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8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Northern Europe (Nordic)

My 2023's First Trip on my quest to go beyond #lakbay100 despite the odds... Feb. 07 to 16, 2023

“No matter how cautiously you live there is no escaping the fatal clutches of old age. So then, better to join the fray and fight proudly for something worth obtaining.”

My 107th solo backpacking trip and trying some usual budget do-it-yourself (DIY) itinerary from arrival to departure. This trip served also as my 4th visit in Europe Schengen States following the Spain (2018) and some Western/Southern parts, Germany (2015) and some Southern parts and France (2013) and some Central parts of Europe. Moreover, this trip served also my 2nd Adventure as jobless (retired Employee) following the Southern Caribbean Cruise (Nov. 2022).

Scandinavia (Nordic countries), is a European region north of the Baltic Sea. At almost 1.2 million square kilometres (463,000 square miles) it is the largest region in Europe, but home to only around 24 million people, accounting for a mere 4% of the population. Scandinavia consists of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Finland and Iceland are included when talking about the Nordic Countries. All countries share history and boundaries to a varying degree. Denmark, the smallest, flattest and most continental of the Scandinavian countries. Famous for having the best beaches of Northern Europe, a unique viking heritage. Norway, famous for deep fjords, steep mountains, and wooden churches. Has a rich and interesting culture with deep roots in farming and fishing. Sweden, Scandinavia's largest country by area and population with mountains in the north, woodlands in the center and plains in the south, also the Swedish Archipelago being the second-largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea. Finland, hundreds of thousands of islands and lakes to explore in this bridge to the east. Finland is not technically part of Scandinavia as Finns are Uralic in origin. Iceland, spectacular scenery of volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, and waterfalls on this North Atlantic island.

8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Northern Europe (Nordic)

8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Northern Europe (Nordic)

8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Northern Europe (Nordic)

8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Northern Europe (Nordic)

8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Northern Europe (Nordic)


timezone - UTC +0000H to +0200H   

1. Scandinavia is made up of the countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden. You’ll often hear Finland and Iceland lumped into this region, but technically that’s not true. Denmark, Norway and Sweden all share portions of the Scandinavian Peninsula, while this isn’t the case for Finland or Iceland. All of these countries, however are considered to be Nordic countries.

2. The term Scandinavia has only been around since the 18th century. Scandinavia was coined by Swedish and Danish universities in the 18th century, as they delved into the shared arts, mythology and history of Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

3. Scandinavia is the happiest place on earth. Scandinavian (and Nordic) countries consistently make the top 10 spots in the United Nation’s World Happiness report. The reason might be due to factors such as extensive welfare benefits, low corruption, a well-functioning democracy, generally higher levels of autonomy and social trust towards each other.


Visa + VFS Fees = ₱6,966     /     Hostel bookings total = ₱13,454
International Flight Tickets total = ₱59,680     /     Domestic Flight Tickets total = ₱14,252
Cash Safety (300 Euro at ₱61.67 = ₱18,500)
Total: PHP 87,386 (1,588 USD)

Day 0: February 07 Tuesday FLIGHT IN
1300H ETD Home; Grab Car to T2 900; snacks 120
1900H ETD Manila MNL UTC +0800H; flight PR310
2120H ETA Hongkong HKG UTC +0800H; 1hr transit
2245H ETD Hongkong HKG; flight LX139
TOTAL: ₱1,020

0610H ETA Zurich ZRH UTC +0100H; 6.5hr transit 
0700H-1000H Zurich transit tour (3hr) / Niederdorf, Lindenhof, Swiss National Museum
1255H ETD Zurich ZRH; flight LX8300
1550H ETA Reykjavik KEF UTC +0000H Bus # 55 to BSI (1.5hr) 1,960 ISK (₱782) 
1900H Kex Hostel 42-bed dorm (₱8,454) 4 Nights / Hamburger meal 2,199 ISK (₱882)
4 Tours total payment 49,988 ISK (₱19,923) / Northern lights tour cancelled due to bad weather
TOTAL: €12.2 + 54,147 ISK = ₱22,335

Golden Circle Full-Day w/ Kerid Crater 9,490 ISK (₱3,721) 1000H-1800H (8hr) Reykjavík Sightseeing
Pick up: Bus hostel (930am) Þingvellir, Geysir, Gullfoss Waterfall
Burger combo / magnet 3,218 ISK (₱1,260) / Northern lights tour cancelled due to bad weather
TOTAL: 3,218 ISK = ₱1,260

South Shore Adventure Full-Day Trip 13,999 ISK (₱5,490) 0900H-1900H (10hr) Reykjavik Excursions
Pick up: BSI Bus Terminal (830am) Sólheimajökull, Vik, Reynisfjara, Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss
Northern lights tour cancelled due to bad weather / Snacks 2,313 ISK (₱930) 
TOTAL: 2,313 ISK (₱930)

