Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Lakbay Rizal Quest Completed

in line to have a sense of reasonable purpose for being travelholic...
in tribute to the viral quest to visit all of Dr. Jose Rizal's remarkable deeds...
in support to DOT's project to relive the heroic memories of our beloved national hero...
july 09 - september 25, 2011

it all started when i planned another but not new adventure in a travel forum, a budget do-it-yourself day tour. we didn't even know what's with this passport as requested to have a copy in information center inside the fort santiago. i didn't even think that i will be getting hooked to finish the required stamps all-over the philippine archipelago.

this is my part in joining the nation's celebration on Dr. Jose Rizal's 150th birthday... to accomplish all 26 required stamps and be part of top 100 pilgrims. started the interest unintentionally during our day trip last july on binondo-intramuros loop. continued on the upcoming domestic trips i have availed during promo fares which was coincidentally the same place for the other pilgrimages. ending up availing regular round trip tickets just finish as early as possible i can.

Visit the following 26 rizaliana sites featured and have it stamped as proof of your visit. The first 100 pilgrims who have visited all the Rizal sites with proof of the complete stamps can present it to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) to win a token and an official Kalakbay ni Gat Jose Rizal certificate!

lakbay-rizal quest completed (22nd placer) token and certificates

finally, in the airport

Manila (blue stamps completed on july 09)
01. PRISON CELL AND RIZAL SHRINE (intramuros) - This was where Rizal was incarcerated during his trial from November 3 to December 29, 1896
02. CHAPEL CELL OF RIZAL IN FORT SANTIAGO (intramuros) - In 1896, this room was converted into a chapel-cell where Rizal spent the night prior to his execution in Bagumbayan.
03. SITE OF THE ATENEO MUNICIPAL DE MANILA  (intramuros) - Rizal was a student of the Ateneo Municipal de Manila from 1872 to 1877. The original building was destroyed by fire in 1932
04. SITE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS (intramuros) - Rizal was a student of the University of Santo Tomas in Intramuros from 1877 to 1882. A historical marker is located in the UST Campus in Espana, Sampaloc, Manila
05. SITE OF TRIAL OF RIZAL (intramuros) - This was where Rizal’s trial was held at the Cuartel de España which used to stand in the area. IA installed a historical marker located along Muralla Street
06. RIZAL PARK (luneta) - Also known as Bagumbayan or Luneta, this was the place of execution of Rizal on December 30, 1896
07. RIZAL MONUMENT (luneta) - A National Monument, it houses the remains of Rizal. It was designed by Richard Kissling of Switzerland. It was inaugurated on December 30, 1913.
08. RIZAL EXECUTION SITE (luneta) - Exact location where Dr. Rizal was executed in Bagumbayan. A Rizal Light and Sound Show is now located at the site.
09. PACO PARK (paco) - Rizal's remains were secretly interred in the Paco Cemetery. They were guarded for fifteen days by the Guardia Civil Veterana. His remains were exhumed on August 17, 1898, placed in an urn and deposited in the Rizal Residence in Estraude Street.

lakbay-rizal passport stamps completed

iloilo-dumaguete-cebu leg stamps

Region 4 (green stamps completed on july 23)
10. RIZAL SHRINE (laguna) - A National Shrine, it is a replica of the Rizal House by Juan Nakpil. Restored by Executive Order No. 145 of President Elpidio Quirino, it was inaugurated on June 19, 1950.
11. CALAMBA CHURCH (laguna) - A National Historical Landmark, Rizal was baptized in the church by Fr. Rufino Collantes on June 22, 1861.
12. ANTIPOLO CHURCH (rizal) - Rizal with his father took a boat for Manila and Antipolo from Calamba

Region 3 (red stamps completed on july 30)
13. SAN FERNANDO TRAIN STATION (pampanga) - Rizal exited this station on June 27 and 28, 1892 to visit friends in San Fernando and Bacolor as part of his mission to recruit members to his La Liga Filipina. Among the houses he visited were those of Tiburcio Hilario in San Fernando on June 27 and Ceferino Joven in Bacolor on June 28. An NHI marker was installed in the station in 2004.
14. KAMESTISUHAN DISTRICT (bulacan) - The site also known as the Kamestizuan District is the location of a historical marker for the site of the school of the Women of Malolos whom Rizal wrote to on February 22, 1889 from London and the Bautista House where Rizal is said to have visited when he was recruiting members for the La Liga Filipina on June 27, 1892.

