Ferrari World last part: the Fast Rides

dubai - abu dhabi 2 days weekend solo backpacking
april 13-14, 2012 friday to saturday

day 1: abu dhabi city solo day tour

dubai airport arrival at night and bus trip to abu dhabi
abu dhabi's grand mosque and the leaning tower
ferrari world 1st part: super cars showcase

Ferrari world abu dhabi, the world's first Ferrari branded theme park and largest attraction of its kind, is a must visit for fans, thrill-seekers and families. Its your turn to step into a world where the Ferrari passion, excellence, performance and technical innovation comes to life.

The park hosts more than 20 unique rides and attractions for visitors of all ages and interest, in addition to a wide variety of italian delicacies and unique shopping experiences.

ferrari world abu dhabi (world's largest indoor themepark)

ferrari world abu dhabi (world's largest indoor themepark)

ferrari world abu dhabi (fiordano GT challenge)

ferrari world abu dhabi (world's largest indoor themepark)

ferrari world abu dhabi (viaggio in italia)

ferrari world abu dhabi (57 AED meal)

formula rossa (world fastest rollercoaster)

I spent 5 hours inside these park and caught my attention to the following rides;

Fiordano GT Challenge - jump into a ferrari F430 spider and feel the thrill and G's of a real race as two competing GT coasters race to the finish line. 

Speed of Magic -  (part of family ride) follow the adventures of a young boy through a 4D fantasy dreamscapes where no Ferrari has gone before, in pursuit of 'Nello' - a mischievous little driver from another world. 

Viaggio in Italia - a recreation of an aerial voyage over Italy. The ride is like you are riding in a helicopter journeying the best places in italy.

V12 - journey into the heart of a 12 cylinder Ferrari 599 engine in this exciting flume ride.

Formula Rossa - (part of thrill ride) a hydraulically-launched roller coaster manufactured by the Swiss. It is currently the world's fastest roller coaster accelerate up to 240 km/h (149 mph) and 52 meter into the sky less than 5 seconds in a F1 TRUE experience aboard. This ride was like there's an inch gap between your body and your seat while having that turbulent speed. It is indeed a fear factor trip and one hell of a ride. Take note, I chose to sit at the last row to elevate my fear more, hahaha !!

formula rossa (world fastest rollercoaster)

formula rossa (world fastest rollercoaster)

formula rossa (world fastest rollercoaster)

Bus schedule from abu dhabi to dubai starts to depart as early as 0600H and with last departure around 0000H. Fare costs 15 AED.

day 2: dubai city solo day tour 
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  1. Wow! I am absolutely in love with Ferrari World & its ostentation! Your post has awakened the adrenaline junkie in me. The very first thing that I am going to do next morning is to apply for Dubai visa
    . I just can’t wait to get to Ferrari World.


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