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Mt. Pinatubo Crater, a Hidden Paradise

rainy season trekking
june 26, 2010 saturday

important note (mt. pinatubo);
Mount Pinatubo is an active stratovolcano located on the island of Luzon, near the tripoint of the Philippine provinces of Zambales, Tarlac, and Pampanga. It is located in the Tri-Cabusilan Mountain range separating the west coast of Luzon from the central plains, and is 42 km (26 mi) west of the dormant and solitary Mount Arayat. Before 1991, the mountain has no recorded historical eruptions. It was heavily eroded, inconspicuous and obscured from view. It was covered with dense forest which supported a population of several thousand indigenous people, the Aeta, who had fled to the mountains from the lowlands during the Spanish conquest of the Philippines.

we organized this trip together with a fellow travelmate for our newly organized group. we know its rainy season and storms were getting bad as the planned trip becomes nearer, come what may, rain or shine.

mt. pinatubo 4x4 jump-off ride

trailing mt. pinatubo via 4x4 ride 

trailing mt. pinatubo via 4x4 ride

around 3am it was still drizzling outside this was our assembly time in five star terminal in tramo road, pasay city. at 310am, we departed the bus terminal via an ordinary bus. we arrived in capas, tarlac around 530am, over 2 hours of travel.

we took our breakfast 1st in 7-11 nearby for 20mins then hired an exclusive jeep bound to sta. juliana town for the 4x4 ride, around 7am we landed to the registration office. we made our booking arrangement first and payment, afterwards we made our 1st 4x4 ride journey for the volcano escapade. around 830am we landed on the mt. pinatubo jump-off point.

we had our arrival time at 10am to the crater, and upon seeing, it really looks like a hidden paradise. very awesome view, cool ambiance, nice place to laidback for moments. after some photo-ops, we decided to take our lunch beside the crater. this lunch was also inclusive of the reservations we had made, guides will bring it. afterwards, some of my friends took boating, some skin dipping while others just chilling beside. around 1230pm we decided to trail back.

trekking mt. pinatubo

trekking mt. pinatubo

trekking mt. pinatubo
while having our 4x4 ride back to the registration office, heavy rains poured. we thought this will cause a great disturbance to us since we had to stop the vehicle in order of safety. small amount of landslide occured and flashfloods in the river went-out. since there were some locals walking on same destination, they helped us crosses the river and moved our vehicle through this heavy was one hell of a ride, conquering the river rapids. indeed another experience i wouldn't wanna forget. heavy rains become an important element of our trip. thanks mother nature! around 930pm we arrived in manila safely and completely.

mt. pinatubo crater

mt. pinatubo crater

mt. pinatubo crater

going back to town, strong rains occurred for a moment

4x4 ride contact: WENDEL (coordinator)
ride type: 4x4 with cover
contact no: +639196084313
max passenger: 5
rental fee: php1,000 per pax of 5
starting point: sta. juliana, capas registration
comments: highly recommended for being kind and accommodating

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  1. the lahar made the trip even more exciting for everyone. experience! hehe


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