Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Macau to Hongkong Shift Tripping

touring hongkong and macau in 3.5 winter days
december 4-7, 2011 sunday to wednesday

with 1 mop = 1 hkd = php5.6

this day includes the transportation from macau to hongkong ferry, admission to macau observation decks and vouchers for peak package tour and ocean park admission.

macau tower main viewing deck

macau tower outside

december 06 itinerary (morning in macau, afternoon in hongkong)

0900H ETD guesthouse
          breakfast in mcdo senado square @ 21hkd (117.6)
1000H ETD senado square bound to macau tower using bus #18 @6.5hkd (36.4)
1100H ETA macau tower
          L58 and L61 obervation deck @ 120hkd (672)
1230H ETD macau tower
          rode free shuttle to city of dreams then to macau ferry terminal
1330H ETA macau ferry terminal @ 139hkd (778.4)
1430H ETD macau
1600H ETA hongkong
          booked voucher at CTS in ocean park @ 240hkd (1,344)
          and the peak package @ 183hkd (1,024.8)
1700H ETD mtr TST station bound to central stn
          then just walked approx. 300m away to peak tram
1800H ETA the peak (exchange voucher to ticketing window)
          peak tram ride
          dinner in burger king @ 51 hkd (285.6)
          souvenir shops at 85 hkd (476)
          madame tussaud wax museum
          peak tower sky terrace 428
2130H ETD the peak
          mtr central station bound to TST stn
          reload octopus card @ 50hkd (280)
2230H ETA guesthouse @ 170 (952)
          midnight snack in mcdo @ 20 (112)

total expenses for day 3: php6,078.8
for hkd expenses: 1,085.5

the peak tower

madame tussaud wax model

subtopics for macau to hongkong shift tripping are as follows:
main observation deck of macau tower
macau tower's outdoor observation deck
ferry from macau to hongkong
peak tram at night
madame tussaud celebrity wax figures
peak tower sky terrace 428 night shots


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