Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dumaguete City Short Stroll (lakbay rizal final leg)

2nd flashpacking around the visayas region in 2 days
september 24-25, 2011 saturday-sunday

objective: to visit the best tourist spots that fits my taste and budget accordingly
additional task: finalizing my lakbay-rizal quest, completing the 26 stamps in 2 months

iloilo-dumaguete-cebu on weekend only
iloilo city morning drive (lakbay rizal final leg)
ferry and bus trip from iloilo to dumaguete


dumaguete city at night;
i immediately alight the bus after asking the bus conductor if the one i pointed-out was quezon park. again another stamp site unforgetable adventure, at 1830H, of course tourism office inside the park was closed. i asked the guard on duty how can i have the stamp on this night since i have to leave dumaguete early in the morning the next day. this guard couldn't help me out so i decided to seek help to the other guards in the cityhall which is only infront of the park. without hesitation, this 3 security guards on duty moved in haste by texting the employee they know who has the key. at 2130H, i have my lakbay rizal 25th stamp and my first time having at this night time. thanks to this helpful filipino's, mabuhay kayo !

lakbay rizal stamp site

dumaguete belltower at night

quezon park at night

DUMAGUETE - Rizal’s boat, the S.S. EspaƱa arrived in Dumaguete City. Dr. Rizal went ashore, visited Governor Regal of Negros Occidental, visited a classmate Herrero Regidor and operated on the captain of the Civil Guard

before and after having the stamp, i took some stroll and night shot photo-ops.

dumaguete belltower

dumaguete church

dumaguete city morning walk;

capturing the downtown plaza before my bus trip to cebu city.

campanario de dumaguete (belltower) - was built upon one of the four original massive watchtowers  that parish priest built in 1760 to discourage moro's from pillaging the town. 

dumaguete church - the oldest stone church built in negros island. originally built in 1754 and reconstructed in 1885.

quezon park
- just infront of the belltower and the dumaguete church. where the rizal monument is erected alongside with maria clara.

jose rizal & maria clara at quezon park

quezon park



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