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Tel-Aviv City Tour 1st part; Just Walking the Streets

8-days Pinoy solo backpacking in Winter Israel
November 02 to November 10, 2013

I arrived in Israel on the time when Sabbath was just finished. Sabbath refers to a weekly day of rest or time of worship from Friday sunset up to Saturday sunset. Thus, there was irregular bus schedule. The moment I overcome the experience in Ben Gurion Airport, I went to bus station outside then waited for Bus #5, fix fare of 5.5ils($1.6) going to waiting shed for all major bus. I think this bus arrives every 30 mins. Then, waited for bus going to Tel-Aviv but when I asked other bus driver they told me there is no bus trip for this night so they recommend go back to airport where the train is located. I've wasted almost two hours just to get-out of the airport. Finally, the train departed around 2145H for 15ils ($4.3), arriving at Hagana Station for only 20min travel time.

Since I came from Central Europe where countless museums to look for, I'm fed-up to look for this kind of tourist spot. So I decided the usual thing, walk the map by myself and just look for those places might attract my attention. Nov. 03, Sunday, grabbing the free map from the hostel, I started the morning going to Old Jaffa where just 500 meters away only. Honestly based on research, there is not much to see in Tel-Aviv, just want to see sight-see this city. From Old Jaffa, I walked until I reached the travel agency which has an almost 10km distance. Yes, it's very safe and photography is allowed.

Tel-Aviv public beach

Tel-Aviv public beach

Tel-Aviv public beach

Jaffa port

Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel (after Jerusalem), and the largest metropolitan area. It is on the Mediterranean coast, about 60 km north-west of Jerusalem and some 100 km south of Haifa. The official name is Tel Aviv-Yafo, and reflects the fact that the city has grown beside (and absorbed) the ancient port city of Yafo (Jaffa), to the south of the new city center, in addition to many other neighboring cities. Tel Aviv is home to most foreign embassies.

Overstay Hostel, Tel-Aviv (booked)
Nov. 02-06, 2013, 4 nights for $57
- around 2.5km away from Tel-Aviv central bus station. Free wifi, free breakfast, somewhat disorganized.Their location was off the street as there were no markers or posts except reading carefully the instruction on the website. In addition, on my last night I was thrown out of my used to be upper bank bed due to unknown reason. The new tenant did not even bother also to ask that there's already somebody using that area. Bed and pillow was not properly placed, obviously someone slept already. My face towel was also thrown out to the floor which was originally placed on that bed. For 3 consecutive nights I was sleeping on that area with that hostel staff as my dorm mate. All of a sudden w/out prior notice Ive been thrown-out. Hostel staff did not even apologize as if it's just normal to them. I've been sleeping in a dormitory countless times, this was my first time to experience that a hostel had no systematic way of assigning beds.
- I got what I paid for (1.5 of 5 star)

Old Jaffa

Old Jaffa

St. Peter Church inside Old Jaffa

St. Peter Church inside Old Jaffa

wishing bridge inside Old Jaffa

Statue of Faith

sightseeing along the Tel-Aviv road

Tel-Aviv city tour last part; the city above and at night
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