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Mt. Kinabalu Solo Hike last part; Descend Back to Downtown

Kota Kinabalu trekking and solo tours
may 25 -  27, 2013 saturday to tuesday

Mt. Kinabalu solo hike 2nd part (trail to summit)

Budget and Safety Tips to a more successful solo climbing Mt. Kinabalu; 

During this descend, I have learned the following important notes especially now that I have experienced a momentarily altitude sickness and a continuous aching knee joints and calves almost throughout the journey; 

1. VERY IMPORTANT: have a physical check of your body especially leg muscles before the climb, know your limits also for altitude sickness. Even though a climber is covered by accident insurance, I asked also the possibility of helicopter ride (costs around 3,000 MYR) due my legs really hurts, the most painful trekking experience in my life. 

2. It is very essential to bring raincoat/poncho, head torch, drinking water, candy/chocolates/energy bars, winter trekking gloves, back/leg pain medication ointment, extra shirt & socks, trekking pole/walking stick, waterproof windbreaker, bonet.

3. Do not bring bag/backpack that weighs 9kg or more. Leave other things not needed in Kinabalu Park front desk  for 10 MYR charge or hire a porter that has 80 MYR fee at 10 kg. If your guide is kind enough, ask him to bring your bag.

descend at 7.5km mark of Mt. Kinabalu trail

descend at 8.5km mark of Mt. Kinabalu trail

descend at 7.5km mark of Mt. Kinabalu trail

4. It is essential also to sleep around 1900H-2000H before the summit journey.

5. summit journey has 2km stretched rope guide. Of course, rock rappelling is part of it.

6. do not underestimate other successful climber telling that the trek was easy. They might said it due for some untold reasons and maybe for you to experience also the hardship they had especially if you don't have major climb experience at all.

7. solo climb is very expensive. 647 MYR (booking fee for accom) + 130 MYR (taxi fare from airport to KK Park) + 128 MYR (guide fee) + 33 MYR (roundtrip transpo to Timpohon gate, approx. 5km distance from KK Park front desk) = 938 MYR = PHP 13,132. But in comparison to package tours, I think this is more cheaper by around 10-20% assuming the dates chosen has more climbers.

8. I'm the only Filipino climber that time, I tried to socialize for picture assistance and safety purposes.

9. There are two major trails provided, timpohon and messilau trail. Timpohon trail is 6km, shorter but harder compared to Messilau which is 8km, longer but easier.

10. There is NO PRELIMINARY BRIEFING on what lies beneath the trail as your guide is not that fluent to speak in english language. The moment you arrived to Kinabalu park front desk, head on to registration and start to trek as early as possible.

descend back to Timpohon gate of Mt. Kinabalu trail

Low's peak at 4,095m of Mt. Kinabalu

descend back to Timpohon gate of Mt. Kinabalu trail


0130H wake-up time & early breakfast
0230H ETD Laban Rata campsite
0345H 7th kilometer marker reached
0530H 8th kilometer marker reached     
0645H 8.7 kilometer marker reached
Low's Peak, Mt. Kinabalu's summit at 4,095 meter elevation
0700H ETD summit
0930H ETA Laban Rata dormitory camp site
early lunch
1030H ETD Laban Rata
1125H 5th kilometer marker reached
1230H 3rd kilometer marker reached
1430H 1st kilometer marker reached
1520H ETA Timpohon gate
4.8 hours journey for 6km Timpohon trail from 3,273m to 1,866m elevation
1530H transpo going back to Kinabalu Park 

note: most of the climbers reached Timpohon gate around 1330H-1430H (around 3-4 hours journey). Thus, it was obvious that my fun-climbing capability was way below an average trekker, a symptom of aging average traveler.

snacks take-out
souvenir shirt - 32 MYR
1620H ETD Kinabalu park
shared taxi - 23 MYR
1800H ETA city terminal
1830H ETA Lodge 25 MYR
dinner & massage 143 MYR
2330H ETA lodge
descend back to Timpohon gate
of Mt. Kinabalu trail

descend back to Timpohon gate of Mt. Kinabalu trail


  1. reminded me so much of our mt kinabalu climb...
    great 8.5km shot up there..
    hoping to climb it again soon :)


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