Thursday, April 19, 2012

Macau Day Tour

touring hongkong and macau in 3.5 winter days
december 4-7, 2011 sunday to wednesday

day two: MACAU, CHINA
with 1 mop = 1 hkd = php5.6

this day includes the transportation from hongkong to macau ferry, macau hotels and casino tour and other famous historical tourist spot.

macau fisherman's wharf

wynn's fountain show

december 05 itinerary (whole day in macau)

0700H ETD guesthouse
0730H ETA china ferry terminal @ 151hkd (845.6)
0800H ETD hongkong
0915H ETA macau
0945H ETD macau ferry terminal    
          macau fisherman's wharf (walked at 300m away)
1030H ETA walked back to macau ferry terminal         
          rode free shuttle to wynn
          wynn's tree of prosperity (free admission)
          grand lisboa (free admission)
          senado square
          lunch in mcdo @28hkd (156.8)
          souvenir shops @ 188hkd (1,052.8)
          st. paul ruins (free admission)
          mount fortress (free admission)
1500H ETA guesthouse @ 50hkd (280)
          walked back to wynn for free shuttle
1630H ETA back to macau ferry terminal
          rode free shuttle to venetian (taipa)
          venetian hotel (free admission)
          snacks in mcdo @36 hkd (201.6)
          city of dreams' dragon treasures @30hkd (168)
          galaxy's fortune diamond show (free admission)
2000H ETD galaxy free shuttle to star world hotel (infront of wynn)
          wynn's fountain show (free admission)
2100H dinner in mcdo @ 27hkd (151.2)
          ETA guesthouse in senado square

total expenses for day 2: php2,856
for hkd expenses:510

st. paul ruins

galaxy's fortune diamond

subtopics for macau day tour are as follows:

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