel bound to Odawara stn (JR bullet)   
0807H ETA Odawara stn breakfast 375yen, coin locker 300yen

Hakone 2-days free pass 3,900yen
walk to Odawara Castle (around 500m), 360yen
1100H ETA Hakone-Yumoto stn via Hakone tozan railway
1130H ETA Motohakone via Hakone tozan bus

walk towards Hakonemachi ferry pier (around 800m) 
Ancient Cedar Avenue & Hakone Checkpoint photo-ops (Mt. Fuji view)       
1300H ETA Hakonemachi-ko pier, lunch 947yen   
ETA Togendai via Hakone Sightseeing cruise
(Mt. Fuji view)            
ETA Owakudani Hakone ropeway   
Great Boiling Valley & Mount Hakone crater photo-ops (Mt. Fuji view)      
food trip - boiled black eggs via suluric acid gas,500yen for 5pcs
ETA Sounzan via Hakone Sounzan cable car    

1630H ETA Gora via Hakone tozan railway   
ETA Hakone-Yumoto stn via Hakone tozan railway transfer  
1745H ETA Odawara stn, snacks 351yen
1811H ETD Odawara stn Shinkansen Hikari 503 (JR bullet)   
2030H ETA Osaka station, dinner 580yen
ETA Hostel 2,310yen

TOTAL: 9,248 yen ($92.48)

Hakone sightseeing Mt. Fuji

Hakone sightseeing Mt. Fuji

Hakone sightseeing Mt. Fuji

Hakone sightseeing Mt. Fuji

Hakone solo day-trip last part
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  1. Hi Sir! Is this trip completely DIYed or did you at any part availed of a travel tour? This looks doable enough and we can cancel out any activity in case of bad weather - unlike that of in a travel tour.

    1. @jaepooh; Yes, I confirm this trip was completely (100%) self-organized (DIYed) and itinerary is very doable. I highly recommend to follow the itinerary above as is.

    2. I tracked this route using the Hakone Free Pass Map by japan-guide and noticed that this one runs the opposite route. Will this have less tourist then? I'm now more convinced that we should skip the expensive tour, thanks to this! :)

    3. @jaepooh; yes and not just less touristy. Notice also that itinerary started to explore the place at ground around 1100H which is in the middle of scorching heat of the sun (Ancient Cedar Trees has shady trail and good photo-ops for sunlight). Ends around 1700H which is the beginning of sunset; thus, an excellent ambiance and a CLEAR view of Fuji. You can do also the opposite way, I just want to be not normal in terms of creating itinerary for unique treatment and adventure :)


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