Wednesday, November 04, 2020

4 Days Solo Trip in Summer Dominican Republic

2nd Wave of Pandemic Adventure and 1st time in Caribbean
October 07 to October 15, 2020

My 112th country visited on my journey beyond #lakbay100, 91st solo backpacking trip3rd country in North America, 2nd time in Caribbean and of course and usual budget do-it-yourself itinerary from arrival to departure. I did not research that much for this country due also on limited time and laziness.

As part of the Caribbean the Dominican Republic has the North Atlantic Ocean lying to its north and the Caribbean Sea to its south. It's situated on the island of Hispaniola and occupies the eastern two-thirds of the island while Haiti occupies the western third. After attaining independence in 1844 the Dominican Republic endured many years of a largely non-representative rule until Joaquin Balaguer became president in 1966 holding office until 1996. Today regular elections are held and the Dominican Republic now has an impressive and fast growing economy with tourism playing a major role. For the adventure tourist this Caribbean country offers a diverse countryside comprising tropical rainforests, arid desert expanses, alpine ranges and steamy mangrove swamps. It's a playground for trekkers, mountain bike enthusiasts and water-sport junkies.

4 Days Solo Trip in Summer Dominican Republic

4 Days Solo Trip in Summer Dominican Republic

timezone - UTC -0400H    capital - Santo Domingo    language - Spanish    currency - Peso (DOP)
visa - Holders of valid US, Canada or Schengen visa for transit or stay not exceeding 30 days, tourist card for $10

1. The Dominican Republic was founded by Christopher Columbus.
2. The Dominican Republic is the most visited destination in the Caribbean.
3. Santo Domingo, the oldest city in the Americas.
4. Lago Enriquillo is the world’s largest salt lake and the lowest point in the Caribbean

4 Days Solo Trip in Summer Dominican Republic

4 Days Solo Trip in Summer Dominican Republic


Flight Port-au-Prince to Sto Domingo SDQ 700 AED
Flight Sto Domingo to New York 397 AED 
TOTAL: 1,097 AED

1157H ETA Miami UTC -0400H; 6hr transit
Miami afternoon tour; bus #150 to South Beach
Miami South Beach; Burger King $10; souvenirs $17
1830H ETA Miami Airport; dinner $17
2030H ETD Miami; flight AA1511
2245H ETA Santo Domingo; Uber to hostel $16
TOTAL: $60

Island Life Hostel $72; Free breakfast
0830H Colonial Zone Historic Walk Tour
Exchange $1= 58DOP; $100=5,800DOP
Lunch 290; magnet 100; ATA Excursions 3,880
Refreshments + snacks 465
TOTAL: $72 + 4,735 DOP

0530H ETD Hostel; Morning refreshments 60
0630H ETD Santo Domingo
Playa Macao + Buggy 1,890 (paid)
1800H ETA Santo Domingo; snacks 80

0530H ETD Hostel; Morning refreshments 195
0630H ETD Santo Domingo
Redonda Montaña + Macao Day Tour 1,590 (paid)
2030H ETA Santo Domingo; snacks 235

Day 4: October 15, 2020 Thursday / Departure flight 
0800H ETD Uber to Santo Domingo Airport $10
1022H ETD S. Domingo UTC -0400H; flight B6510
1409H ETA New York UTC -0400H; 4hr transit
1845H ETD New York; flight KL642
TOTAL: $10

GRAND TOTAL: 5,305 DOP ($92) + $142 + 1,097 AED ($300) = $534

4 Days Solo Trip in Summer Dominican Republic

4 Days Solo Trip in Summer Dominican Republic


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