Snæfellsnes Peninsula tour cancelled due to bad weather -18,900 ISK (₱7,441)
Reykjavik City DIY random walk tour / Snacks 6,739 ISK (₱2,654)
Northern lights bus tour cancelled due to bad weather -7,599 ISK (₱2,992)
TOTAL: 6,739 ISK (₱2,654) -26,499 ISK (₱10,192)

Day 5: February 12 Sunday NORWAY 1
0530H ETD Hostel; walk to BSI Terminal 
0630H ETD City Center; airport bus 3,699 (₱1,457) / Breakfast €10 (₱617)
0738H ETA Reykjavík Airport 
0945H ETD Reykjavik KEF UTC +0000H; flight DY1171
1325H ETA Oslo OSL UTC +0100H; train 118 NOK (₱656) 
1343H ETD Oslo Airport; 1406H ETA Oslo S, walk to hostel
K7 Hotel 4-bed dorm (₱2,442) 1 Night
Oslo City DIY walk tour 1; 14-hr Ruter 121 NOK (₱673) / Tram #12 Vigeland Sculpture Park
Souvenir €10 (₱617), snacks 198 ISK (₱1,101) / Nationaltheatret, Royal Palace, Oslo Cathedral
TOTAL: 3,699 ISK + €20 (cash) + 437 NOK = ₱5,123

Day 6: February 13 Monday NORWAY 2
Oslo City DIY walk tour 2 / Metro #1 Frognerseteren ski park
Bus #30 Bygdøy Museums / Ferry #B1 Oslo Mini-fjord 
Akershus Fortress, Opera House roof walk / Snacks 123 NOK (₱686)
1430H ETD City Center; train 118 NOK (₱658) 
1700H ETD Oslo OSL UTC +0100H; flight DY820
1800H ETA Stockholm ARN UTC +0100H; 
Bus #383 to Marsta station 39 SEK (₱213) / Train #42 to Stockholm city 39 SEK (₱213)
Ramilton Old Town Hostel 6-bed dorm (₱963) 1 Night / Gamla stan (Old Town) walk; dinner 138 SEK (₱751)
TOTAL: 241 NOK + 216 SEK = ₱2,521

Day 7: February 14 Tuesday SWEDEN
Stockholm City DIY walk tour / SL card 176 SEK (₱1,000); breakfast 49 SEK (₱267) / Souvenir €10 (₱617)
Drottningholm Palace (Brommaplan stn, bus 176/177)
Katarina Kyrka, Sofia Kyrka, Gamla Stan (The Royal Palace), Stockholm Castle, Nordic Museum 
1800H ETD City Center; Train #40 to Uppsala, drop to Arlanda C
2045H ETD Stockholm ARN UTC +0100H; flight DY2617
2240H ETA Helsinki HEL UTC +0200H; train €4.1 (₱250); snacks €9 (₱555) 
Hostel Diana Park 8-bed dorm (₱1,595) 1 Night
TOTAL: €10 (cash) + 225 SEK = ₱2,689

Day 8: February 15 Wednesday FINLAND
Helsinki DIY walk tour; breakfast €7.7 (₱484) 
National Museum, Hietaniemi Beach, St. John's church, Linnanmäki, Uspenski Cathedral, Senate Square 
Ferry to Suomenlinna Islands, 24hr ticket €9 (₱548) / Lunch €11 (₱679)
1500H ETD City Center; train to airport; Flight delayed; snacks €8 (₱469)
1940H ETD Helsinki HEL UTC +0200H; flight LH851
2125H ETA Frankfurt FRA UTC +0100H; run fast
2155H ETD Frankfurt FRA: flight LH778
TOTAL: €27.7 = ₱2,180

Day 0: February 16 Thursday FLIGHT OUT
1700H ETA Singapore SIN UTC +0800H; 3hr transit / Magnet 10 SGD (₱418)
2000H ETD Singapore SIN; flight PR512
2340H ETA Manila UTC +0800H; grab taxi 760
TOTAL: ₱1,178

DAILY TOTAL: ₱1,020 + 22,335 + ₱930 + ₱2,654 - ₱10,433 + ₱5,123 +₱2,521 + ₱2,689 + ₱2,180 + ₱1,178 = ₱30,197

GRAND TOTAL: ₱87,386 + ₱30,197 = PHP 117,583 (2,177 USD)
8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Northern Europe (Nordic)

8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Northern Europe (Nordic)

8 Days Budget DIY Solo Trip in Winter Northern Europe (Nordic)



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