Monday, January 30, 2023

Throwback Story Time 1st Part: Journey before Backpacking Life

​“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” - Sean Patrick Flanery

Throwback Story Time 01 (1999):
I took this state university entrance exam (PUPCET) directly with no review as an OSY (out of school youth) from the slums of Tondo for 2 years and as a fast food service crew. Passing rate is around 10,000 of around 70,000 examinees. I was invited only by a workmate to take this exam, I'm not even familiar with the school. I chose engineering course and continued being part-time service crew to support my studies financially. 

Throwback Story Time 01 (1999)

Throwback Story Time 02 (2000):
I was a contractual Production Crew in Dunkin Donuts on this picture. I'm employed in Jollibee and DD in Tondo, Sampaloc, Recto and Sta. Mesa. Employment was 5 months contract only and working until 4th year college. I graduated without failed grade on straight 5 years luckily and surprisingly.

Throwback Story Time 02 (2000)

Throwback Story Time 03 (2004):
The only surviving photo I have, graduation day in Folk Arts Theater as Electronics Engineering graduate. I think we did not pay that much as my school is state university. We just ate only in fast food then went home (as simple as that). 

Throwback Story Time 03 (2004)

Throwback Story Time 04 (2004):
I took the Civil Service Career Professional Exam directly with no formal review while having my minimum wage IT work on graveyard shift. This exam served as my "test the water" condition if I can continue to review for the PRC Engineering Licensure Exam. 

Throwback Story Time 04 (2004)

Throwback Story Time 05 (2005):
Oath Taking in Manila Hotel... 5 months after the Civil Service Exam, I took the PRC Licensure Examination (1st take) on self review basis while having my IT work in graveyard shift. I review if I have chance, i.e., in jeepney while stucked in traffic and around 2 hours before going to sleep. 

Throwback Story Time 05 (2005)

My very first international flight and experience as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) that lasted for 7 days only due to homesickness. I went home despite the debts my family have made just to complete this Taiwan journey. My work has 12 hours duty a day with 1 day off only a week.

Throwback Story Time 06 (2005)

Throwback Story Time 07 (2006):
Jobless for how many months after I passed the board exam with zero savings. I saw a Manila Bulletin ad for Engineering graduates to become trainee in Aviation Industry (Lufthansa Technik). The training with small allowance lasted around 7 months (graded modules). 

Throwback Story Time 07 (2006)

Throwback Story Time 08 (2006):
Hired as an Avionics (Aviation Electronics) Technician with basic job grade. I've been exposed to Airbus A340, A330 and A320 fleet, mostly in Cabin IFEs, Avionics compartment, cargo area and cockpit. 

Throwback Story Time 08 (2006)

Throwback Story Time 09 (2007):
My team mates in Avionics department (Malaya Mountaineering) gave me the experience of my first mountain hiking. And its a weekend overnight major hike. I wore jeans, cargo gloves, and brought school backpack (these items are the only resources I have as 1st time hiker). 

Throwback Story Time 09 (2007)

Throwback Story Time 10 (2009):
My very first domestic flight, Asian Spirit Airline (now Air Asia), is bound to Cebu and it's a 9 days trip with the Avionics Team. My first time also attending a simple civil wedding (which is my dream also). 

Throwback Story Time 10 (2009)


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