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18 Days Budget Solo Trip in Winter New Zealand (FIFA World Cup 2023)

First time Winter Experience in Southern Hemisphere and FIFA World Cup... Jul. 15 to Aug. 03, 2023

New Zealand is my 138th country visited on my personal journey beyond #lakbay100 Countries.
From South Island (Lake Tekapo, Queenstown, Dunedin, Christchurch) to North Island (Wellington, National Park, Hamilton, Auckland) with FIFA Women's World Cup as the highlight.
Thank you very much Winter New Zealand.  
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New Zealand has been called "God's own country", the "Paradise of the Pacific" and sometimes known, both in the indigenous Māori language and by Pakeha, as "Aotearoa", translated as Long White Cloud. New Zealand islands are one of Earth's most peculiar bioregions, inhabited by flightless birds seen nowhere else such as a nocturnal, burrowing parrot called the kakapo and kiwi. Kiwi are not only one of the national symbols – the others being the silver fern leaf and koru – but also the name New Zealanders usually call themselves. New Zealand often adds an adventure twist to nature: it's the original home of jet-boating through shallow gorges, and bungy jumping off anything high enough to give a thrill.

timezone - UTC +1200H   capital - Wellington    language - English    currency - Dollar (NZD)
1. There are 5 sheep per person in New Zealand, making it the highest ratio in the world.
2. With more than 400, New Zealand has more golf courses per capita than anywhere else in the world.
3. The kiwi fruit is not native to New Zealand, it’s from China, but it was named after the kiwi bird.
4. Wellington is the southernmost capital in the world.
5. New Zealand is famous for its adrenaline adventures, especially bungee jumping! The first commercial bungee jump was made by AJ Hackett on the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown back in 1988.

18 Days Budget Solo Trip in Winter New Zealand (World Cup 2023)

18 Days Budget Solo Trip in Winter New Zealand (World Cup 2023)

18 Days Budget Solo Trip in Winter New Zealand (World Cup 2023)


Visa Fee (Tourism fee) = 35 NZD (₱1,230)
FIFA World Cup tickets = 120 NZD (₱4,691) / Intercity FlexiPass = 45 HRS / 395 NZD (₱13,980)
Hostel bookings total (17 nights dorm-bed) = ₱17,394 (off-peak rate)
Total: PHP 212,140  

Day 00: July 15, 2023 Saturday DEPARTURE
0700H ETD Home; grab taxi 651
Airport Terminal fee 1,620; Marhaba Lounge
1415H ETD Manila MNL UTC +0800H; flight SQ917; 1 hour delayed; late arrival and runway traffic 
1750H ETA Singapore SIN UTC +0800H; 2hr transit
1950H ETD Singapore SIN; flight SQ297
TOTAL: ₱2,271

Day 01: July 16, 2023 Sunday QUEENSTOWN 
0930H ETA Christchurch CHC UTC +1200H; 1.5hr transit 
1100H ETD Christchurch CHC flight SQ4546
1215H ETA Queenstown ZQN UTC +1200H; Orbus bus 10
Southern Laughter Backpackers 1 night (₱1,651); Queenstown garden walk (1st trek); magnet 3; McDonald's meal 9.5
TOTAL: $22.5 (₱804) 

Day 02: July 17, 2023 Monday LAKE TEKAPO
0700H Hostel Check-out; breakfast
0805H ETD Queenstown; intercity bus #1
1205H ETA Lake Tekapo (4hr/$67); Stay In Tekapo Backpackers 2 nights (₱2,733); Lunch 7.5
1400H Mt. John Observatory Summit trail (2nd trek); Southern Lights failed
TOTAL: $7.5 (₱273) 

Day 03: July 18, 2023 Tuesday LAKE TEKAPO 
0900H Lake Tekapo park / Pines beach trail; Brunch 8; dinner 15
1300H Mt. John Summit and Lake Shore trail (3rd trek); Southern Lights failed 
Stay In Tekapo Backpackers 2 nights 
TOTAL: $23 (₱787) 

Day 04: July 19, 2023 Wednesday QUEENSTOWN 
Lakeshore morning walk 
1000H Hostel Check-out; breakfast
1250H ETD Lake Tekapo; intercity bus #2
1640H ETA Queenstown (4hr/$50); McDonald's meal 10; ice cream 5
Southern Laughter Backpackers 2 nights (₱2,978)
TOTAL: $15 (₱528) 

Day 05: July 20, 2023 THURSDAY QUEENSTOWN 
Ben Lomond Track (8hr, 1.4km elevation gain) (4th trek, major) 
0630H ETD Hostel; walk to Tiki Trail (350masl)
0830H Skyline Luge (800masl)
1015H Ben Lomond Saddle (1,350masl) 
1130H Ben Lomond Summit
1300H ETA Hostel; McDonald's meal 11.5; Queenstown garden walk; Southern Laughter Backpackers 2 nights
TOTAL: $11.5 (₱400) 

Day 06: July 21, 2023 Friday DUNEDIN
0700H Hostel Check-out; breakfast
0745H ETD Queenstown; intercity bus #3
1245H ETA Dunedin (5hr/$59); McDonald's meal 20; Manor House Accommodation 2 nights (₱1,664)
1700H Dunedin Stadium PHI vs SWI (205M Seat 134); Southern Lights failed
TOTAL: $20 (₱657) 