region 9 leg stamps

northern luzon leg

Region 9 (black stamps completed on august 14)
15. RIZAL SHRINE AND WATERWORKS (dapitan city) - Rizal's estate during his exile in Dapitan, it houses replicas of structures he built there for himself, his family, pupils and patients including the Casa Residencia, Family Kitchen, Casa Redonda, Casa Quadrada, Casitas de Salud and Casa Redonda Pequena among many others. Dr. Rizal purchased the property with his prize from the Manila Lottery and his earnings as a farmer and merchant during his exile in Dapitan  from July 17, 1892 to July 31, 1896. He also built a waterworks system which can still be found in the city.
16. DAPITAN PLAZA (dapitan city) - A National Historical Landmark, the Dapitan Plaza was planned and beautified by Rizal during his exile. Acacia trees which he personally planted can still be found in the plaza.
17. SITE OF THE CASA REAL (dapitan city) - The official residence and administration building of the politico-military governor of the district, Rizal lived there from July 17, 1892 to March 1893 before he was transferred to Talisay, now the Rizal Dapitan Shrine.
18. DAPITAN CHURCH (dapitan city) - Built in 1883, a historical marker can be found in the St. James Church of Dapitan in the exact spot where Rizal stood every Sunday during his exile from 1892 to 1896.
18. RELIEF MAP OF MINDANAO (dapitan city) - A National Cultural Treasure, Rizal created this map as an aid in teaching history and geography to the locals.
20. SANTA CRUZ BEACH (dapitan city) - On July 17, 1892, Rizal landed on Santa Cruz Beach at 7 p.m. with Captain Delgras and three artillery men. They walked through Sta. Cruz Street with a farol de combate to the Casa Real where he was presented to Don Ricardo Carnicero, the Spanish military governor of the area. A tableau was constructed in the site to commemorate Rizal's arrival in Dapitan.
21. DIPOLOG CATHEDRAL (dipolog city) - Rizal is said to have designed the church altars of the Dipolog Cathedral. Although the facade has been extremely renovated, the interior remains relatively intact.
22. RIZAL FARM (zamboanga del norte) - The farm was acquired by Rizal from Calixto Carreon, a blind patient who offered it for free out of gratitude for his successful treatment. Rizal refused and paid him Php200 for the land. He cultivated it every weekend with his pupils.

Manila leg

manila leg

Region 5 (blue stamp completed on september 10)
23. RIZAL MONUMENT (daet) - This was the first monument erected in the country honoring Dr. Rizal. It was built by voluntary contributions of the people of Camarines Norte and unveiled on December 30, 1898. It is a National Historical Monument.

Region 6 (black stamp completed on september 24)
24. MOLO CHURCH AND ESCOLTA (iloilo city) - Rizal’s boat, the S.S. España arrived at Iloilo where Dr. Rizal had the chance to visit Escolta and the Church of Molo

Region 7 (black stamps completed on september 25)
25. DUMAGUETE (dumaguete city) - Rizal’s boat, the S.S. España arrived in Dumaguete City. Dr. Rizal went ashore, visited Governor Regal of Negros Occidental, visited a classmate Herrero Regidor and operated on the captain of the Civil Guard
26. SAN PEDRO FORT (cebu city) - The S.S. España docked in Cebu on August 2, 1896 for a routine one-day stop over. After breakfast on board, Commander Carcinero took Rizal under custody to the Spanish Military Commander of Cebu, Gen. Adulfo Montero in the Military Headquarters located in Fort San Pedro.

submitted my passport to miss joan gomez of National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) in kalaw avenue, manila for the verification of the stamps.

what did i gain after finishing the tour ... 

1. acknowledging the heroic deeds of our national hero
2. be informed on what are the other things i did not know during school days
3. to be part of top 100 finishers
4. purpose on more fun-filled backpacking/flashpacking journey during my stay in philippines
5. sense of fullfillment as a proud filipino backpacker 
6. sense of self-accomplishment

Sir Jose Rizal, you make us proud being Filipino...
Thank you very much !!!
my rank among top 100 finishers ....
(rank is official, certificate and token can now be claimed 01-Mar-2012)


  1. congrats.
    btw, meron pa ganyan na map/destination?(lakbay rizal,etc)thanks

    1. @ken agsaway; yup, meron pa po .. yan po yung tinatawag na lakbay rizal passport. usually available sya sa DoT sa kalaw ave or sa fort santiago information center (where i got this phenomena)

  2. hi andie! :) congratulations! I finished mine too but its status is still pending.

    But I must commend you for finishing all the entries in your Rizal 150 series. Sad to say, I am not yet finished with mine.

  3. well guess what. mine got stolen , and i am so bitter about it... sobrang naiinis talaga ako.


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