Monday, October 31, 2011

Siem Reap Downtown Night Stroll

vietnam, cambodia and laos 11th solo backpacking tour
august 24 - september 1, 2011 wednesday to thursday

objective: to visit the best tourist spot that fits to my budget at limited amount of time.
additional tasks: lost half of my pocket-money in day 1... show must go on for the planned itinerary no matter how it takes

angkor archaeological park solo day-tour
angkor archaeological park (angkor wat)
angkor archaeological park (angkor thom)
angkor archaeological park (ta phrom)
angkor archaeological park (bantreay srei)


arrived 1600H at my guesthouse. performed some rest then went-out for a last night escapade on this province before leaving tomorrow for my 3rd country to visit on day 3.

getting out of angkor archaeological park

angkor national museum

my dinner worth $2 is composed of roasted chicken in a khmer style, vegetable and huge serving of plain rice. i have tried the experience of khmer massage for only $4 ( a discounted one) but i gave $1 for a tip to masseuse. there was also lots of fish massage offered at $3 per 20 mins. bar hopping with beer price of $0.5/$0.75.

siem reap downtown posh eatery

another $2 dinner meal

raining in siem reap downtown

day 2 expenses: (@ php43/usd)
* tuktuk day-tour = $12 = 516
* angkor archaeological park day tour entrance fee = $20 = php860
* souvenir shirt @$1.5 each = $6 = php258
* ref magnets @$1 for 3 pcs = $2 = php86
* khmer massage = $5 = php215
* dinner = $2 = php86
* private room for 2 nights = $6 = php258
TOTAL : php2,279

siem reap downtown night market

siem reap downtown fish massage for $4 @ 20mins

day 3: siem reap to 4,000 islands bus trip
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  1. aba at nagpa-massage pa. sayang di ko natry yung fish massage. mukhang masaya pa naman yun

  2. The name Siem Reap truly signifies "Siam Defeated". Nowadays, nonetheless, the main rampaging crowds are the visitors making a beeline for the Angkor Archeological Park. This once curious town has turned into the biggest blast town and development site in Cambodia. It's very laid-back and a wonderful place to stay while visiting the sanctuaries and a decent trade off between watching Cambodian life and getting a charge out of the conveniences of advanced administrations and amusement, because of an extensive exile group.

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