Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Viewing Deck Collections; Spartan / Dormitory Rooms

spartan room is a very budgeted room with minimal or none-at-all decoration, or with less furnishings of any kind, such as a bedroom with only a bed and bare shelves. No drawers, no table, no chair, no rug, etc. In addition, I have some detailed review regarding the dormitories I checked-in during my Indochina 2011 get-away.

bangkok city, thailand (2010) @ 200thb(php260)

don det, 4,000 islands, laos (2011) @ 3usd(php132)

ho chi minh city, vietnam (2011) @ 6usd(php264)

seoul city, south korea (2011) @25,000won(php1000)

siem reap, cambodia (2011) @ 3usd(php132)
cagayan de oro city @ php350

cagbalete island @ php200

catanduanes @ php200

coron town @ php200

dumaguete city @  php300

puerto galera @ php200

puerto princesa city @ php300

saranggani @ php400
southern leyte @ php100


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