Friday, April 13, 2012

Hongkong at Night

touring hongkong and macau in 3.5 winter days
december 4-7, 2011 sunday to wednesday
with 1 hkd = php5.6

this day includes the transportation to NAIA terminal 3, to hongkong international airport, going to kowloon and walking my way to avenue of the stars.

avenue of the stars

hongkong night market

december 04 itinerary (half-day in hongkong)

1400H ETA edsa taft shuttle bus terminal (20)
1430H ETA NAIA terminal 3
          paid travel tax and terminal fee (2,370)
1530H ETA boarding gate
1750H ETD manila (delayed by 70 minutes)
1940H ETA hongkong
          bought octopus card @150hkd (840)
2045H ETD airport
          rode airport express train bound to kowloon stn @ 90hkd
2115H ETA kowloon station element mall
          walked to avenue of the stars
2145H ETA avenue of the stars
          night-shots photo-ops
2300H ETD avenue of the stars
          dinner @119hkd (666.4)
          night market at mongkok
          food trip @22hkd (123.2)
          went to guesthouse in nathan road
0200H midnight snacks in mcdo @ 20hkd (112)         

total expenses for day 1: php4,131.6
for hkd expenses: 311

avenue of the stars

trailing venue of the stars

hongkong international airport immigration

subtopics for hongkong at night are as follows:
arrival at night in hongkong
night at the avenue of the stars


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