Friday, February 03, 2023

Throwback Story Time 3rd Part: The Beginning of OFW Life

"If you wait for perfect condition to sieze an opportunity, you will be waiting till the day you die" - Mark Batterson

Throwback Story Time 21 (2011):
Saudi Arabia, my 2nd OFW experience that lasted only for 40 days. The reason was my work visa was approved on other country when I was still in KSA (but it started to process before I arrived). Also, the job offer was an engineering position.

Throwback Story Time 21 (2011)

Throwback Story Time 22 (2012):
Kuwait, my 3rd OFW experience. The Middle East environment suited me and begun travelling to other continents. My first planning engineer position outside of my homeland. 

Throwback Story Time 22 (2012)

Throwback Story Time 23 (2012):
India, started my quest to visit all the Seven New Wonders of the World. I visited the Taj Mahal via budget DIY Golden Triangle Tour on 1.5 days only (weekend) with its challenging train ride.I missed my flight going home. 

Throwback Story Time 23 (2012)

Throwback Story Time 24 (2012):
Egypt, my first travel on Muslim holiday in a Muslim country. I visited Cairo, Aswan and Luxor, the usual budget DIY solo trip. My Fedora Hat got snatched twice but managed to claim back (chased the snatcher). 

Throwback Story Time 24 (2012)

Throwback Story Time 25 (2013):
China, my 1st winter birthday get-away. Despite the language barrier, experienced the Chinese random acts of kindness such as booking flight inside train, taxi lift and Great Wall DIY direction. Local's awesome hospitality made my itinerary successful. 

Throwback Story Time 25 (2013)

Throwback Story Time 26 (2013):
Hongkong and Macau, 1st travel abroad of my family courtesy of Cebu Pacific Piso fare.

Throwback Story Time 26 (2013)

Throwback Story Time 27 (2013):
Mt. Kinabalu, my very 1st major hike abroad and successfully summitted (highest peak of Malaysia). Mt. Kinabalu (4,095m) is 1,141m higher than Mt. Apo. 17km trail distance on 2 days hike. 

Throwback Story Time 27 (2013)

Throwback Story Time 28 (2013):
My very 1st Japan escapade and 1st bullet train experience. Visited Hiroshima, Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Himeji, Nara and Osaka. 

Throwback Story Time 28 (2013)

Throwback Story Time 29 (2013):
Ranked 7th of 8 participants in Axe Apollo Middle East Grand Finale (Space travel opportunity). I was the ONLY Filipino / non-Arab who advance in Finals. Games consist of 3 rounds (Defying Gravity, Natural Stamina and Lady Charmer). 

Throwback Story Time 29 (2013)

Throwback Story Time 30 (2013):
My very 1st Europe escapade was connected with my Israel Itinerary. Applied Schengen visa in France as my port of entry and exit in Rome, using Rome as port of exit going to Tel Aviv. As we all know, Israel has the world's toughest immigration control especially for solo backpacker. 

Throwback Story Time 30 (2013)

Throwback Story Time 4th Part: Quest beyond 50 Countries


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