Day 07: July 22, 2023 Saturday DUNEDIN
Baldwin Street - World's steepest street; Otago Museum (free), Public Arts Gallery (free) 
FIFA Fan Festival in Town Hall (free); McDonald's meal 10; noodles 8; Southern Lights failed
Manor House Accommodation 2 nights
TOTAL: $18 (₱682) 

Day 08: July 23, 2023 Sunday CHRISTCHURCH
0630H Hostel Check-out; breakfast
0730H ETD Dunedin; intercity bus #4
1350H ETA Christchurch (6.5hr/$63); Urbanz Accommodation Hostel 1 night (₱1,278)
Wendy's meal 15; rainy random walk in city center
TOTAL: $15 (₱526) 

Day 09: July 24, 2023 Monday WELLINGTON
0700H Hostel Check-out; breakfast
0730H ETD Christchurch; intercity bus #5
1310H ETA Interislander Ferry Terminal (5.75hr); Ferry Terminal transfer
1415H ETD Interislander Ferry Terminal
1745H ETA Wellington (3.5hr/&152); Hotel Waterloo Wellington 3 nights (₱2,538); McDonald's meal 11
TOTAL: $11 (₱379) 

Day 10: July 25, 2023 Tuesday WELLINGTON 
Queen's Wharf morning walk; McDonald's meal 10; Mt. Victoria lookout (5th trek); Oriental beach
Supermarket snacks 17; Portrait Gallery (free), Wellington Museum (free); National Museum (free) 
1730H Wellington Stadium PHI vs NZE (31W Seat 124); Hotel Waterloo Wellington 3 nights 
TOTAL: $27 (₱928)

Day 11: July 26, 2023 Wednesday WELLINGTON 
0900H breakfast; City walk; Wellington Town Belt hike (6th trek); Botanical Garden (Cable Car top)
Wharf walk; McDonald's meal 10; FIFA Fan Festival in Shed 6; Hotel Waterloo Wellington 3 nights
TOTAL: $10 (₱353)

Day 12: July 27, 2023 Thursday NATIONAL PARK 
0630H Hostel Check-out; breakfast
0730H ETD Wellington; intercity bus #6
1334H ETA National Park (6hr/$31); Rainy afternoon; Supermarket snacks 11
National Park Backpackers 1 night (₱1,119)
TOTAL: $11 (₱362)

Day 13: July 28, 2023 Friday AUCKLAND
Snowy morning; breakfast
1000H Hostel Check-out; random walks
1335H ETD National Park; intercity bus #7
1930H ETA Auckland (6hr/$53); Surf 'n' Snow Backpackers 5 nights (₱3,433)

Day 14: July 29, 2023 Saturday AUCKLAND 
0900H Morning walk; McDonald's meal 10; Auckland city walk trip; Art Gallery (free)
Domain Walk to War Museum (7th trek); Albert Park
1400H Supermarket snacks 19; FIFA Fan Festival in The Cloud (free) 
TOTAL: $29 (₱1,028)

Day 15: July 30, 2023 Sunday AUCKLAND
0930H Heritage walk to Harbor Bridge (8th trek); Snacks in Stadium 15
1900H Auckland Stadium PHI vs NOR (320FF Seat 28)
TOTAL: $15 (₱526)

Day 16: July 31, 2023 MONDAY AUCKLAND
0930H Walk to Mt. Eden (9th trek); Heritage walk to Harbour Bridge 
FIFA Fan Festival in The Cloud (free); McDonald's meal 10
TOTAL: $10 (₱357)

Day 17: August 01, 2023 Tuesday AUCKLAND
0915H ETD Auckland; intercity bus #8
1110H ETA Hamilton (2hr/$40); Hamilton short day trip (3 hrs); snacks 8; Hamilton Lake, Hamilton Gardens, 
1430H ETD Hamilton; intercity bus #9
1635H ETA Auckland (2hr/$41); Souvenir 10; McDonald's meal 10
TOTAL: $28 (₱979)

Day 18: August 02, 2023 Wednesday AUCKLAND
0800H Breakfast; supermarket snacks 8
1000H Hostel Check-out; walk to bus station
1100H ETD Auckland; intercity bus #10
1130H ETA Auckland Airport (0.5hr/$10); Airport duty free souvenir presents 165; McDonald's meal 11.5
1745H ETD Auckland AKL UTC +1200H; flight D7289
TOTAL: $184.5 (₱6,457)

Day 00: August 03, 2023 Thursday HOME
0355H ETA Kuala Lumpur KUL UTC +0800H; 4hr transit
0810H ETD Kuala Lumpur; flight AK582
1215H ETA Manila MNL UTC +0800H; grab taxi 750
TOTAL: ₱750

DAILY TOTAL: ₱2,320 + $458 (₱16,026) + ₱750 = ₱19,096
GRAND TOTAL: ₱212,140 + ₱19,096 = ₱231,236 (4,282 USD) 

18 Days Budget Solo Trip in Winter New Zealand (World Cup 2023)

18 Days Budget Solo Trip in Winter New Zealand (World Cup 2023)

18 Days Budget Solo Trip in Winter New Zealand (World Cup 2023)


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