Sunday, May 07, 2023

How to Apply for New Zealand Visitor E-Visa as Philippine Passport Holder

an adventure of Pinoy backpacker in processing travel documents

Highlight: I applied as Filipino Solo Traveller with Philippine passport onlywith NO WORK (ex-OFW, retired Engineer) and with NO BUSINESS. I provided proofs of enough savings, investments and travel history visa stamps to Europe, United States, Japan and Australia. I declared my employment status as "Retired".

* The process is almost the same with Australia Visitor E-Visa (but no biometrics)
* Visa duration is up to 1 year from the date of grant
* Length of Stay is 3 month(s) from the date of each arrival, multiple entries

My New Zealand Visitor Visa Application is the easiest and fastest visa application I ever had, on almost 2 days processing only and with waived visa fee of 211 NZD / 7,200 PHP. 


1. The quickest and easiest way to apply for a visa is to apply online on New Zealand Immigration site.
2. Go to "My Visa" section the "Apply for Visa" then fill out the form
3. Supporting documents to upload are as follows; Passport info page, passport sized photograph, Proof of means of financial support, Purpose of travel, itinerary, Travel history, previous passport stamps

*What I Submitted online: Freshly Renewed Passport copy, Travel Itinerary, Future flight booking (2024), Cover Letter, Local Valid IDs. US Visa 2019-2029, Previous Schengen, Australia, UK and Japan visas, Flight Booking, Passbook Savings Account copy 2022-2023, Hotel bookings, Credit / Debit Cards copy, House Title, Condo Titles, Insurance Investments, Credit Card Statement of Account, BDO Online Savings Account SOA

Visitor visa applications in 20 weekdays, excluding public holidays. On average, visitor visa applications in 8 weekdays. 90% of applications are processed within 39 weekdays (My visa processing took only almost 2 days).

Visa Fee: (courier excluded) 
only 35 NZD (1,230 PHP) for Visitor Levy, tourism. Visa fee is waived (211 NZD / 7,300 PHP)

New Zealand Visitor E-visa 1 Year Multiple Entry 2023-2024

New Zealand Visitor Visa Fees (211 NZD/7,200 PHP is waived, only 35 NZD for Philippine Passport)

Advisory Email received with almost 2 days of processing only

New Zealand Visitor E-visa 1 Year Multiple Entry 2023-2024


April 27, 2023 (Thu) - 
 completed all required documents, finalized and applied online on New Zealand Immigration site. Paid the 35 NZD via credit card. Waiting for NZ immigration feedback.

May 02, 2023 (Tue) - early morning on this day, I received an email from New Zealand Immigration website that my visa application is APPROVED. There's only an almost 2 days processing because I submitted on afternoon of Apr. 27, while Apr. 29, 30 and May 1 are weekend holidays. My New Zealand application is the fastest visa application I ever had. My Visitor visa has 1 year validity, mutiple entry and 2 months stay for every entry.


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