Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Throwback Story Time 2nd Part: Start of Backpacking Life

If you live an ordinary life, all you'll have are ordinary stories. You have to live the life of adventure. So... here I am!

Throwback Story Time 11 (2009):
Just weeks after my Cebu vacation, I bid for Planning Engineer inside company. The start of my falling hair due to stressful workload. Handled PAL fleets base maintenance planning as initial project for newcomers then Virgin Atlantic, Vladivostok Air, Strategic Air, etc. 

Throwback Story Time 11 (2009)

Throwback Story Time 12 (2009):
The start of my itchy feet as Solo Backpacker. Like others, I'm scared to do this alone at first but I don't have a choice why not accept the challenge. This picture was in Twin Falls in Cavinti, Laguna, my first local solo day trip. The entire trail is savage and almost not open to tourist yet (guide required).

Throwback Story Time 12 (2009)

Throwback Story Time 13 (2010):
My initial plan was to earn units only and was invited by my Avionics Colleague. Luckily and surprisingly, I completed the required units to earn Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering (non-thesis) in DLSU Taft. I'm a Resident Scholar for 3 consecutive years while being a corporate employee. I did not have my diploma yet (but I have my TOR/Certification) as I need to submit a practicum project. 

Throwback Story Time 13 (2010)

Throwback Story Time 14 (2010):
Thailand, my first destination abroad as solo backpacker courtesy of Cebu Pacific Piso fare. I visited Bangkok, Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya. I got scammed but recovered the exact amount after months of follow-up

Throwback Story Time 14 (2010)

Throwback Story Time 15 (2010):
Mt. Pulag, my 1st self organized hiking with strangers in a travel online forum. And we did this on the rainiest month. I think almost all the time it's raining even on the summit, we did not see much of the surrounding. We all got home safely.

Throwback Story Time 15 (2010)

Throwback Story Time 16 (2011):
Singapore, my first destination abroad on my birthday. This trip is first time also to go abroad alone on 2 countries (Malaysia) with a jampack itinerary squeezed in 2 days only. Highlight was the G-Max (reverse bungee) with student discount (using my DLSU grad school ID). 

Throwback Story Time 16 (2011)

Throwback Story Time 17 (2011):
South Korea, my first winter experience and 1st time traveling abroad with friends. Of course, tried the outdoor ice skiing in Ji-San and one of the world’s steepest wooden rollercoaster at 77 degrees drop in Everland Theme park. 

Throwback Story Time 17 (2011)

Throwback Story Time 18 (2011):
Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos on 6 days only with return tickets less than PHP 4,000. Highlights are the land crossborder challenge via local bus, Ho Chi Minh's motorcycle back ride, Siem Reap and 4,000 Islands biking on heavy rain. 

Throwback Story Time 18 (2011)

Throwback Story Time 19 (2011):
Philippine National Railway Bicol Express escapade from Tutuban, Manila to Naga, Camarines Sur. I even invited my workmate and some strangers to join me. Travel time of 12 hour with lots of stop-overs and sleeper couch costs less than PHP 1,000.

Throwback Story Time 19 (2011)

Throwback Story Time 20 (2011):
22nd placer (among Top 100 Finishers) in Lakbay Rizal of Department of Tourism's project to relive our national hero's memories. The aim is to accomplish all 26 stamps of 26 Rizaliana sites across 7 regions of the Philippines (Manila to Zamboanga City). 

Throwback Story Time 20 (2011)


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