Saturday, October 31, 2020

4 Days Solo Trip in Summer Haiti

2nd Wave of Pandemic Adventure and 1st time in Caribbean
October 07 to October 15, 2020

My 111th country visited on my journey beyond #lakbay100, 91st solo backpacking trip2nd country in North America, 1st time in Caribbean and of course and usual budget do-it-yourself itinerary from arrival to departure. I did not research that much for this country due also on limited time and laziness.

Haiti is a Caribbean country that occupies the western third of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. The eastern two-thirds of Hispaniola is occupied by the Dominican Republic. To the north lies the North Atlantic Ocean, while the Caribbean Sea lies to the south. Haiti is a country with a revolutionary, exciting past and its future still remains uncertain. Though Haiti has faced hard times during the past decades, Haiti's tourism industry which bustled in the 60s to the 80s is returning.

4 Days Solo Trip in Summer Haiti

4 Days Solo Trip in Summer Haiti

4 Days Solo Trip in Summer Haiti

timezone - UTC -0400H    capital - Port-au-Prince    language - French    currency - Gourde (HTG)

visa - 90 days visa issued upon arrival, charge free but need to pay Tourist fee for $10

1. Haiti is the most mountainous country in the Caribbean
2. Haiti was the first country in the Western Hemisphere to abolish slavery
3. Voodoo is an officially recognized religion in Haiti
4. Haiti has the world’s largest solar powered hospital
5. The largest mountaintop fortress in the Western Hemisphere is in Haiti

4 Days Solo Trip in Summer Haiti

4 Days Solo Trip in Summer Haiti


Flight Abu Dhabi to New York 1,044 AED
Flight New York to Port-au-Prince 183 AED
TOTAL: 1,227 AED

Day 1: October 07, 2020 Wednesday / New York Transit
0810H ETD Abu Dhabi UTC +0400H; flight EY101
1420H ETA New York UTC - 0400H; 18hr transit
14 days quarantine not required for transit passengers with less than 24 hours of stay
AirTrain+Subway 11.5 drop to Charles St Station
World Trade Center Museum; Staten Island Ferry Ride free
Subway to Times Square 3; Fridge Magnet 4.5
The Vessel, Empire State Building, McDo 8
2230H ETD Times Square; Subway to AirTrain 11
TOTAL: $38

Day 2: October 08, 2020 Thursday / Haiti
0100H ETA New York JFK Airport Terminal 5
0959H ETD New York UTC -0400H; flight B61835
1340H ETA Port Au Prince UTC -0400H
Visa on arrival free, Tourist fee $10
Hand-over Negative Covid19 test result printout; Walking distance to bus station to CAP-Haitien
Sans Souci Hotel $60 + $90 Exchange ($1=60 HTG)
Sans Souci Bus Reservation $20
Afternoon city tour 1,500; Snacks + Beer 520
TOTAL: $90 +2,200 HTG

Day 3: October 09, 2020 Friday / Haiti
0630H Sans Souci Bus Stn; change receipt to seat 
0700H ETD Port au Prince Bus to Cap-Haitien
1000H Bus stop over; lunch 400
1400H ETA CAP-Haitien (Ouanaminthe bus query) 
Taxi to Caribe Tours 500 (already closed)
Taxi to Milot 1,250
1600H Citadel Laferriere / Sans-Soucis Palace (Milot)
Motorbike to Citadel roundtrip $12
Horse rental with guide $24
Citadelle entrance fee $10; Guide fee 30
2000H Motorbike to CAP-Haitien $24
Rue B Hotel $50; dinner 250
TOTAL: $150 + 2,400 HTG

Day 4: October 10, 2020 Saturday / Haiti
0700H Motorbike / Van to Ouanaminthe 650
0900H ETA Ouanaminthe; crossborder not possible
0930H ETD Ouanaminthe 1,200
1430H Bus stop over; lunch 450
1900H ETA Port au Prince; Hostel check-in $60
TOTAL: $60 + 2,300 HTG

Day 0: October 11, 2020 Sunday / Miami Transit
0700H ETD Hostel; walk to airport; magnet 400
0952H Port Au Prince UTC -0400H; flight AA1181

GRAND TOTAL: 7,300 HTG ($120) 1,227 AED ($334) +338 = $792


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