Monday, November 23, 2020

OFW 4th Episode: Forever Grateful and Proud of My Abu Dhabi Journey

Living my fortunate life in the capital of United Arab Emirates
24th of October 2016 to 29th of October 2020

"The point of living is not to arrive at the future, it's to arise in the present. Train your mind to see the good in Everything"

I arrived in Abu Dhabi on midnight of 24-Oct-2016 and went directly to Mussafa Workers Village for my more than a month accommodation. This was my 2nd visit to Abu Dhabi (1st was in 2012) and 3rd visit in UAE (1st was 2012 and 2nd was 2013). I spent my first 6 months on probation as Aircraft Maintenance Production Planning Engineer until 17-Apr-2017, the first day of being part of the Production Planning family as regular employee.

Through the years I stayed in Abu Dhabi I become more resilient and learned a lot from Cleaners, to Technicians, to Technical Officers, to fellow Engineers and to the Management. Moreover, I never thought I would go this far, the rollercoaster ride was indeed a professional expedition to reminisce. I have had a wonderful exposures working with my previous company and have experienced tremendous personal and professional growth. I was able to grow into the role widening my knowledge in all aspects of commercial aircraft planning function. The only way to do a great work is to love what you do despite the ups and downs. Unfortunately, layoff occurs mainly due to business-wide decisions during the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic.

This is what this is, part of the journey is the end. All I can say is thank you very, very much to the department I belong and to the company I've worked for four years. I am forever grateful and proud working in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Forever Grateful and Proud on My Abu Dhabi Journey (2016-2020)

Forever Grateful in Abu Dhabi Journey (Mussafa Workers Village) 

Forever Grateful in Abu Dhabi Journey (Orientation, 1st day as regular employee)

Forever Grateful in Abu Dhabi Journey (All Filipino Engineers in my department)

Forever Grateful in Abu Dhabi Journey (my first overseas birthday cake)

Forever Grateful in Abu Dhabi Journey (Seafood Buddle Fight)

My Accomplishment during my Four Years in Abu Dhabi:

01. Beyond #lakbay100 - visited more than 58 countries to add up on my 113 countries and so on
02. Antarctica - most expensive travel and the only expedition ship experience I had
03. 7 Continents completed - Australia (2018)South America (2018), North America (2019) and Antarctica (2019)
04. Earth circumnavigation - accomplished at the start of Covid-19 pandemic, just this 2020 only.
05. Family and Friends vacation in UAE - during holiday season (Dec. 2017) and season transition (Oct. 2019)
06. Business class seats - countless flights even in other airlines
07. Backpacking adventures - highest peaks summitted, music festivals attended and travel gears upgraded
08. Newspaper feature - "The Filipino Times" recognized my travel achievement
09. Folding bike adventure - rediscovering the city and 1st time long  distance biking at 150km
10. Hair rejuvenation - regaining my self-confidence
11. Property Investment - had my two condominium units fully paid and upgraded some home appliances
12. Savings - never thought I would have enough
13. Charity - provided financial aid to relatives, friends, mountaineering group, UNICEF and some strangers
14. Covid-19 Vaccine Volunteer - one of estimated 1,500 Filipinos volunteer participant #4Humanity
16. Abu Dhabi Thanksgiving - set of solo long distance folding bike cycling on the remaining days of my stay

Forever Grateful in Abu Dhabi Journey (uniform return complete set)

Forever Grateful in Abu Dhabi Journey (Sunset in Abu Dhabi Corniche)

Forever Grateful and Proud of My Abu Dhabi Journey (2016-2020)

Forever Grateful and Proud of My Abu Dhabi Journey (Thanksgiving Long Distance Ride)

"A ship is always safe at the shore - but it is not what it is built for." - Albert Einstein

There is no success without struggles. I'm about to seek again all the great things that lie ahead. Great things never come from comfort zone, it's time to be who I am again :) #livealifeyouwillremember


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