Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ferry from Macau to Hongkong

touring hongkong and macau in 3.5 winter days
december 4-7, 2011 sunday to wednesday

main observation deck of macau tower
macau tower's outdoor observation deck

going back to hongkong after having a quality time touring the fame of macau. from macau tower, we rode a free shuttle provided by city of dreams hotel. this shuttle runs every 30 minutes. afterwards, i rode again free shuttle from city of dreams to macau ferry terminal.

for latest ferry timetable and fare, please see this link.

macau ferry terminal

macau ferry terminal

inside macau ferry

china ferry terminal (kowloon)

my plan is to go back to kowloon area where the china ticket services (CTS) agency is located. this agency provides a very much reliable discount to the actual price package when buying on site. the following were the vouchers i bought;

the peak package admission: (tram roundtrip, sky terrace and madame tussaud)
on site = 215 hkd (php1,204)
cts = 183 hkd (1,024.8) = discounted by 32 hkd (php179.2)

ocean park admission:
on site = 280 hkd (php1,568)
cts = 240 hkd (php1,344) = discounted by 40hkd (php224)

x marks the location of CTS, kowloon area

inside mtr

i did not book in advance, i am just a walk-in buyer. for more inquiries ....


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