Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Beirut Central Night Shots

3 days solo travel in lebanon
may 18-19, 2012 friday to sunday

sidon (saida) fast tripping

After finishing the day visiting the best places upnorth, downsouth and far east, Beirut's best is its central night shots. Fortunate for me, the guesthouse I chose is only 300 meters away so walking is always the best and cheapest mean of transportation for a budget backpacker.

ottoman clock tower

ottoman clock tower

nearby building

amir assaf mosque

old beirut archaeological site

a mosque

The Beirut Central District (BCD) or Centre Ville is the name given to Beirut’s historical and geographical core, the “vibrant financial, commercial, and administrative hub of the country.”At the heart of Lebanon’s capital, Beirut Central District (BCD) is an area thousands of years old, traditionally a focus of business, finance, culture and leisure. It is situated on the city’s northern coast and is easily accessible from all parts of the city. This includes the adjacent Beirut Seaport and Rafik Hariri International Airport

public theatre showing in roman bath

beirut roman bath

beirut roman bath

nejmeh square

beirut morning city tour
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